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Essential Function: Writing ADA-Compliant Job Descriptions
With each CD purchase, you get FREE access to streaming audio. CD and streaming audio are available 3 days after each live event.

Ready, Set… be Prepared… Performance Reviews and Goal & Performance Planning: Lessons from the Field
It’s getting close to that time of year -- the annual review process and time for setting your performance plans and goals for 2010. What messages should you be sending? What makes for a successful process that is truly valued by your employees?

“Public Executions” + Pre-employment Tests = Your Company Grows
Most employers want a workforce of only productive, responsible, dependable employees. Right? Dr. Michael Mercer gets tough on 'lousy employees'.

Three Steps to Success with Career Assessments
This article shows where formal career tests and assessments fit in the overall process of planning a career. It provides an introduction to best practices for tests and assessments in a career counseling environment. Kathleen Groll Connolly shares more.

Business Guide to Employment Background Checking
Businesses have high standards when hiring and performing background checks on applicants and employees is an effective way to discover potential issues.

Why the Lopsided Look at Employee Engagement???
For years, the research on Employee Engagement has centered on how managers and organizations can build higher levels of Engagement in the workplace. Simply put, the responsibility and accountability is forced on Management to create Engaged workers. While it is certainly virtuous and valuable to have Management accept ownership for Employee Engagement, it has also formed a myopic mask over where at least half of the ownership should lie - with the employees themselves.

Hiring Fabulous Trainers
Training during a challenged economy is more important than many may think. Keeping employees at the top of their games means better business. Charlie Wonderlic shares tips on how to hire the best trainers.

CIOs Report on Hiring Expectations for Second Quarter
CIOs are expecting some growth despite the current economic conditions. Help Desk/Technical Support and Data/Database Management will likely experience the most growth according to a Robert Half Technology survey.

Recession-Wary Employers Seek Better Ways to Find Star Job Performers in a Flood of Resumes
Although staff reductions are expected by most employers, 76 percent of recruiters agree that the recession is an opportunity to bring in higher quality job candidates, according to a new Jobfox poll.

ESR’s Second Annual Top Ten Trends in the Pre-Employment Background Screening Industry for 2009
Employment Screening Resources ( releases it's second annual trends report on what to expect in the area of pre-employment screening background checks and safe hiring for 2009

CIOs Weigh In on What They Consider Interview-Appropriate Attire
Do you know the successful dress code for a potential employee? Robert Half International shares a recent survey on what works and what doesn't.

Salary Talk During the Job Interview
Can your interviewer afford you? Carole Martin shares ways to answer the salary questions during an interview.

Hiring Practices During a Recession
Hiring practices don't often change during a recession. But, companies are more careful in evaluating the need for more staff. Juan Morales explains.

How Candidates Can Answer Claims They Are ‘Over-Qualified’ For A Job
Cutbacks have caused layoffs across all levels of organizations and that means many job seekers may be looking for a lower level, lower paying job than they once had. Job seekers may find that employers aren't jumping to bring them aboard, some job seekers may even hear the 'O' word. ClearRock explains more.

Help Your Bottom Line by Retaining Hourly Workers
Even within the hourly workforce, turnover comes at a significant expense to employers. Shawn Boyer explains how to retain your hourly workers.

Searching For The Right Talent – An Overlooked Resource
The 53 million Americans with disabilities are an untapped resource that can easily meet most challenges in many companies, says Lora Villarreal.

The Upside of Starting at the Bottom Rung
Is it still possible in today's economic climate to work hard, rise up the corporate ladder, and get ahead? Paul Facella shares his answers.

Virtualization & Cloud Computing Job Board Takes Market by Storm
VM People, the global Virtualization & Cloud Computing Job Board has experienced 100% growth since it's launch in October, accumulating a wealth of registered job seekers and some of the biggest industry players in the Virtualization and Cloud Computing industry including VMware.

E-Verify Rule for Federal Contractors Published
On January 15, 2009 a new rule requiring certain federal government contractors to use the E-Verify system to confirm their employees’ eligibility to work in the United States will be effective. Littler Mendelson shares the details.

