Job Boards for HR Professionals

Where do HR specialists and recruiters go to get jobs? Turns out there´s quite a few Internet sites designed specifically for HR job seekers. What's interesting is that the best sites for HR professionals might be the ones not targeted at them.

We´ve looked at dozens of job boards over the past several months and hopefully provided you with references to some good places to recruit for your organization.

The question this week´s article attempts to answer is: what if it´s you looking for a new job? Where do HR specialists and recruiters go to get jobs? It turns out there are quite a few sites designed specifically for HR job seekers. The interesting thing is that the best sites for HR professionals might be the ones not targeted at them.

HR Professionals are a Hot Commodity

If you´re an HR Professional or Recruiter, it will probably come as no surprise that this is a terrific time to be looking for work. In researching this article I was amazed at the sheer volume of openings advertised on the Internet for HR specialists of all kinds.

Another pleasant surprise was the rates of pay that Recruiters, Comp and Benefits Specialists, Consultants and HR Managers and Directors are commanding. Contract recruitment positions paying $100 per hour are not uncommon. Six figure salaries for HR Managers are available in dozens of major cities!

The only challenge it seems is in finding a resource or two that you can rely on for your job search. This article looks at fifteen sites. Some are affiliated with HR association web sites, others are specialty sites targeting HR professionals and the rest are large, generic sites on which there are numerous HR related positions.

The Good, the Average and the Awful...

There is a wide range of quality in the sites I visited. While only a few are excellent, you can satisfy your online job search needs at these sites alone. The rest are bad or awful and really don´t deserve your attention. Here are each of the sites visited and comments on each:

The Good:

SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) SHRM is an excellent site all around, however, to access much of their content you need to pay their membership fee.

Fortunately, SHRM´s job board for HR professionals ( is free. With over 1000 current postings, a simple format in which you can apply for positions using e-mail, "HRJobs" on SHRM is a must stop in your search.

Functionality includes search by date, keyword, location or title. There are a wide variety of jobs and more than 75 new postings on average per day. No membership to SHRM is required but SHRM members can sign up for a daily jobs bulletin sent by email.

You can post HR jobs to SHRM online and/or their print HR news for $20 - $30/line (one line = 44 characters).

By my estimation, SHRM HRJobs is the most recommended site for HR professionals by their peers. or (Same content) Workindex licenses HotJobs technology to power their hrjobs site ( It also appears to take a direct feed from the HotJobs site for postings.

On either site, the content is excellent and so are the tools. HotJobs ( is by far the better known of the two; you can access HR postings through their human resources channel. HotJobs has an HR specific job search and appears to have several thousand related positions in its database.

Non-registered users can search jobs and apply to them by cutting and pasting their ordinary resume. You can post jobs on hotjobs for $195/month. Headhunters and staffing agencies are excluded. offers essentially the same thing with one exception. You can post jobs to a large number of sites through workindex but you can´t post to workindex/hrjobs or to HotJobs - go figure. has a distinct HR community and thousands of relevant and current positions. The search results table is the best of the bunch allowing you to see where jobs are and how much they pay at a glance without having to read postings one by one. Headhunter offers the most precise search tool reviewed for this article and it lets you save your searches.

You can apply online to postings even if you aren´t registered. You can create a headhunter resume if you wish and use it to apply. Postings are varied, numerous and current. You´ll find positions across the U.S. and Canada.

You can post jobs on Headhunter for as little as $50/month. Not bad considering they claim one million resumes and six million job seekers.

IFEBP (International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans): is a bit of a diamond in the rough. Not a well-known site, IFEBP contains a wealth of information for compensation and benefits professionals. Its job board is the only one reviewed that targets a sub component of the HR profession.

There aren´t a lot of postings, maybe 50-75 per month. Nonetheless, the positions are highly targeted and available to search by date, title or geography. It´s simple to use, free, you can apply via email and don´t need to be a member to use it.

