Training Needs Analysis

Allison Rossett on doing something about the analysis they won´t let you do.

What are you going to do? You want to plan. You believe in performance analysis and needs assessment. You know your organization is better off when you''ve gathered data before jumping into a solution. But the client says NOPE, that she''s in favor of action, not study.

Try this. Stop using phrases such as performance analysis and training needs assessment. They don''t mean much to customers and executives, and if they do, they have come to suggest lengthy studies that have not historically made all that much difference.

Instead, substitute words like customize and tailor. These concepts have more immediate appeal to customers and clients. Your interaction might go like this:

Gustavo: Yes, I see what you mean. What I want to do is to focus the sales training in the right directions. It''s critical to tailor it to our sales force, so that the effort reflects your priorities and the recent feedback we''ve been getting from customers. I don''t want to take a vanilla sales training package off the shelf. Let''s customize this for our people and this moment in time.

Glenda: I agree that we need a customized program. That would be better.

Now you have permission to swiftly look at records, talk to sales people and managers, and even review related literature. Glenda wants customization; you''re giving it to her by conducting a speedy analysis. [For an online tool about speedy analysis, see ]

Glenda: I was hoping we could get that class going by the end of the quarter. Momentum is important.
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