Preliminary Findings of Going Global Readiness Report Released

Survey Finds More Companies Developing HR Strategies at the Global Level
SAN FRANCISCO – Jeitosa Group International, in conjunction with the International Association for Human Resource Information Management (IHRIM), recently conducted a survey to assess the readiness of the human resources (HR) and HR information technology (HRIT) functions to “go global,” considering their global strategies and structures, their people skills and competencies, their business processes and their supporting technology infrastructures.

Jeitosa designed the survey to better understand the maturity of global HR/HRIT in organizations today, to cover where different companies are in the globalization life cycle, and to assess the effectiveness and alignment of the global HR/HRIT function with the company’s overall business strategy.

To date, 80 companies – covering a broad cross-section of company sizes and industries – have completed the survey. Preliminary findings include:

•       For the majority of companies, their mission and vision (55.8 percent) and strategies and plans (50.8 percent) are set by global headquarters.
•       Most companies involve their HR/HRIT staff in the company’s business planning efforts: 62.8 percent are involved globally, 16.7 percent are somewhat involved and 20.5 percent are not involved at all in business planning.
•       The most common global functions are procurement (59 percent), followed by governance (52.6 percent).
•       Core HR processes show an interesting distribution: 30.8 percent of companies manage their HR processes locally and 25.6 percent globally, demonstrating considerable variability in how HR processes are managed by global organizations.
•       The top competency that companies indicated as contributing to global success was, by far, having a global mindset (54.5 percent), signaling an understanding that the ability to work globally is different from working domestically in one’s own country. The next top critical competencies for global success are risk tolerance (44 percent), cultural intelligence (44 percent), accommodation/flexibility (38 percent) and being adaptable to change (36 percent).
•       The majority of companies have implemented one single global HR system (57.7 percent).
•       Most HR software is vendor-developed (70.5 percent) compared to hosted (12.8 percent), in-house developed (9.0 percent), software-as-a-service (3.8 percent) or outsourced (1.3 percent).

Key challenges facing global companies include cultural differences (53 percent); compliance with data privacy regulations (42 percent); varying economic conditions across countries (36 percent); time zone differences (32 percent); legal environment (32 percent); international compliance (26 percent); lack of technology and systems to support global initiatives (51 percent); lack of global leadership (47 percent); and a lack of sufficient other global resources (45 percent).

“The good news is there are solutions available,” said Karen V. Beaman, founder and chief executive of Jeitosa Group International. “Leadership development, cultural awareness training, change management programs and global communication plans can help individuals understand and appreciate cultural differences and provide tools and techniques for improving cross-cultural collaboration. But organizations need to step up and realize that building a global infrastructure with global systems and global people takes effort, resources, budget and time.”

Companies participating in the survey will receive a complimentary copy of the full survey report along with benchmarks comparing their company to others that participated. Responses can be submitted by clicking here.

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