Geisinger Health System Consolidates Compliance Training with Pathlore

-Project to consolidate the enterprise-wide delivery of regulatory training to 8,500 medical professionals and staff spread across 38 Pennsylvania counties.
Pathlore Software Corporation, a global leader in providing learning management software and services to industry and government, has announced that Geisinger Health System has partnered with Pathlore to consolidate the enterprise-wide delivery of regulatory training to 8,500 medical professionals and staff spread across 38 Pennsylvania counties.

Geisinger Health System comprises two hospitals, more than 75 specialties, a group practice, a renowned addiction treatment facility and one of the nation''s largest rural health plans.

"Pathlore''s compliance solution solves the problem of how best to consolidate the delivery, tracking and reporting of regulatory training across our health system," said Jack Latshaw, Geisinger Health System''s assistant director of technology education services. "The healthcare industry is heavily regulated and our ability to demonstrate compliance with internal and external requirements is a key measurement for our rating as a healthcare provider."

According to Geisinger, before implementing the Pathlore Learning Management Suite, many of the health system''s training departments had a hand in delivering and assessing the compliance classes given to physicians, nurses, medical technologists and staff. As a result, following up on required training and ensuring compliance involved a variety of disparate processes. Geisinger''s executives and training managers now have an online, global view of what employees need to learn. Moreover, the learning management solution promises to give supervisors a real-time snapshot into not only who has taken compliance training but also how well they have understood the subject matter.

Latshaw added: "Our medical staff has precious little discretionary time, but the Pathlore solution allows doctors and nurses to flex that time by taking online classes dealing with everything from blood administration to instruction related to medical records."

Traditionally, training at Geisinger took place in classrooms at the health system''s main hospitals. Some physicians, nurses and medical technologists lost up to two hours of productivity each time they drove from outlying areas to training locations to take mandatory classes.

Geisinger will continue to rely on classroom training for some things but online compliance training provided by the Pathlore solution will eliminate a significant amount of travel and save money. Geisinger also sees the Pathlore solution giving medical staff the flexibility to take mandatory training in small chunks, between seeing patients.

"Pathlore''s solution puts a high-tech tool in the hands of the people who are ultimately responsible for compliance: employees and their supervisors," said Steve Thomas, Pathlore''s chief executive. "The requirements for meeting regulatory compliance and certifications are constantly changing; learning management solutions quickly bring together information from a number of sources, streamline education and create an auditable process."

About Geisinger Health SystemFounded in 1915, Geisinger Health System provides more than 2m people in 38 counties in Pennsylvania with a complete continuum of quality health care. The Geisinger Health System enjoys national recognition as a model for quality health service delivery and has been listed in Best Hospitals in America, and its physicians have been listed in ''The Best Doctors in America''.

Geisinger is a physician-led health care system, dedicated to health care, education, research and service. For more information, go to

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