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ASTD: Instructional Systems Design Still Relevant, Needs to Adapt

Study makes recommendations for new learning realities.

(Alexandria, VA) August 11, 2010 – Most companies have instructional systems design (ISD) programs that are, at best, moderately effective in achieving both learning and business goals and are not positioned well enough for the future, according to a new research report from the American Society for Training & Development (ASTD). The research also found that while there are many challenges facing the world of learning and ISD practitioners, the need for instructional systems design still exists and will continue to as the field adapts to the demands of the contemporary learner and a global workforce.

The report, Instructional Systems Design: Today and in the Future, includes a survey of major ISD practices and interviews conducted with experts and business organizations. The Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp) partnered with ASTD in the research. The study reveals that the traditional classroom course, often reported as being irrelevant, is still used by most organizations, with 97 percent of respondents saying they currently use the classroom to deliver workplace learning.

Other key findings from the study include:
• 93 percent of participants believe ISD will become more important in the future.
• Blended learning is being used by 69 percent of organizations which means ISD experts must adjust to an increasingly diverse and blended world of learning.
• 40 percent of respondents agree traditional ISD does not prepare designers for today’s learning environments.
• Popular tools used by ISD practitioners include Microsoft PowerPoint and Adobe Flash and Photoshop – not software traditionally designed for ISD.
• Most organizations expect social media technologies to become a significant component of learning. Only five percent do not think social media usage will increase over the next five years. Mobile learning, social networks, podcasts, and wikis are the top four tools being considered for use in the future.
• Metrics on the effectiveness of ISD are necessary to gain credibility with senior leadership.

The report finds that many ISD professionals believe their processes are not as effective as they could be and that indicates a necessary shift in how practitioners approach the field. The future of the profession lies in formulating instructional programs or products for not only the classroom, but also for other learning approaches like mentoring, coaching, online and offline simulations, asynchronous and blended learning systems, mobile learning, and serious games. This will require instructional designers to have a broad range of competencies, and overcoming resistance to new tools will be a necessary skill. The report also suggests that change is necessary at the university level where tomorrow’s designers are prepared.

Instructional Systems Design: Today and in the Future provides a data-driven foundation for course designers who wish to adapt to the changing learning environment, and take advantage of new technologies.

The full report can be accessed via the ASTD Store. This report is free to ASTD members.

About ASTD
ASTD (American Society for Training & Development) is the world’s largest professional association dedicated to the training and development field. In more than 100 countries, ASTD’s members work in organizations of all sizes, in the private and public sectors, as independent consultants, and as suppliers. Members connect locally in 130 U.S. chapters and with 30 international partners. ASTD started in 1943 and in recent years has widened the profession’s focus to align learning and performance to organizational results, and is a sought-after voice on critical public policy issues. For more information, visit

USEF and Dow Jones/WSJ Scholarship Winners Announced
The University Sales Education Foundation (USEF) announces the winners of $9,000 in scholarships sponsored by Dow Jones/Wall Street Journal. Mitchel Huber and Garret Iden, both seniors and members of the Global Sales Leadership Society at Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business, and Claire Lee, a senior at University of Washington’s Michael G. Foster School of Business, will each receive $3,000.00 toward their sales education.

Bridging the Leadership Divide: Building High-Performance Leadership Relationships Across Generation
Today, more than ever before in our history, we are witnessing the impact of generational differences in the workplace. In many organizations leaders are struggling to find ways to bridge the divide between the four generations present. You may already be familiar with the stress caused by unproductive generational relationships in your workplace. Your ability to prepare future generations of leaders and transfer the rich experiences and knowledge of your most senior leaders to emerging ones becomes significantly impaired when these relationships struggle to coexist productively. This webcast will prepare you to think differently about how you can work effectively with multi-generational leadership relationships in your organization, enabling them to thrive together and ultimately have a positive impact on your organization’s performance.

You Can Lead A Dramatic Jump In Productivity - In Just 90 Days!
Your organization likely has all the talent and ideas it needs to massively improve productivity and performance. Our research shows that much of that talent is probably untapped unless your workforce is fully engaged through the development of specific management habits and rituals. You have it in your power to lead a process of changing corporate mindsets and unleashing all that capacity. And you can do it in as little as 90 days if you approach it the right way. Join us to hear how others have done this, and learn how to diagnose and take the right steps to achieve such dramatic success.

