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Psychometrics: Use it ... just don't abuse it!
Dazzle me with science. That´s what psychometrics promises to do for us in the challenging task of establishing objective and rigorous employee selection, advancement and career development processes.

Employment Testing
This article addresses various selection instruments: bio-data, IQ tests, interest tests, personality tests, and assessment centers.

Reviewnet Screening
RN Screening is designed to help hiring managers find out more in-depth skills, characteristics and interests about the applicant. RN Screening provides a "flexible and comprehensive way to evaluate skills and knowledge in over 120 different technologies."

Improving the Quality of Performance Appraisals Through Rater Training
Different raters give different performance appraisals. You can improve consistency by using "frame of reference" training.

Physical Examinsation Policy
Physical Examinsation Policy Template

Physical Examination Consent Form
Physical Examination Consent Form Template

Pre-employment Tests: Choosing the Best and Avoiding the Rest
Any HR professional, who has recently considered choosing a test to use as an aid in making hiring decisions, has no doubt been overwhelmed by the range and the sheer number of different tests that are out there.

FAQ - Assessment Tests
Frequently asked question regarding Assessment Tests.

Is it a Conversation or an Interview?
Okay, we all know you´re good at recruiting, but are you really good at interviewing? This clearly written article explains what you need to know to interview well.

Testing for Integrity
Good tests of integrity now exist and can be effectively used in recruitment.

A Big Bye-Bye To Behavioral Interviewing
Six reasons why behavioral interviewing isn''t the best way to interview.

The Boom In Psychological Testing
While personality tests have been used in industries such as insurance and law enforcement for over 80 years, the field is rapidly expanding. At all levels, more and more workers are likely to face a personality test at some point - perhaps a critical one - in their careers.

How to Remedy HR and Security Officers' Greatest Concerns
Assessment testing can address most of the security concerns raised in Pinkerton''s survey but tests are still little used.

Industrial Tests - What are they? What do they do? Why would you want to use one?
Specifics of what industrial tests are useful for when assessing potential employees.

Post Offer Screening: The Wave of the Future
There are many ways to reduce work related injuries but perhaps the newest way costs is to screen prospective employees to determine their suitability to work in their specific work environment.

Tests For Pre-Screeing Entry Level Employees
A description of some good tests to use in pre-screening entry level employees.

Ten Critical QuestionsTo Ask When Checking References
Do you check references before hiring new employees? If your company is like most, the answer is "No".

Background Screening Can Help Bosses and Applicants
Concerns about workplace violence and other problems are leading many employers to be more careful about who is hired in the first place.

MindData Online Assessment Tools
MindData provides online assessments that can be used for knowledge recruitment and employee management decisions.

Selecting Salespeople
-Which psychometric tests can help you select sales people.

DDI Insight: Making 360 Work
-Multirater assessment surveys can help provide the compelling and useful information needed to drive effective personal development plans and to determine the effectiveness of training. But to use a multirater system to its greatest advantage requires an understanding of what the system can and cannot do, as well as careful planning, communication, and evaluation. In this article, Patty Davis discusses the capabilities of multirater systems and examines the issues that an organization will need to address when implementing and using them.

The Top 10 Signs You Are Hiring A Lawsuit Waiting To Happen
-Employee lawsuits often catch employers by surprise. Yet, an examination of the employee''s application shows that an employer could often have predicted well in advance that they were hiring a lawsuit just waiting to happen.

Improve Your Interviewing Techniques
-Using various assessments and profiles will help clients reduce turnover and improve the quality of the workforce.

What''s your Biggest Problem?
-"What´s your biggest problem" was one of the questions that a manufacturing association asked in a survey of its members. They were deluged with answers and a few surprises.

Enterprise Assessment Tips
-More than half of all companies don´t have formal procedures for Human Capital Management (HCM), the business processes associated with the recruitment, retention and management of temporary workers.

Behavioral Interviewing Reinvented
-An overview of behavioral Interviewing.

Introduction To Background Screening And Safe Hiring
-Make sure you hire the right people for the job by doing background checks.

The Truth is Out There: Tips and Tricks from Real-Life Background Researchers
-Creating a safe work environment starts at the hiring phase to make sure unsafe people don´t slip into the company.

Coaching Connie Chung
-Learning from the pros - what not to do in an interview.

Magic Bullet Questions
-Using trick questions to trip up your recruits can backfire.