You can post at IFEBP for $150/month or $125 if you are an IFEBP member. This site is included in the good site section because it is highly specialized, has a respectable number of postings and is easy to use. You´ll probably find positions here that you won´t see on other sites, even the big ones. does not have a separate HR channel but it does appear to have over 7,000 current HR and recruiting positions advertised. This makes it the largest site for HR jobs by far.

Search FlipDog by selecting HR in the category drop down box. There´s no need to register or create a resume for most positions, simply e-mail your resume to the employer. FlipDog advertises U.S., Canadian and worldwide postings

The Average: currently advertises 112 jobs related to the HR profession. It is free to search the jobs and no registration is required. The site allows you to submit your resume online and sign up for job postings to be sent to you by email.

As an employer you can post a job for $100, 3 for $200 or $2500 for unlimited postings for one year. is the official career site of the Recruiter''s Network - The Association for Internet Recruiting. It´s rated as average mainly due to the low number of advertised positions. For a site that aspires to be an industry job board, 112 jobs doesn´t cut it. offers a separate channel for HR but it really amounts to just a few related articles. The job posting search is very fast and simple to use, just select your state(s) and "Human Resources" from the category list. There are over 1000 jobs for HR specialists and recruiters.

You don´t need to register to see jobs on Monster but to apply you will need to create a profile or Monster resume. Most employers still say they prefer e-mail to receiving templated resumes or profiles. Monster needs structured resumes to make its resume database search work precisely but they shouldn´t force job seekers to jump through hoops. offers their HR Career Connections. The purpose of HR Career Connections is to "connect HR professionals with companies looking for HR talent." They offer a nice layout, it´s simple to use and you can apply on-line using email. There is no need to register and no fees, you´ll find some good articles also. It´s worth a stop if you´ve got the time but it currently advertises only 53 jobs.  advertises about 550 HR and recruiting jobs currently. This is a general job board with no specific section dedicated to HR job seekers. HR jobs are  accessed by selecting HR from the category drop down box on the home page. This site isn´t bad but it offers nothing particularly unique. It is annoying in that you have to create a resume and register to be able to apply for the jobs.

The Awful:  currently advertises a paltry 10 jobs for recruiters. Worse, it lets you search postings but when you find what seem to be archived postings, you can´t see these jobs, just their titles - very odd.  You can post to the site for $100.00/posting per month... but why would you?

VerticalNet, - While it appears to have several thousand postings, at least  40% have nothing whatsoever to do with HR or recruiting. There are lots of web developer, client service rep. and programmer positions advertised for some reason and quite a few positions advertised with staffing firms like Kelly Services.

I´ve never been very impressed with the Verticalnet industry recruitment sites and HRHub is no exception. Registration and login never seems to work seamlessly. You register and gain confirmation then it seems to put you in a loop asking for your usercode and password over and over again. Save yourself the aggrevation - pan it.

IHRIM (international association for human resource information management) - This one took several tries to connect with it.  Like the others it offers free job browsing and no membership or registration is required. There are only 41 jobs currently listed, all are HR or recruitment related. You can apply by email. This is the best of the awful sites.

TCM  - HR - The career center lists only 14 jobs but you can sign up to receive them by email (really, all 14 if you want!). You can add your resume to their database also. This site is not worth looking at, there are too few jobs and they aren´t all related to HR. To make matters worse, it´s an unprofessional looking site. - This site looks bad and boasts a useless search engine. Not surprisingly, it appears to have very few HR related jobs even though it´s an HR specific job board. Stay away!  - This is really a part of another site called It is even worse than if that´s possible. In this case, even though they go to the trouble of branding the site HR-jobs, they give you no way of accessing those jobs. Don´t believe me? Go to the site and do an open search or try to view this week´s positions. You´ll get results with everything from systems analyst to turnip waxer. Stupid!!


If you´re an HR professional or a professional recruiter (particularly in IT) you are in demand and shouldn´t need to spend time searching marginal sites. The resources above rated as good represent over 10,000 current HR positions. Each is fast, simple and does not require you to register, pay or deposit personal information.

It´s interesting that the good sites are divided almost equally between association sites and the large job boards. Industry specific sites in the HR arena are decidedly inferior, mainly in terms of the numbers of jobs posted.

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