Feld Entertainment, Inc. Awards Online Training Contract to Business Training Library

Advance your career with HR certification
From this webcast, HR professionals will be able to learn how their careers and companies can benefit by earning the Professional in Human Resources (PHR®) Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR®) and/or Global Professional in Human Resources (GPHR®) certifications from the HR Certification Institute.

HR’s Role in Protecting the Customer Experience, Especially as CS is Outsourced or Moves Offshore
Find out why the HR and recruiting leaders at companies with large customer service operations are starting to test the English communication skills of customer service agents – and learn how they are getting positive business results by changing their new hire screening processes to implement standardized English language testing.

ADVANTIS Global Services Recruits DocuSign Electronic Signature Service
ADVANTIS Global Services Recruits DocuSign Electronic Signature Service to Streamline Contracting Process

CastlePointe Presents IT Transformation Webinar: “Creating a Learning Organization
Part 1: Lessons from a Parrot-Head” Third in the “Free Lunch” IT Transformation Webinar Series, hosted by CastlePointe CEO, Charles Araujo, with Guest Speaker Bill Cunningham, Wednesday, August 11, 2010 at 12:15pm PST. Register at

Evolv Named AlwaysOn Global 250 Winner
Recognized for creating employment, technology innovations through Talent Matching & Intelligence


WorldatWork Announces Additional Scholarship Recipients
WorldatWork has awarded certification scholarships to 20 more deserving HR professionals. Scholars will receive a package that waives fees for WorldatWork e-learning certification preparation courses and exams as well as Premier Membership for 12 months.

Organizational Fit: Defining and Selecting for your Culture
In this Webcast, Dr. Greene-Shortridge will discuss the importance of having an established organizational culture. She will share with you the best practices for defining your organizational culture that will lead to enhanced employee engagement and satisfaction for current and future employees. You will learn the basics of selecting the right applicants for your culture and how to apply this to your organization for maximum efficiency.

Jobs2web Announces Details of Next Web 2.0 Talent Acquisition Summit
Exclusive One Day Event at Microsoft’s Headquarters Designed to Help Companies Source Better, Recruit Better and Know Better

Reducing High Costs Of Employee Training For SMBs While Maintaining Fortune 500 Quality
Providing quality, effective training videos for employees has historically been a luxury afforded only to large-budget Fortune 500 companies. But now a new ecommerce site called TrainingVOD (Training Video On Demand) has been launched by the training video veterans at ej4. TrainingVOD is designed to benefit the business masses conveniently and effectively -- regardless of size or budget.

NCWIT and the Motorola Foundation Collaborate to Increase Young Women’s Participation in Computing
NCWIT and the Motorola Foundation Collaborate to Increase Young Women’s Participation in Computing and Technology NCWIT Receives Innovation Generation Grant for High School Computing Award

Learn How to Become a Company Customers Love and Can’t Live Without via Upcoming Webinar
Jeanne Bliss, author of "I Love You More than My Dog: Five Decisions for Extreme Customer Loyalty in Good Times and Bad" and Mary Naylor, CEO of VIPdesk will present a webinar, "Become a Company Customers Love And Can't Live Without" on Wednesday July 28 at 1pm EST. This complimentary webinar will provide attendees with the tools needed to turn their company into one that customers love and can't live without. Jeanne Bliss will present anecdotes and suggested actions guaranteed to help companies develop true customer advocacy while showing how company culture is the driving force behind extreme customer loyalty, and educating attendees as to how their decisions and actions create their culture.

Organizing Corporate Challenges to create Employee Wellness
Ever wonder how you can create a company challenge that promotes wellness, fun and teamwork while increasing employee productivity and decreasing healthcare costs and sick days? Yes it is possible today. Let us examine the impact of walking programs, and programs like America’s Biggest loser ™ competitions and how they have helped companies create a more productive workforce.

Get Certified. Get Noticed
From this webcast, HR professionals will be able to learn how their careers and companies can benefit by earning the Professional in Human Resources (PHR®) Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR®) and/or Global Professional in Human Resources (GPHR®) certifications from the HR Certification Institute.