The Economy’s Impact on Executive Searches in The Financial Services Market
The fall of the economy is having a drastic impact on several areas including the financial services practice area. Pete Deragon investigates.

Eaton Chooses Acxiom® for Pre-Employment and Drug Screening Services
November 13, 2008 – Eaton Corporation, a global diversified power management company, has selected Acxiom® Corporation (NASDAQ: ACXM) as the gold standard in background screening services to help Eaton make informed hiring choices and comply with laws and regulations.

Poll Finds Millennials Rated Poorly by Corporate Recruiters
Younger workers need more appreciation according to a recent Jobfox poll. After all, Generation Y workers represent the largest population of workers since the Baby Boomers.

American Bankers Association Selects Accurate Background for Coveted Endorsement
American Bankers Association Endorses Accurate Background Inc. for Pre-Employment Screening Services Alliance Helps Banks Reduce Risk of Fraud and Customer Identity Theft

The Future Job Market
With the current economic condition wreaking havoc on many American businesses, what careers are the safest bets for weathering the storm? Mickey Matthews shares some answers.

Office Politics and Mad Men
Hiring an overly ambitious employee may seem like a good idea. After all, they do have drive. But what you may soon realize is that same drive may be running you over. Charlie Wonderlic explains more.

Workers Share Their Most Unusual Jobs from A to Z
Anyone looking for a unique job may appreciate's recent study. The company recently announced the results of its most unusual jobs survey.

Tale of Two Job Markets
Robert Half International and recently conducted their 2008 annual survey on Job Markets. The results showed both employees and employers are facing challenges in a tough economy.

Why Should I Work For You?
What can we offer the best and brightest that will convince them it's in their best interest to work for us rather than for themselves? Don Phin shares his answers.

Employee Background Checks Simplify the Hiring Process
Hiring the wrong employee can cost a company money and during a time of economic uncertainty that can be devastating. Michelle Moylan explains how a simple background check can make all of the difference.

Introducing the ‘New Collar’ Workforce
Young workers see themselves split between hourly and salaried jobs. Kelly Lobanov shares more.

How to Get Your College Grad Off Your Payroll
Recruiter Salveson Stetson Group shares tips for Executives whose kids are job hunting for the first time.

Seven Signs That You May Be Stuck In Your Job
It may have been your job choice a few years ago, but as time has passed, you find yourself in the same role. Are you stuck? You likely are not alone. ClearRock shares its findings.

Making the Right Hire: Assessing a Candidate’s Fit with Your Nonprofit
Determining if a candidate can do the job is difficult enough, assessing whether a candidate will fit into the culture is a challenge. Norman Birnbach shares more.

The Graduation Celebration is Over and Now on to the Job Search
When preparing for a job, don't forget the interview rehearsal! Carole Martin explains.

Career College Association (CCA) announced Wonderlic, Inc has been named the official survey provide for the 2008 Annual Convention and Exposition in Las Vegas, Nevada on June 25th – June 27th.

Change Your Life: Land that Dream Job
The same old, same old can get really dull. What to do? Robin Ryan shares some tips.

Dancing, Smoking, Sleeping and Other Bad Interview Moves
A recent survey by the OfficeTeam reveals some of the most embarrassing job interview blunders.

Kentucky Healthcare Providers Alleviate Prescription Costs By Taking the Problem In-House
The cost of prescription co-pays continues to rise across the country, particularly for non-formulary and formulary drugs. The 2008 Healthcare eSurvey – Kentucky found healthcare employees are faced with similar costs to those found in other industries. However, access to in-house pharmacies can alleviate rising prescription costs for these employees.

Illinois Pay Increase Budgets Remain the Same in 2008
Illinois annual survey of 378 companies found pay increase budgets are 3.47 percent for 2008 and are projected to be 3.44 percent in 2009.

9 Unique & Amazingly Useful Ways To Evaluate Job Applicants
There are many methods of evaluating job applicants, Dr. Michael Mercer shares his tips.

