Business Maharajas: The Inside Track on Some of India's Most Powerful Tycoons and the Business Strat

Enjoy this complete review of Business Maharajas: The Inside Track on Some of India's Most Powerful Tycoons and the Business Strategies They Follow to Keep Their Companies at the Top.


Ambani, Bajaj, Birla, Goenka, Khaitan, the Shahs, and Tata; eight of India┬┤s most powerful men, are a study in contrasts. Their businesses are distinct and varied. Some are highly educated, others are barely educated at all. Some inherited their empires, others are self-made. Some reached the top in their 30s, others did not even get started until their 50s. And what they do, what they think, and how they react impacts the entire Indian economy. Business Maharajas is about these business personalities. Instead of concentrating on their strategic decisions, Piramal focuses on their personal experiences and visions to expose how they think, how they conduct their businesses, and how they arrive at complex investment decisions involving billions of rupees.

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