Workforce Planning: 90 Day Action Plan

In 90 days you can take action in five areas to strengthen your workforce planning program. If you don’t have a workforce plan now is a good time to start. This webcast will focus on five key areas; Talent Acquisition, Competency Models, Current Research in Selection, Selection Simulation Models, and Key Recruiter Competencies. We will share with you how workforce planning can reduce your cost per hire, lower dependence on postings and by building a candidate pipeline your company can increase the quality of hire.
As the baby boom generation ages and they begin to leave the workforce, every organization faces a significant challenge to replace not only the large number of individuals exiting the labor market but also to identify what skills will be needed or substituted to ensure success going forward. Both topical literature and academic research tell us that crafting and implementing a strategy for your workforce planning needs is a sound business decision.   In addition, building an effective talent acquisition strategy is a key to responding to those workforce planning challenges companies will face in the next decade.  Too often though a strategy ends up being a recycled set of goals picked up from another company. That isn’t necessary and you can customize your own workforce plan and you can make positive strides in just 90 days.

This webcast will focus on five key areas including talent acquisition, competency models, current topics researchers are studying in selection, simulation models and what they can predict for future selection policies and key competencies your  recruiters need to have.  We will also outline steps you can take to acquire the talent you need for executive level, professional level and entry level positions.   Building a pipeline of qualified candidates who have been assessed with your competencies will ensure the success of your workforce planning program and your company’s future.
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