People Portfolio Management
-Do you really know what number, type and quality of people your business needs?

Not All Techies Are Alike: Personality Differences Within The IT Industry
-There are a wider variety of successful profiles than most recruiters realize when it comes to the IT profession.

Three Questions That Can Help Determine A Prospective Boss'' Personal Integrity
-Ask the following questions to see if your boss is right for you.

People Portfolio Management (Part 2)
-Determining the number of people you need to meet your business goals.

People Portfolio Management (Part 3)
-Identifying and Sizing Your Talent Gaps

Behavioral Interviewing: The Key To Finding The Right Candidate
-Behavioral interviewing is a method of questioning that draws upon a candidate''s past experience to predict his or her future behavior.

People Portfolio Management (Part 4)
-Taking Action to Re-Align Your People Portfolio

Headhunter Says Holidays are a Good Time to Interview
-Contrary to popular belief, holidays are an excellent time to interview - especially before the New Year.

Best Practices in Interviewing Candidates
-Recognizing potential danger areas is the best way to avoid saying the wrong thing during interviews.

Job Applicants: Information, Please!
-Although employers like to get information about job applicants, they´re very hesitant to give out any.

Finding a Perfect Fit -- Assessing Speaking and Listening Skills During an Interview
-In a difficult economy, it´s not the amount of qualified job candidates you have to worry about, it''s finding the perfect job candidate.

Applying Core Competencies to Selection Interviews
-Despite investing resources to develop strategy-based competencies, many organizations do not take the important next step of aligning their selection systems with them.

Interlocking Core Competency Interviews For Different Organizational Levels
-Implementing core competency interviews into your hiring process.

Job Seekers: Embrace Technology
- We increasingly find ourselves utilizing computers to buy products, seek information and communicate with distant friends and family. Sometimes I wonder how we ever functioned without all this technology.

Relationships Between HR And Staffing Firms
-This article is designed to help HR professionals learn how they can improve results and relationships with their staffing partners.

Why Test for Skills?
- If you asked your employer to take $8,000 of the company''s money to a casino and let it all ride on one wager, how do you think he or she would respond?

Do You Know Who You're Hiring?
-The importance of effective employee screening.

Internet Applicant Screening: Proceed With Caution
-An organization''s greatest asset is its human capital; ironically, its human resources are often its greatest source of liability.

Hire The Best Using 3 Tests
-Pre-employment tests give managers a simple-to-use, quick, customizable way to hire the best.

Employment Tests Save Companies Millions
-In a bad economy, the inclination for most managers is to cut costs everywhere. It´s a wise decision most of the time.

When and How to Discuss Disabilities with Job Applicants
-Many employers, afraid to handle a hot potato, steer clear of asking legitimate and legal questions in job interviews.

Executive Assessment ''Should Be Mandatory''
-Demands for corporate openness, accountability, responsibility and transparency are putting pressure on traditional business behavior and forcing companies to question the way they operate.

Truth or Dare: New Strategies for Screening Job Candidates
-Hiring managers today face more challenges in vetting job candidates than detectives on "Law and Order" trying to uncover the truth in their latest case.

How To Reject A Job Applicant
-Based on a true story.

Dealing Effectively with the Stress Interview
-There´s an increasingly common practice in pharmaceutical interviewing in which the interviewer asks the candidate questions which are designed to induce stress.

The Benefits of Post-Job-Offer Medical Exams
-A well-designed pre-placement physical examination program will mean fewer injuries and accidents and, in the long run, save your company money.

What Interviewers Really Want to Know About You
-We asked hiring managers from a variety of industries to share what they look for in candidates.

Pre-Employment Background Screening
-Within the huge realm of BPO, HR Outsourcing is a large and complex space in itself, encompassing the many different functions associated with the HR department.

New Certification Program Trains HR Professionals to Use Hogan Personality Inventory Tool for Hiring
Personality assessment is rapidly becoming a "best practice" for companies interested in selecting and developing high-caliber employees.

Screening and Assessment: 2005 Trends and Predictions
Charles Handler, Ph.D., founder of Rocket-Hire ( and´s  Analyst covering assessment, recently conducted his monthly analyst update as part of´s online learning seminar series.

Measuring Success: Scientific Selection Chooses MarketUP to Deliver Marketing Results.
Scientific Selection, a human resources consulting firm specializing in testing and assessment, has chosen MarketUP as its partner for marketing and communications.