Candidates With Security Clearances and Military Experience Are In Demand
The job market for employees with security clearances and military experience is strong. Dozens of employers and hundreds of veterans attended two military-friendly job fairs sponsored by Corporate Gray and Military Officers Association of America this summer in the Washington DC and Norfolk-Virginia Beach areas.

Motivating New Training Program Inspires Employees to Be Successful
Motivational speaker, success coach, and author Shawn Anderson has released a new two-book personal development training program to motivate and inspire employees, entrepreneurs and students. Geared for organizations looking to help their employees/students jump to another level of success and performance, Amicus 101 and its companion workbook, Lessons From A. Friend, offers an entertaining and powerful way for individuals to take a look in the mirror and examine their current direction and success. The books allow an employee to personalize 21 success secrets through a series of creative, interesting, and hard-hitting self-examination questions in order to re-create positive work momentum.

New Online Training Courses from BLR Show Employers How to Improve Employee Wellness
New Online Training Courses from BLR Show Employers How to Improve Employee Wellness by Promoting Stress Management, Nutrition and Life Balance The BLR Employee Training Center Expanded to Include Online Courses dedicated to Increasing Employee Wellness and Helping Employers Run a Corporate Wellness Program

Confidence of Learning Executives Continues to Grow
Confidence Index reaches record high score for 2nd quarter.

HR Solutions Inc - Breaking Through the Employee Engagement Plateau
HR Solutions Inc - 7th Employee Engagement Webinar HR Solutions Presents: Breaking Through the Employee Engagement Plateau

Cornell School of Hotel Administration & eCornell Launch New Online Certificate Programs in Hospital
Four new online certificate programs in hospitality management, managing people for success, restaurant revenue management and foodservice management now open for enrollment; total offering now spans nine online programs.

Sales Training Best Practices Offered in New Virtual Conference July 21-28
Conference coincides with release of new white paper on sales competency.

A New Training Program Teaches Employees How to Balance High Tech with High Touch to Drive People
In this day and age when we rely heavily on technology, we must remember that computers cannot smile or greet employees, customers, community members or shareholders and make them feel valued. Technology supports business development and strategies, but it's people who still drive customer loyalty, which drives profits. In our high tech society, It's more important than ever before that businesses invest in educating their employees on good, basic human relations skills in order to develop lasting relationships.

Team Advantage: A Complete Framework for Driving Extraordinary, Sustainable Team Transformation!
The acceleration of change in organizations, emerging needs for innovation, and alignment of values are all factors creating a need for new leadership and new ways for people to succeed. Leaders want to know how to stretch an already high - performing team, turn around a team that is underperforming or stuck, or assimilate a new leader so they have a strong start with teams that are weary of too many changes. The Team Advantage process picks up where traditional team building stops – coaching the team leader and the team through the developmental stages and giving the team the experience of genuine team transformation.

Virtual Production Environments for Safe, Affordable Technology Training
Hands-on Experience with Virtual Labs: Virtual production environments for safe, affordable technology training

Would a Wiki Help Your Organization?
Learning and the Web 2.0 Collaboration Revolution: Would a Wiki Help Your Organization?

Blending Web 2.0 Technologies: A Guide for CLOs and Training Managers
Blending Web 2.0 Technologies with Traditional Formal Learning: A Guide for CLOs and Training Managers

Three New Online Videos from the TRACOM Group Showcase SOCIAL STYLE Benefits
The TRACOM Group has expanded its online library of training and development materials with the addition of three new videos at its YouTube channel.

CERTPOINT Systems Appoints Denis Finnegan as Chief Learning Officer
Global LMS/LCMS provider adds key executive with professional and personal passion for learning


Reducing the Cost of Training by 98% - How One Company Succeeded!
HR Professionals are looking for effective ways to teach employees the skills and processes they need to succeed. Read this free case study courtesy of Arkadin.

Allen Interactions Offers Free Webinar Series
Creating e-Learning that Makes a Difference

Natural Training New Website Lauch
Natural Training has just launched a new website at and is celebrating by giving away free training for a year!

