Meet the Elite: New Company 'Ready to Hire' Takes Guesswork Out of Recruitment and Job Search

'Ready to Hire' launches first-ever major service in job recruiting and staffing since the advent of online job boards; Only existing national database of pre-screened candidates
WILLOW GROVE, Pa.-AUGUST 13, 2007-Ask employers what their recruiting process is, and you'll likely hear: Post a job ad online, spend hours reviewing hundreds of resumes, and even more hours interviewing candidates. Ask professionals how they search for a job, and they'll probably say: Post their resume on job boards, search through hundreds of positions, and talk to a number of recruiters where they may or may not be a good fit.

           But this recruitment and job-search tale of woe ends today, thanks to a new company Ready to Hire, Inc.-an online staffing service provider for firms and professionals. Ready to Hire is the only network of pre-screened candidates who look as good on paper as they do in person. It directly connects elite professionals who are looking for career-advancing jobs to premier companies who are looking for highly-qualified employees. Plus, Ready to Hire actually speaks to all of their candidates on a regular basis.

           "As recruiters, we understand the pain and suffering that comes with using job boards," says Colleen Haviland, President and CEO of Ready to Hire. "It can be very difficult for both the employer and candidate to match appropriate skill sets and open positions on an unregulated Web site. Ready to Hire is the next generation of staffing, and will be the go-to source for companies who want to easily find the right candidate, and for professionals who want to quickly find the right job with a premier company."

           Here's how Ready to Hire works. Recruiters speak with all candidates, gathering the important professional and personal information that hiring managers need to make a quality hiring decision, such as educational history, most recent employer and job duties, and ideal job position. Then, candidates e-mail their resume and references to Ready to Hire's recruiting team. This is all done to determine 'hirability' and entrance to their private club. If all criteria are met, Ready to Hire recruiters add candidates to the repository of professionals, where their resumes are placed directly in front of premier hiring managers. All free of charge.

           Then Ready to Hire clients can search the database by any term, including candidate location, skills, and salary requirements, to find their next highly-skilled employee. Clients are premier firms nationwide who subscribe to the service. They can also set up automatic searches, which deliver candidates' information to their inbox daily, weekly, or monthly, so they can get results when they wish. Recruiters and candidates communicate every 45 days to ensure all candidates' information is current and accurate.

           Ready to Hire completes the first step of the hiring process for their clients by providing them access to only hirable professionals who are serious about finding a job, and have accurate hiring information. This way, clients aren't bombarded by phone calls and e-mails from unqualified job seekers.

           Ready to Hire draws out all the information from candidates that companies need to know, so qualified candidates have a better chance of getting an interview. Candidates can rest assured their information is kept confidential from current employers.

Plus, this innovative process eliminates all middlemen, headhunters and staffing agencies. Candidates aren't inundated with phone calls from agencies in irrelevant industries they aren't interested in, and they will only hear directly from prospective employers and Ready to Hire representatives.

           Ready to Hire plans to add hundreds of new candidates weekly. The company will first launch the service to the IT industry in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and New York, and plans to expand nationwide into other industries within the next six months.


Ready to Hire, Inc. is the next generation of job recruitment and search. The Web service connects premier companies with a network of highly qualified, elite professionals within their respective industries. Ready to Hire offers a repository of prescreened job candidates to companies seeking qualified professionals for long-term employment, while giving candidates exposure to leading companies nationwide. The company is based outside of Philadelphia, Pa.

For more information call 215-657-HIRE (4473) or visit    
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