Salary Negotiations Strategies to Use
Many hiring managers say they must pay more to get the right talent and many are doing just that. So, what do job hunters need to know? Robin Ryan has some answers.

3 Games Managers Play – That Result in Hiring Losers
Are you on your hiring game? Dr. Michael Mercer gives the play by play on hiring practices that result in bad choices.

Little Things That Can Break – Or Make – Your Career
It's the little things that count... more than you know! ClearRock shares their study on the little things that could decide the fate of your career.

Demand for Workers Remains Strong, but Some Professionals Willing to Take Lower Salary Offers
What a difference a month makes. Job hunters are being forced to accept new positions at lower salaries. A new Jobfox study explains.

Job Interview Etiquette in Need of Performance Review
59% of hiring managers say that job candidate's manners are getting worse, according to a recent Vault survey.

Interviewing: 25 Good Questions To Ask … And 8 To Avoid
What questions are important to you when interviewing a candidate? Pat DiDomenico shares the top 25 to ask.

The Telltale Signs of a Behavioral Job Interview Question
Do past experiences really dictate the future? Some employers believe so. Carole Martin shares this look at behavioral interviewing techniques.

5 Ways to Avoid Hiring Psychopaths
Choosing the right person for a job is a challenge at best. How do you make sure that the individual who seems so competent isn't a psychopath? Dr. Michael Mercer has some advice.

Video Technology Changing Job Search
So many applicants and so little time. How do Employers get through all the interviews? Some are finding a click of a switch can change everything. M. Lee. Smith Publishers shares this story.

A New Seat at the Table: When Is It Time to Add to Your Senior Management Team?
How does an organization know when it’s time to add a new position to the team, what specific skill sets to seek, and how to justify the expense? Bridgestar explains.

Crafting Accurate Job Descriptions
Creating job descriptions that accurately describe a position will help organizations becoming more efficient in their staffing practices. M. Lee Smith Publishers explains.

The Most Outrageous, Offensive and Illegal Interview Questions
DDI/Monster Survey reveals Job Seekers and Hiring Managers share bizarre interview experiences.

Should You Hire “Slashers”?
What's your slash? Or do you even have one? George Clooney is the latest to join the slashers... Charlie Wonderlic explains the latest work phenomenon.

Career Expert Relates Finding a Job to Romancing Your Valentine
This Valentine's Day you might be looking for love. You might also be looking for a job. Fortunately, the art of wooing your love interest and impressing potential employers requires many of the same strategies, according to one career expert.

Career Development: What You Can Do To Further Your Career
You want to get ahead in your company. You may even have your sights set on a particular position. Now what? How do you reach your goal? OI Partners shares this article by David Peters.

Knowing What You Want in Your Next Job
There are certain questions that you need to ask yourself before pursuing a new job. Carole Martin explains.

Seven Steps Toward Making a Good Impression In a Job Interview
First impressions are important in the corporate world. As Carole Martin explains, you have a product to sell and it's you!

Number Crunching Alone Insufficient for Today’s Financial Professionals
The softer the better when it comes to hiring CFOs, according to a recent study by Robert Half Management Resources. The survey suggests communication and interpersonal skills may be more valuable than most would think.

Use The New Year To Reassess Your Career Goals
Is your career all that it can be? Right Management shares advice on how to assess your career and assist others with their assessment.

Headline Statements
Be Noticed, stand out from Competitors and increase response, says Jeff Perry of the Star Tribune.

Holiday Networking says the holidays may be just the time to help kick your career into high gear.

HCR Welcomes New Companies to Growing Client Roster
HCR Software Solutions, formerly a division of The Janis Group, Inc.(JGI), today announced the acquisition of new clients that will be using the company's CompensationXL solution.

Business, Education and Community Groups Must Collaborate to Improve Workforce Readiness
It takes a town to raise an employee. . . The Conference Board investigates what is needed to ensure workforce readiness.