The New Tech Outsourcing Leaders: Bulgaria, Latvia and Romania?
An international competition to complete online employment skills certifications has revealed astonishing breadth and diversity in the world´s workforce.

Qwiz, Inc, an industry-leading provider of workforce selection systems and pre-employment tests and assessments, today announced that Jeff Facteau, Ph.D. has joined the Qwiz Professional Services team.

Clarke American a leading provider of checks, check-related products, contact center services, and direct response marketing solutions to more than 4,000 financial institutions nationwide and the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award winner for 2001, has chosen FurstPerson, Inc.

Sizing Up the Whole Person
Assessments, when used correctly, are the most valuable learning tools available today, writes Travis Bradberry, Jean Greaves, Lac D. Su.

Analyst Update on the Screening and Assessment Space
Charles Handler of Rocket-Hire is's Analyst covering Assessments. Charles recently conducted his monthly analyst update as part of's online webcasts. The following is a condensed version of that presentation.

From its Fourth Annual WORLD Users´ Conference in Huntington Beach, CA, Taleo Corporation, the world´s leading company focused solely on on-demand talent management solutions, today announced the expansion of its award-winning Taleo Assessment Solution.

Robert A. Cameron & Associates Announces a Pre-employment Assessment Tool that Evaluates Integrity a
Robert A. Cameron & Associates offers employers a pre-employment assessment tool called the Step One Survey ll that will help them screen out people with a poor work ethic and a lousy attitude.

Assessment Central to Include a Free Job Posting Feature In Its Applicant Assessment Software
Assessment Central saves time for all recruiters by automatically assessing all job applicants against a recruiters pre-established custom criteria within Assessment Central.

pan CEO Wins Regional Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year Award in Indiana
Pfenninger will now be considered for the national Entrepreneur Of The Year Award, which recognizes the most successful and innovative entrepreneurial business leaders in the country.

Employees Don't Come with Instruction Manuals
Create One with a New Assessment Tool from Robert A. Cameron & Associates

Hudson Expands Talent Management Capabilities with Alder Novo Acquisition, New COO
Strengthens Position in North American HR Consulting Market

Employers Across North America compete for title of Employer of Excellence
Employers Across North America compete for title of Employer of Excellence. invites best practice organizations to participate in acclaimed national human resources recognition program

Strategic Hiring: Tomorrow's Benefit Today - Summary
Not enough time to read the latest books? Enjoy these three reviews and catch up on the industry buzz.

Career Choice Testing: Blog Discusses Career Choices of Tax Collectors
Tax time fuels discussion about not just the levies themselves, but also those professionals collecting them. The Vivre La Difference blog addresses various career opportunities generated by the government's need to collect taxes, and the types of personalities, systemizing or empathizing, that might be best suited to fill those jobs.

PreVisor's Research Teams to Present in Multiple Venues at 2007 Annual SIOP Conference
NYC event coincides with release of next generation CAT testing capabilities on unified platform.

New Optimal Thinking Online Assessment Enables Organizations to Optimize Mediocre Performance
This new Optimal Thinking Online Assessment empowers organizations to evaluate the core thinking level of potential candidates and existing personnel, determine where they best fit in the organization, and optimize - not just improve or manage - their performance. The Assessment also uncovers and resolves the thinking that compromises personnel engagement, satisfaction and loyalty.

Jobscience Renews Alliance with Sterling Testing Systems
Partnership integrates automated staffing and background screening services.

Hogan Assessment Systems Introduces Candidate Potential Report
A new and inexpensive tool that uses personality characteristics to predict an applicant's performance for nearly every job in the U.S. economy is being offered by Hogan Assessment Systems, a provider of personality assessment tests for employee selection and development.

Caliper Partners with SkillSurvey to Enhance Assessment Suite
Combined solutions allow hiring managers to increase quality of hire while mitigating placement risk.

HRMC, Inc. and SHL Partner to Provide Candidate Screening Platform Integrating Validated Assessments
Human Resource Management Center, Inc. (HRMC), providers of "next-generation" selection, assessment, and management solutions, today announces a partnership with SHL, the world leader in objective workplace assessment. HRMC Acclaim, an automated candidate screening platform (both web and phone-based), has integrated SHL's validated testing assessments into the "single engagement" candidate experience. Now, hiring managers can "hand-off" the entire pre-screening and assessment process--which includes realistic job previews, prescreening, behavioral interviewing, candidate ranking, and scheduling for the final interview--and defer their intervention to a later phase of the evaluation process where it is most needed. From the candidate's perspective, the single-engagement experience is made even more inviting, satisfying, and convenient, as each candidate is more thoroughly evaluated in the same seamless session.

