Prove It!

For the past 5 years, Know It All Inc. has been providing U.S. companies with the tools to do just that. From the obvious belief and openness in their product, as well as documented results, give Know It All the opportunity to Prove It!

What is Prove It!

Prove It! is PC or Web-enabled assessment and training software.   This tool can be used for pre-employment testing, training, certification testing, or screening processes where specific software, technical, or clerical skills need to be assessed.   Know It All offers more than 200 tests, approximately 1/2 of which are for technical IT professionals.

For example, they offer tests evaluating programs such as Access, Adobe, Corel, Excel, Freelance, Lotus, Microsoft Internet, Office, Outlook, Power Point, Quark, Quattro, Windows, Windows, Word, and WordPerfect.

Additionally, individuals can be test for the following skills: spelling, bookkeeping, data entry, grammar, proofreading, and typing speed.

How does Prove It! work?

Prove It! allows the company to choose either a single or a series of tests that a candidate will have to complete.   It´s as simple as clicking on the title of the program to be tested.   Additionally, the company can choose what topics of a program that they want to test for.   This is an easy-to-use function that can be found under "Admin Tools" and then "Test Customizer".   Just as simple as choosing the test, companies´ click on the particular skills they want to test for from a long list of identified skills.  

From the demo, I could not determine the depth and breadth of skill testing available.   However, considering there are different difficulty versions of single programs, I assume that advanced versions have the capability of testing advanced skills.

A screen will then pop up in front of the candidate and outlines instructions for the test(s).   The screen is clutter-free and basic which reduces distractions for the candidate.   Candidates simply click on the few option buttons that are clearly labeled.   At each question, the candidate has the option to leave the test or go on to the next question.   After the test has been completed, Prove It! proceeds on to the next test, or results can be printed.  

Another great feature of Prove It! is the ability to maintain a powerful database of all the candidates and their results.   Companies can use this function to keep track of candidates test results over time and for comparison between candidates in decision-making.   Also, the system features detailed score reports, statistical features, and customization features.  

Additionally, tutorials are available for certain programs in order to reinforce learning.

For example, to test for Windows 95, close to 60 topics appear in a Table of Contents, each or all of which can be selected for testing.   Thus, Prove It! Demonstrates its capability both as a learning tool as well as a testing system.     The tutorials provide practical instruction and are broken down into the following three categories: "Tell Me", "Show Me" and "Try It".   These three parts introduce and explain a new skill, visually demonstrate through computer animation, and finally gives the user an opportunity to practice the new skill.


There are two different methods by which Prove It! can be delivered: (1) Internet delivery or (2) Software delivery.   As an Internet-based solution, companies can access both simulations and multiple-choice assessments through a subscription service.   This allows for a pay-as-you-go cost structure.  


This program excels in evaluating and training for specific, outlined skills.   However, there are many valued skills that cannot be tested for and reinforced.   For example, you cannot determine if a candidate will be a good fit in a team environment, or if they have the proper competencies to provide leadership and good management.   Although, highly technical skills are in demand right now, some argue that the majority of skills obtained from a job are learned while on the job.   If this is true, then Prove It! is simply a screening and signaling mechanism that can only provide a one-dimensional perspective of an individual´s skills.   Therefore, it is advisable to use other methods of testing to evaluate more than specific skills.


There are two methods of implementation that coincide with the projected number of users.   Therefore, Prove It! can be applied to either individual users or a large community of users.       For example, a licensed software delivery will be more cost-effective in the long run if you´re expecting to test many individuals.  


Prove It! comes in many affordable combinations of packages that will suit your company´s needs.   Individual software packages start at $149, packages can be assembled up to $2000 for an all-inclusive Core Package, and $4000 for a complete TechTest package.  

Tutorial packages start at $75 and can go up to $249 for Microsoft Office and Corel systems.

Annual upgrades to Know It All packages range in price from $289 to $699.   However, the cost of the Annual Upgrade for the first year is included in the price of your package.

Basically, Internet access pricing ranges from $25 per test with a one-time $99 set up fee or 50 tests with a pre-payment of $1000.


All Know It All products come with a free lifetime technical support.   Know It All offers a "no hold time" policy, which means that companies will be able to speak with a technician immediately if there are any technical problems.


One of the features of the Prove It! is the ability for external users to access tests over the Internet.   This allows for testing to occur without international boundaries and therefore, remote hiring.   However, there are concerns of validity and security.   Considering that testing can occur from a candidate´s home, there is the possibility for candidates to cheat.   Nevertheless, since the tests are timed per question, the likelihood of cheating is dramatically decreased.

New tests under development

Outlook 2000                   Ventura 8                   Adobe PhotoShop5.5                  Windows 2000

Cold Fusion                       Java2/Script         SQL Server DBA                                   Dynamic HTML

IE 5.0                                             Sybase                           Delphi 4

System Requirements

Different versions of Prove It! are available and require different levels of technical systems.




Free Hard Drive Space

Operating System


Prove It! 2.5 Minimum

486 dx66



Windows 3.x, 95, 98 or NT

VGA 640 x 480

Prove It! 2.5 Recommended

486 dx66



Windows 3.x, 95, 98 or NT

VGA 640 x 480

Prove It! 3.5 Minimum




Windows 95, 98 or NT

VGA 640 x 480

Prove It! 3.5 Recommended

Pentium 133



Windows 95, 98 or NT

VGA 640 x 480


Overall Evaluation

Considering the affordability of the product as well as its flexibility, Prove It! tests are great if the job you´re hiring or testing for is skill-specific.   Moreover, its dual use as a training system increases its overall application.   Both systems are extremely straightforward and user-friendly.

Affordable combinations of software packages allow for companies to pick-and-choose which systems are best suited for their purposes.   Additionally, the two methods of implementation allow for cost-effective, and remote-candidate use.   The ability to upgrade the system is an important concern, especially if you are actually purchasing the software.   However, considering software upgrades are occurring annually, it is expensive to have to continually upgrade.

Overall, these software tests are an excellent, affordable, and easy-to-use tool that will benefit companies through screening of hiring, training, and personnel processes.   And from the obvious belief and openness in their product as well as documented results, give Know It All the opportunity to Prove It!

About the Company

In 1993, Know It All developed its first Prove It! skills assessment test for WordPerfect 5.1. During the past five years, they have added more than 200 products to our testing product line.   By being keenly aware of customers´ interests, Know It All has been able to integrate new and reliable tests to help in recruiting and training.   Check out their website: or for a demo of Prove It! tests:

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