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VU-VIEW Introduction

VU Virtual Events - Imagine a communication, lead generation, and marketing tool that allows you to reach your audience effortlessly. Online!

Imagine ... a communication, lead generation, and marketing tool that allows you to reach your audience effortlessly. Online!


Would you like to find a more affordable option for an upcoming User Conference ?

Do you have a new product to launch within your company?

Are you looking for more cost-effective ways to recruit new graduates and top talent?

Do you like the lead generation opportunities that a conference provides but wish there was a way to get them without all the associated travel, living, and entertainment costs?

Industry experts are forecasting that online events will move from 1% of the market share (as they are today) to over 25% by 2015.

Online events provide the ability to reach your target audience and accomplish many of the same goals as traditional events and meetings without the costs associated for travel, entertainment, living, and production.

Virtual events allow exhibitors and sponsors to connect and interact with attendees, all while gathering key market intelligence and contact details. Detailed event reports help ensure quality follow-up occurs and provides a better basis for tracking metrics.

User Conferences provide you with the ability to gather your clients together online and offer them interactive chat areas, live and pre-recorded webcasts, chats with your CEO and senior company executives, information on new products and R&D, and the opportunity to network informally in the lounge. 

Job Fairs provide companies with the ability to hold online recruitment events and reach more qualified candidates cost-effectively.

Product Launches and marketing propositions can easily be introduced across departments or companies, providing a great way to rapidly initiate and train sales reps via demonstrations, presentations, and interactive chat sessions.

"I am really impressed by how many leads this conference generated. It was so much easier (not to mention less expensive) than a traditional conference. The information provided following the conference surpassed all others. It was truly beneficial."
Tara Pyne   | Vice President, Program Development & Technology, ELI, Inc

"We worked with to execute our first-ever, virtual, corporate social networking conference. It was an extremely successful event that brought together our clients and other HR leaders in a unique, interactive and informative way. SelectMinds works with organizations to better network, connect, and engage important constituencies and the format of this conference spoke well to our business and the value we deliver. We look forward to sharing more of our industry expertise and client success stories in a future, virtual event with"
Kate Leeson | Director of Marketing, SelectMinds

“’s VIEW online conference proved to be a really valuable way to interact with HR executives about a specific Talent Management topic.   As sponsors, we were really pleased at the turnout and how cost effective it was to reach an engaged HR audience.”
Angie Truschel | Events Marketing Manager, Cornerstone OnDemand

“We have found’s targeted virtual conferences to be an opportunity to build our brand as a thought leader in our industry.  The virtual conferences give us visibility with a growing number of our target market that are scaling back on conference travel, but want to stay current on what’s new in HR. Thanks for offering this innovative service.”
Jenny Watkins | Terryberry Training Specialist 

Online conferences provide an efficient method for delivering content to your target audience while providing them with information, education, and the ability to interact in real time - all without the requirement of travel. 

Through our 3-D interface, the look and feel of a conference center, complete with exhibit hall, lounge, and auditorium, is provided to the audience, providing them with a sense of familiarity.  Quick orientation ensures they are confident navigating the event and can quickly find the information of interest to them.

Are you an HCM company?  Let work with you to customize your online and virtual event.  We can provide you with assistance on all aspects of putting together a successful event, and can help you to market, brand, and promote your event.  Our full-service approach ensures that your event is designed, built, and managed successfully.   


Virtual events:

• Drive your brand
• Provide quality leads
• Drive incremental revenue
• Reduce costs
• Increase convenience
• Increase participation
• Provide customer interaction
• Deliver information more effectively than traditional events
• Provide better access / are more convenient for your audience
• Remove geographical barriers to participation


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