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The Staffing Files- October 25, 2004
-HR Executive´s HR Technology Show -Chicago (Part II)

The Staffing Files: April 7, 2003
-This Week: Web-only recruitment is still what orgnizations should be aspiring to.

The Staffing Files: February 10, 2003
-This week: IIRC

The Staffing Files
This week: ERP vs. Best of breed for e-recruit (Part Two)

The Staffing Files
-This week: ERP vs. Best of breed for e-recruit (Part One)

NextJobNow from Appriss
A look at the fascinating story behind Appriss...from informing victims of crimes to HR! - Product Update may still be best known for its e-cruiter product but it now offers a much broader range of products and services.

VirtualEdge E*TRACK
VirtualEdge's E*TRACK ATS is expanding into 17 countries and half a dozen languages.

Recruiter Web Top by RecruitSoft
Recruiter WebTop from Recruitsoft is the most complete enterprise recruiting solution I´ve reviewed. Through a combination of proprietary software development and collaboration with external organizations, Recruitsoft has built a true end-to-end hiring solution.
HR specialists know that it is often wiser to outsource some services than to build them internally. This is especially true of things that fall outside of core competencies. This review looks at´s e-Recruiter solution - a service designed to give you a state of the art Internet recruitment site without having to bother your IT team or cost you time in upkeep.

Campus 2000: Job Trak vs. Campus Work Link
A March 2000 research report by revealed that the Internet is now the favorite job-search tool among students. This article looks at the two oldest, largest and most heavily trafficked sites of their kind in the United States and Canada - JobTrak and Campus WorkLink respectively.

21st Century Workforce Commission Report Emphasizes IT
The report, entitled Nation of Opportunity, was short on specifics, but challenged all stakeholders to provide leadership in implementing its "Nine Keys to Success".

The Internet is an invaluable innovation in facilitating the process of connecting job seekers with potential employers. V-Recruiting may be the product to solve your staffing needs.

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