Get Certified. Get Noticed with GPHR Certification
If you are a HR professional who has HR responsibilities across international borders and are looking for ways to validate your HR knowledge and experience, you will find your answers in this presentation. We will explore what the GPHR certification can do for you, how to achieve the GPHR certification, exam application process and deadlines, and exam preparation resources.

Business Training Library Selected as WHEDA’s Online Training Provider
Business Training Library, the leading provider of online and on-demand employee training solutions for small and mid-sized businesses nationwide, is pleased to announce that they have been selected as the online training vendor for the Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority (WHEDA®).

Darin Hartley Joins the ASTD Certification Institute Board of Directors
The ASTD Certification Institute proudly announces that Darin Hartley, a 20-year veteran of the training industry, has joined its Board of Directors. The ASTD Certification Institute is an affiliate of the American Society for Training & Development (ASTD) whose purpose is to set professional industry standards for the learning and performance profession. Hartley will serve a three year term on the board of directors until 2012.

It's Okay to Be the Boss™
Bruce Tulgan puts his finger on one of the biggest problems in today’s workplace—an undermanagement epidemic affecting managers at all levels of organizations in every industry—and helps explain why so many managers are so hands-off nowadays. Bruce teaches dozens of immediately actionable best practices in a clear step-by-step guide back to the basics of strong highly-engaged management.

Herzing Educational System to Host “Discovery Days” at 14 of its U.S. and Canadian Campuses
Herzing Educational System to Host “Discovery Days” at 14 of its U.S. and Canadian Campuses to Assist Individuals Interested in Exploring a Career Change

DuPont Launches Ethics & Compliance Training Curriculum
DuPont Sustainable Solutions announces a new Ethics & Compliance training curriculum to help organizations meet corporate compliance requirements and champion ethical business practices.

BlueVolt Launches Online University for URC

Best Practices: Closing Skill Gaps with Blended Learning
In a marketplace increasingly characterized by shortages in key skills and available talent, ensuring that your workforce has the right knowledge and talent to meet your business objectives is imperative. Learn how forward-thinking organizations in the midmarket are optimizing their talent by delivering targeted training and development through blended learning programs, ensuring that learning initiatives are not just randomly assigned - they actively address identified skill gaps.

APTINA Selects Online Training System from Business Training Library
Business Training Library, the leading provider of online employee training solutions for small and mid-sized businesses nationwide, announced today that APTINA, a global provider of imaging solutions based in San Jose, California, has selected its online courses and Learning Management System to deliver training to APTINA’s 750 employees worldwide.

Groundbreaking Book Explains the Power of Social Learning for Organizations
Co-author Marcia Conner Speaking on Social Learning at Enterprise 2.0 Conference

National Society of Career Management Fills an Important Training Need
National Society of Career Management Fills an Important Training Need in Growing Billion Dollar Industry Organization Sets National Benchmark for Career Management Training and Announces Next Training Dates and Strategic Partnerships

Teambuilding with Emotional Intelligence Competencies
What makes a group of people a team and want to do their best work together? In decision-making, humans first have an emotion and then seek a rationale. Emotions motivate team behavior and productivity. Teams that understand and maximize their emotional intelligence competencies have the least conflict and produce the highest quality results. They and their organization gain sustainable productivity. Learn how to identify EI competencies for your team through a powerful model and follow through to measure results.

CERTPOINT Systems SVP of Global Strategic Initiatives-Kenneth Fung to present CERTPOINT's Vision
CERTPOINT Systems SVP of Global Strategic Initiatives-Kenneth Fung to present CERTPOINT's Vision on the Present and Future of mLearning at the mLearnCon Conference and Expo in San Diego, California Highly recognized learning executive to answer some fundamental questions in the mobile learning industry.

Lifecycle Viewer From Smart ERP Solutions Achieves Oracle® Validated Integration
Lifecycle Viewer From Smart ERP Solutions Achieves Oracle® Validated Integration with Oracle’s PeopleSoft Enterprise 9.1

World Class Sales Competency Model
Chally aligns with ASTD’s World-Class Sales Competency Model and creates the Chally Sales Development Analysis.

