IPMA-HR Conference presentation: Job Tryouts Go Virtual

Paste your resume here is so old school. Web 2.0 job seekers have high expectations for an engaging employment application process.
Paste your resume here is so old school.  Web 2.0 job seekers have high expectations for an engaging employment application process.  Staffing process expert Mr. Murphy’s IPMA-HR Conference presentation: Job Tryouts Go Virtual, will share examples of best in class candidate experiences that allow applicants to take the job for a test drive while demonstrating their capabilities and sharing past work experiences that predict on-the job performance.  No resume needed.

Today's candidates are digital natives and thrive in multi-media experiences that are based upon a two way exchange of information.  Emerging approaches to candidate evaluation include creating on-line simulations of key job tasks in a Web 2.0 environment.  By completing an on-line work sample, candidates learn a great deal about the job and are in a better position to decide if the job is right for them.  Over 90% of candidates completing on-line work samples state they will tell others about the opportunity based upon the positive nature of the application process.

On-line job tryouts provide recruiters with objective data which evaluates a candidate's job relevant competencies.  This data improves the quality of the hiring decision.  Recruiters using on-line work samples are able to document the return on investment from their staffing process through monitoring new hire performance.  

Companies using on-line work samples have seen performance gains across a wide range of business outcomes such as increased sales, improved brand promise delivery, higher training success rates, increased retention and reductions in staffing waste.

The Annual International Public Management Association Assessment Council Conference in Oakland, CA June 8-11, 2008 will feature Joseph P. Murphy, vice president of Shaker Consulting Group on Tuesday June 10th at 3:00 PM

About Shaker Consulting Group, Inc.

A pioneer in work sample based candidate evaluation and developers of the Virtual Job Tryout®.  Shaker Consulting Group helps recruiters link their staffing processes to business performance.  Companies that have engaged Shaker Consulting Group to create customized, highly interactive Virtual Job Tryouts include CVS, KeyBank, Marriott, National City Corporation, Quest Diagnostics, Starbucks, Sherwin-Williams, and Toshiba.

About Joseph P. Murphy:

Joseph P. Murphy is Vice President and co-founder of Shaker Consulting Group, Inc., a pioneer in on-line candidate evaluation and the developers of the Virtual Job Tryout®.   Joe has over 25 years of experience in human resources and is a nationally recognized expert on matters of objective candidate evaluation.  His writings and research on staffing metrics and objective candidate evaluation have been published at SHRM.org, HR.com, ERE.net, and HRTests.blogspot.com.


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