Kenexa Named to Deloitte’s 2007 Technology Fast 50 List
Kenexa® (NASDAQ: KNXA), a leading provider of talent acquisition and retention solutions, today announced they were named to Deloitte’s prestigious Technology Fast 50 for Greater Philadelphia

Working On Your Career
“Are you working in your career or on your career?” Carol Ross explains the difference.

Ten Career Skills to Keep You Employable in the 21st Century
Do you look at the future with thoughts of the past? Karla Brandau explains that career success is straight ahead.

Take That New Employee Out For a Test Drive
Bad hiring decisions can be costly for many companies. M. Lee Smith Publishers shares this article on how to successfully window shop for the right person for the job.

Recruiters at ERE Expo Say Competition for Top Candidates and Retention Are Biggest Challenges
More than 500 recruiters recently convened in Washington, D.C., for the 2007 Fall ERE Expo. Recruiting leaders from George Mason University, MITRE Corporation, CPS Personal Services, Qualcomm, among others, and MBA candidates from American and Georgetown Universities, talked about competition for top candidates and retention and offered suggestions for combating these challenges.

It Is Not Easy Being Green…But Employees Value Corporate Social Responsibility Efforts
Continuing Research on Corporate Social Responsibility by the Kenexa Research Institute Finds Additional Linkage to Key Performance Indicators

Diversified Matches: Best Practices When You’re Matched With Someone Who Isn’t Just Like You
Management Mentors explores diversity and mentoring in its upcoming Internet radio show on Friday, October 19, 2007, at 9:00 a.m. (EDT).

Authoria Wins First Integrated Performance and Recruiting Shootout at HR Technology Conference
Audience of HR Professionals Overwhelmingly Selects Authoria Solution Over SuccessFactors, Vurv, and HRsmart

Canadian Management Centre to Launch Business Intelligence Podcast Series With Host John Eckmire
Canadian Management Centre will launch an informative podcast series entitled Business Intelligence with John Eckmire, Canadian Management Centre's esteemed Vice President of Public Programs and Education. The first episode of this series is a comprehensive discussion between Leigh Branham, famed Human Resources author, on the topic of his new book The 7 Hidden Reasons Employees Leave.

Software Magazine Ranks Talent Technology Among World’s Largest Software Companies
Talent Technology Corporation, an award-winning provider of recruitment technology, today announced its first year among Software Magazine’s Software 500 – a list now in its 25th year. Talent Technology’s first year among the world’s largest software companies placed it at #432.

October is National Diversity Awareness Month
October is National Diversity Awareness Month -- Mentoring Programs Can Help Your Company’s Diversity Initiatives Management Mentors explores diversity and mentoring in its upcoming Internet radio show on Friday, October 12, 2007, at 9 a. m.(EDT).

Competition Among Employers Intensifies: 2008 List of Canada's Top 100 Employers is Released
The new 2008 list of Canada's Top 100 Employers has been released in the midst of the tightest labour market in a generation and record competition among employers for a place on the list. Now in its 8th year, the annual competition recognizes employers that are industry leaders at attracting and retaining employees. The competition is organized by Mediacorp Canada Inc., Canada's largest publisher of employment guides and job-hunting periodicals.

WorldatWork Presents Total Rewards Asia Pacific 2007
Human Resources Experts to Convene in Singapore

Talent Technology, Launches Resume Mirror™ Search Enterprise Product
Resume Mirror Search Enterprise allows advanced searching with "zero training" to quickly pinpoint and rank qualified applicants.

Employee Continuum to Exhibit its Sales Hiring
Software and Job Branding Solutions at the ERE Expo 2007 Fall Conference

RetireeWorkforce/Vizu Corporation Research Finds 75% Of Labor Force Plans To Work After Retirement
Speciality niche website focuses on matching companies with mature and experienced retirees. A recent study shows that nearly 75% of all retirees will contine to work during their retirement. is providing a solution to help these indiviudal find part-time, consulting and flexible work arrangements with employers.

Answering Behavioral Job Interview Questions
Tell me about the time you had to answer an interview question that started like this one... not a comfortable task. Robin Ryan shares some advice to help you find a successful answer.