How to Manage Global Virtual Teams
How to Manage Global Virtual Teams presented by Brad Bell, Associate Professor of HR Studies & Director of ILR Executive Education, Cornell University Wednesday, June 16, 2010 2:00pm Eastern/11:00am Pacific Register

Computeach web design courses – the key to your future?
With IT training in such high demand at the moment, choosing which course to enrol on can often be difficult. Many major employers are now searching for recruits with IT competencies, so choosing the right course for the career is an important decision.

Reduce Stress, Metabolic Syndrome and Health Costs: A New e-Learning Intervention
Annual health care costs in the US now exceed $2.3 trillion, or $7681 per person. Preventing disease has become a critical business issue as employers struggle with health costs. One critical cost-savings target is stress—which is widely known to increase the risk of disease and lost productivity. As workers strain against job insecurity and increased workload in the downsized economy, employers are seeing stress rise to the number one concern on employee surveys. Learn more about a cost-effective and innovative system for increasing your employee’s health and productivity while lowering health care costs.

Emotional Intelligence: What’s New, What’s True
Improving EQ Through Behavioral Style
Intellect and functional skills are important, but research shows that emotional intelligence is the most important factor in effective leadership. There is a proven link between emotional intelligence and measurable business results. This webinar looks at the latest research on the subject of emotional intelligence including:

Small Businesses Drive the Economy, Web-based Tools Power Growth
Financial, Business Experts Share Top 2 Growth ''Solutions for Small Business'' in Public Webcast

Five Summer College Search Tips for Rising High School Seniors
Incoming high school seniors should start their college searches now, says

How to Manage Global Virtual Teams
eCornell would like to invite you to participate in an upcoming educational webinar

Collegeosity Announces Official Launch to Public — Ready to Serve 14.4 Million College Students*
Collegeosity is more than a social networking website. It’s an online resource geared toward providing a platform for purposeful and helpful interaction for college students with their peers. It also serves as a place for high school students to read and get advice about their upcoming lives in college and ease them into making a decision. Parents, too, can use the site to find college students to help their kids with schoolwork or college prep.

Key Brand Entertainment Selects UltiPro® to Drive HR Speed and Efficiency
Ultimate Software (Nasdaq:ULTI), the leading provider of unified, end-to-end human capital management (HCM) SaaS solutions in North America, announced today that Key Brand Entertainment (KBE), the leading developer, producer, and distributor of live theatre in the U.S. and Canada, has selected UltiPro’s suite of HR, payroll, and strategic talent management features—including recruitment, performance management, onboarding, and learning management.

Five Ways Mobility Impacts the Effectiveness of Workforce Management for Retailers
Learn how leading retailers are increasing the productivity of their managers and reducing turnover of the workforce by embracing mobile phone technology. Join Axsium Group and Vortex Connect to discuss the benefits and issues retailers face deploying workforce management functionality through the ubiquitous device.

Best Practices in Automating Your PR and Goal Processes
As the economy continues to shift and mid-market businesses rely more and more on their intellectual capital, they are realizing that their employees are the key to their competitive advantage and performance. Attend this webinar and learn eight best practices for automating performance review and goal processes, how to align your human capital development plan with the overall initiatives of the organization to show business impact and ROI, and the practical tools needed to help develop, monitor and measure employee success around goals.

Career Training School Hires Online Admissions Manager to Lead, Grow Division
Career training school hires online admissions manager to lead and grow division. Pima Medical Institute enlists Wendy Doolin to head online admissions department.

Ultimate’s VP of Technology Jim Jensen to Present with UltiPro Customer
Ultimate’s VP of Technology Jim Jensen to Present with UltiPro Customer at American Payroll Association’s 28th Annual Congress

SumTotal Systems Reinforces Support for Docent Platform
SumTotal Systems Reinforces Support for Docent Platform

ASTD Presents 21 Excellence in Practice Awards
Awards and citations presented to 38 organizations from eight countries.

Grand Canyon University’s College of Education Welcomes New Team Members
Grand Canyon University’s College of Education Welcomes New Team Members to Help Students Who are Interested in Becoming a Teacher Grand Canyon University welcomes four new members to their College of Education team. These individuals will help education students achieve their goal of becoming a teacher.