Select International and present“Successful Assessment Process Implementation” Webcast
May 31 at 11 a.m. EDT – Register NOW!

SkillSurvey Named 2007 American Business Awards Finalist in “Most Innovative Company” Category
SkillSurvey, the pioneer in web based reference checking, was named a Finalist in the “Most Innovative Company” category for the 2007 American Business Awards.

Censeo to Present Two Workshops at 36th Annual SPBT Conference
Jim Higgins to lead sessions on test authoring and assessment/development.

McCann Associates Announces the Release of Measured Success(TM)
A Customizable Online Candidate and Employee Testing Program

Batrus Hollweg Study Examines Manager Candidate Characteristics of Quick Service Restaurants
Study of assessment scores for manager candidates of quick service and fast casual restaurants reveals surprisingly lower assessment scores today versus five years ago in two critical areas: leadership and commitment to quality.

Assessment Main

ERE Media, Inc., will host the next installment of its new webinar series
The webinar, led by screening and assessment industry expert Dr. Charles Handler from Rocket-Hire, will cover some of the tools that are used by today's leading organizations and also will define the difference between Screening and Assessment.

Human Capital Institute and PreVisor Announce Second Seminar in Series of Programs
The Human Capital Institute (HCI), a global professional association and educator in talent management strategies, today announced the latest addition to its signature Innovation Tours, an ongoing series of talent management network and learn events held in major metropolitan areas throughout the United States and Canada.

Harcourt Assessment Introduces Core Abilities Assessment
New assessment helps predict job success by giving employers insight into a candidate's cognitive ability.

ICCKE Announces Worldwide Availability of its Project Management Certification
ICCKE announces the global availability of its professional competency certificate (CKE) in project management through Prometric, the leader in reliable and secure test agency. Certified Knowledge Expert endorses Project Management from a vendor neutral perspective emphasizing on adopting a practical appraoch to learning and apply functional concepts to handle projects successfully across industries. Learn more at ICCKE .

SHL Exhibits at Onrec 2007 Expo
SHL, world leader in workplace assessment, confirms participation in the Onrec 2007 Expo, September 17-18, in San Francisco, to support its growing demand for integrated assessment solutions. All visitors to the SHL booth #121 qualify for a free trial assessment of their choice.

InterviewStudio Launches Online Executive Candidate Screening Service To Help Employers Reduce Costs
InterviewStudio Launches Online Executive Candidate Screening Service To Help Employers Reduce Costs, Time-to-Hire Comprehensive service combines resumes, video interviews, assessments and more to change the game and avoid expensive mistakes in executive hiring

EmploymentGroup Collaborates with VCG, Inc. to Develop SuccessCheck
Staffing Solutions Company and leading HR Software Company develop technology to assist with candidate placements.

PreVisor to Host Assessment Best-Practices Seminar and Networking Event
Leading assessment firm offers access to industry thought leaders.

Résuméfit Uses Science and Technology to Integrate Candidate's Soft Skills Into Written Resumes
Next generation resume uses cognitive assessments and digital signature technology to allow job seekers to differentiate themselves.

State of NJ Renews & Expands E-Learning Initiative with GeoLearning
GeoMaestro LMS will continue to manage first responder training for 155,000; expansion includes 31,000 new learners through the NJ Department of Personnel.

White Paper Identifies Major Gap in Leadership Development Programs and Shows How to Address It
The Perth Leadership Institute (, the industry leader in business acumen assessment and development programs, today announced the availability of its White Paper into the role of business acumen in leadership development programs.

New Impact Achievement Group Webcast Assists HR Executives with Training Package
Experienced HR professionals know the importance of effective performance review processes and conversations. Likewise, they report that their managers’ discomfort with this leadership competency leads to recurring problems. In response, Impact Achievement Group produced a new webinar, The Five Traps of Performance Management, presented by Julie White, Ph.D., senior managing partner.

Perth Leadership Institute Announces White Paper on the Role of Business Acumen
White paper identifies major gap in leadership development programs and shows how to address it.

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