Managing Escalating Employee Health Care Costs
Because every organization is so different, there is no one-size-fits-all formula to control employee health care costs. A host of options to consider exists in benefit plan design, and the latest WorldatWork publication, Managing Employee Health Care Costs: A Collection of Articles from WorldatWork, puts all these options into one source.

Bernard Hodes Group (, a leading provider of integrated talent solutions, introduced the Hodes QTrac Employer Brand Index (EBI) as the first index to measure the most critical factors impacting the employer brand.

WorldatWork Awards Three Research Grants
WorldatWork, an international association of human resource professionals and business leaders, recently awarded grants to augment its research program in the area of total rewards.

Kenexa Opens New Office in Melbourne, Australia
Kenexa expands operations in Asia Pacific


Bernard Hodes Group (, a leading provider of integrated talent solutions, introduced the Hodes QTrac Employer Brand Index (EBI) as the first index to measure the most critical factors impacting the employer brand. The QTrac EBI is a view into the employer brand through the most critical lens, the employees’ brand experience.

Organizations’ partnership will enable students to make better, informed career decisions
CareerTours, the fastest growing online recruiting resource, has announced a new partnership with Arizona State University.

Understanding Best Practices In Mentoring Has Never Been Easier
Management Mentors focuses on best practices in mentoring during its upcoming Internet radio show on Friday, October 5, 2007, at 9:00 a.m. (EDT).

Leaders & Hiring Managers Profit From ‘Birds of a Feather Flock Together’
Harness the power of social networks to ensure quality hiring, says Dr. Michael Mercer. But make sure the network is full of productive potential employees.

Management Mentors Launches Internet Radio Show on Corporate Mentoring Programs
Mentoring topics on new Internet radio show will prove valuable to HR departments recruiting and retaining talent.

Merit Raises for 2008 Highest in Asia, Latin America, Watson Wyatt Finds
Employees in United States, Europe to See Lesser Increases in 2008

Texas Pay Increase Budgets Continue to Fluctuate in 2007
The newly released Compensation Data – Texas annual survey of 289 companies found pay increase budgets are 3.59 percent for 2007 and are projected to increase to 3.63 in 2008. Texas pay increase budgets have varied over the last three years. They were 3.63 percent in 2006 and then, 3.48 percent in 2005.

New Survey Points to "Creativity Gap" in U.S. Workplace
At a time when many economists and futurists are pointing to creativity and innovation as one of the cornerstones of U.S. competitiveness in the years ahead, a new survey finds that, while an overwhelming majority of American workers believe they are instinctively creative, fewer than two in three think they are tapping their creative capacities on the job.

New Survey Points to “Creativity Gap” in U.S. Workplace
“Creative Economy” to be focus of future workforce, conference

InformationWeek Ranks Convergys in Top 10 For Innovative Use of Technology
Convergys Corporation (NYSE:CVG), a global leader in customer care, human resources, and billing services, announced today its selection to the InformationWeek 500 Top 10, a prestigious list that recognizes companies for their innovative use of technology.

The Human Capital Institute and SCU's Leavey School of Business Offer "Taboos of Leadership" Network
The Human Capital Institute (HCI), a global professional association and educator in talent management strategies, and the Executive Development Center, a division of the Leavey School of Business at Santa Clara University, announced today that Anthony Smith, renowned leadership consultant and author, will speak at the latest program in a series of network and learn events for Silicon Valley's business community.

The Human Capital Institute and SCU's Leavey School of Business Offer "Taboos of Leadership"
The Human Capital Institute (HCI), a global professional association and educator in talent management strategies, and the Executive Development Center, a division of the Leavey School of Business at Santa Clara University, announced today that Anthony Smith, renowned leadership consultant and author, will speak at the latest program in a series of network and learn events for Silicon Valley's business community.

New Website Gives the Inside Scoop About the Job You Want is a new career resource that allows people to learn the intimate details about thousands of jobs from the people who work them.

Allegiance Engage Platform First to Tie Employee and Customer Engagement to Profits
Enterprise Feedback Management solution helps companies manage and respond to employee and customer feedback

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