High Impact Learning Programs: Why Social Learning Works
As defined in the book, The 2020 Workplace: How Innovative Companies attract, Develop & Keep Tomorrow’s Employees Today (Harper Business, May 2010) social learning is learning that is collaborative, immediate, relevant and presented in the context of an individual’s unique work environment. Increasingly organizations are creating internal social networks to allow employees and in some cases partners, to communicate, collaborate, innovate and tap into the collective intelligence of the global enterprise.

GeoLearning Extended Enterprise Solution Recognized as "Business Innovation of the Year" Finalist
Commitment to helping clients transform their businesses is recognized by the American Business Awards.

Goal Management Best Practices: Maintaining Focus on Business Performance Drivers
Many organizations consider goal setting and evaluation critical performance drivers. However, all too often, the approach to creating and implementing goals concentrates on the “start” and the “end.” Organizations generate their individual, team and companywide goals in line with business strategies, and then evaluate performance against them at the end of the year! Approaching goal-setting as a once-a-year exercise that is siloed from day-to-day work activities in many cases causes unintended negative consequences. It can demotivate employees, suppress collaboration and creative contributions, and fail to maintain focus on the true drivers of successful performance. This presentation will provide a point of view about the best practices for managing goals throughout the whole performance management life cycle.

Success with New Client, Barbasol
Select International recently announced hiring milestones and successes achieved at Barbasol’s new manufacturing plant in Ashland, OH, which officially begins production this week. To date Barbasol has used the Select International hiring system for 25 new hires and has greatly reduced the time-to-hire in the process. The company expects to hire as many as 60-75 employees through 2016.

Smart Draw 2010 Helps Businesses Harness the Power of Visual Communication
Intuitive Software Makes it Simple and Easy to Create Impactful, Professional Quality Visuals to Improve Information Retention, End Communication Breakdown; Newest Release Includes MS Visio Integration, Project Management Tools and SharePoint Collaboration For Greater Efficiency

Learn What Makes Home-Based Agents the Crown Jewels of Customer Service via Upcoming Webinar
Upcoming Webinar “Home-Based Agents: The Crown Jewels of Customer Service” will teach attendees the basics of virtual contact centers, how at-home agents provide intuitive customer service from the start, how a home-based team increases both customer satisfaction and corporate revenue, how the incredible profile of the average at-home agent drives success, and best practices for recruiting and managing home-based agents. This Webinar will be presented on Thursday May 27, 2010 at 2:00 p.m. by the Telework Coalition (TelCoa) and VIPdesk.

KnowledgeVision Live Announced; Live Web Video Streaming Synchronized with PowerPoint Presentations

Skills Management - Lessons Learned From the Real World
Staying in business today depends on making the most of what you have. As we all face the “do more with less” drive to stabilize expenses or follow the old fashioned school of business to drive a bottom line profit, how can skills management prove a critical business strategy? Only by understanding the skills and competencies of the biggest line item expense and asset, your people, can you effectively deploy them to make your organization succeed in the modern economy.

Crisis PR Training Vital to Averting Problems Before They Develop, says PR Expert Dobson
"Preparation is key to crisis public relations as companies learn to interact with media in a way that is beneficial to brand values," said PR expert Brian Dobson

ASTD Presents its Lifetime Achievement Award in Workplace Learning and Performance Award
ASTD Presents its Lifetime Achievement Award in Workplace Learning and Performance Award to Bob Eichinger and Mike Lombardo Award recognizes individuals for a body of work that has had significant impact on the field of workplace learning and performance

Management Training College at Grand Canyon University Unveils New Advertising Campaign
Management training college, Ken Blanchard College of Business at Grand Canyon University, has unveiled a major advertising campaign created by Phoenix advertising agency Moses Anshell. This campaign represents an investment of more that $1 million in outdoor, radio and local television advertisements and is highlighted by a light rail train wrap.

Recent Crises Show Media Training Vital to Prepare Companies for News Spotlight
PR expert Brian Dobson, of Dobson Communications, says recent crises in industries ranging from oil to autos, the role of media training is increasingly vital for companies that may face the media spotlight if a crisis hits.

Ultimate Software Hosts Interactive Human Resources Workshop in Milwaukee, WI
Ultimate Software (Nasdaq: ULTI), the leading provider of unified, end-to-end human capital management (HCM) SaaS solutions in North America, announced today that it will host a free, interactive human resources workshop on Wednesday, May 26, 2010 at the Milwaukee Marriott West in Waukesha, WI.

