Shaker Consulting Group will speak on emerging best practices for candidate evaluation on March 23

Shaker Consulting Group co-founder and staffing process expert Joseph P. Murphy will speak on emerging best practices for candidate evaluation for high volume hiring.
Cleveland OH Feb 10, 2009    Shaker Consulting Group co-founder and staffing process expert Joseph P. Murphy will speak on emerging best practices for candidate evaluation for high volume hiring.  On March 23, 2009, graduate students and faculty at the Cleveland State University Consumer and Industrial Research Program (CIRP), will hear Murphy’s presentation: Job Tryouts Go Virtual.  The session will explore how on-line work samples meet candidate expectations for an engaging and informative experience, improve recruiter decision-making effectiveness and document return on investment for large scale hiring systems.

“Web 2.0 design principles can be used to let candidates take a job for a test drive.” states Murphy. This interactive experience allows the candidate to learn a lot about the job and the company.  Candidate reactions to this form of evaluation are very favorable.  The recruiter gets a work sample which predicts how well the candidate may perform on the job.  This next-in-class approach is replacing traditional pre-employment testing and assessments for candidate evaluation.

Dr. Chieh-Chen Bowen, Director of CIRP at Cleveland State University was happy to announce Mr. Murphy as the second speaker for the 2009 CIRP Speaker Series. Faculty, students and CIRP alumni are invited to come and refresh their knowledge and skills in Industrial and Organizational Psychology and to network with peers and colleagues.
Dr. Bowen describes Shaker Consulting Group, Inc. as “a highly respected I-O [Industrial-Organizational Psychology] consulting firm in Cleveland.”  She invites students, faculty and alumni to check out Shaker Consulting Group’s website at for more detailed information about Shaker.   For additional information on the 2009 CIRP Speakers program contact Dr Bowen at psychology[at]

About Shaker Consulting Group:

A Cleveland, Ohio-based pioneer in work sample-based candidate evaluation and developers of the Virtual Job Tryout®.  Shaker Consulting Group replaces traditional pre-employment testing and assessments with on-line work samples validated to predict company specific job performance.  Shaker Consulting Group deploys highly branded, client-specific, talent evaluation experiences that define how success is measured in the recruiting process.  Companies that have engaged Shaker Consulting Group to create customized, interactive Virtual Job Tryouts® include notable firms such as CVS, Diebold, KeyBank, Marriott, Quest Diagnostics, The Starbucks Coffee Company, and Sherwin-Williams.

About CSU:

Cleveland State is a metropolitan university that provides a rich environment for engaged learning in an exciting and dynamic location for over 16,00o students.  More than 1,000 courses support 200 major fields of study at the undergraduate and graduate levels, as well as professional certificate and continuing education programs. The University also boasts more than 150 student organizations, including national fraternities and sororities and NCAA Division I athletics.
About CIRP:
The graduate specialization in Consumer and Industrial Research Program (CIRP), which leads to the degree of Master of Arts in Psychology, prepares students to apply psychological concepts and research techniques in business settings. It combines advanced quantitative research with hands-on experience involving issues encountered in manufacturing and service organizations as well as in consulting/research firms.
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