Halogen Software and Element K Team Up on e-Learning
Halogen eLearning Manager customers now have finger-tip access to Element K’s award-winning online courses and virtual labs.

Mastering Peer-to-Peer Recognition
Are your employees enthusiastic about their jobs? Are they excited about the ways they can achieve and contribute? Is your organization moving towards developing an effective program for Peer Recognition? Learn how to develop a sustainable culture of peer recognition in your business. This webcast will discuss the latest trends and tools to help you establish a consistent culture of peer recognition in your workplace. Get ready to recognize, reward, and inspire!

SumTotal to Speak at Human Capital Institute's Talent Technology Summit
Gain Understanding Around How to Effectively Use Talent Management Tools to Better Meet Business Challenges

Dobson Media Training Brings News, PR & Production Experience to Train Clients for Media Interviews
Brian Dobson of says Dobson Media Training's experienced news, PR and production professionals train, advise & prepare clients for media interviews on-site or at its New York studio.

Globoforce Further Expands Global Merchant Network in China
Globoforce ex*change now offers clients 2,000 global and street-level local merchants and reward options in 130 countries; China-based employees gain greater and more meaningful reward choices

Braun Film & Video, Inc. Opens Corporate Events Production Division
Braun Film & Video, Inc. a top Washington D.C. video production firm today announced the opening of their Corporate Events Production division. Braun Film will now offer live event video production in addition to its existing corporate video services.

Leading Across Differences: Real World Lessons for HR Managers
During this webcast presenters will discuss the growing importance of leading across social identity differences in organizations; with a focus on addressing social identity tensions. The presenters will provide a framework addressing social identity differences in organizations, reveal the five common triggers of social identity conflict in organizations, and provide information about who should act and what actions to take. In addition, a framework of leadership practices in situations where multiple identity groups are present and tips for each approach will be shared.

ej4's New Video On Demand TrainingVOD:
Providing quality, effective training videos for employees has historically been a luxury afforded only to large-budget Fortune 500 companies.

eCornell How-To Webinar Series & Latest Research
eCornell will be hosting four live webinars during the months of May and June. Each session is scheduled to last 60 minutes and there is no cost to register and participate Offers a Guaranteed Teaching Placement Abroad For All iTEFL Course Graduates Offers a Guaranteed Teaching Placement Abroad For All iTEFL Course Graduates, After Just Two Weeks TEFL Training Adventurous men and women looking for a fresh start, ready for a new career move or simply hungry to escape the rat race can now receive immediate TEFL training in any one of twenty five locations around the globe, in just two weeks.

Hidden Job Market: Careers in Global Travel Industry Launched via Certification Program
Hidden Job Market: Careers in Global Travel Industry Launched via Certification Program for Professional Tour Directors

Chris Anderson's Free
Not enough time to read the latest books? Enjoy this review of "Free" and catch up on the industry buzz.

Chris Anderson's Free - 600 review
Not enough time to read the latest books? Enjoy this review of "Free" and catch up on the industry buzz.

Chris Anderson's Free - 300 review
Not enough time to read the latest books? Enjoy this review of "Free" and catch up on the industry buzz.

Chris Anderson's Free - Summary
Not enough time to read the latest books? Enjoy this review of "Free" and catch up on the industry buzz.

The Training Associates Earns Top Ranking on Mass High Tech List of Largest IT Education Providers
The Training Associates (TTA), the largest trainer consultant and solutions company, was recently ranked # 5 of 25 on the Mass High Tech list of Largest IT Education Providers in New England.

The Training Associates Selected as a Top 20 Training Outsourcing Company by Training
The Training Associates Selected as a Top 20 Training Outsourcing Company by Training for Second Consecutive Year

Franklin University Business Programs Receive Specialized Accreditation
At the 2010 annual conference of the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE), the Board of Commissioners announced the granting of specialized accreditation of the business degree programs of Franklin University.

CERTPOINT Systems' Impact on Global Learning Recognized by Brandon Hall Learning Technology Award
CERTPOINT Systems awarded a coveted Brandon Hall silver award in the Best Advance in Learning Management Technology for Global Training.

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