announces its "Agency Referral Program," providing employers powerful, cost-effective wa - The On-Demand Staffing Exchange announced today its new Agency Referral Program (ARP), allowing companies to post hard-to-fill permanent positions at fixed costs well below those of traditional full-fee headhunters.

Minneapolis, MN  - - The On-Demand Staffing Exchange announced today its new Agency Referral Program (ARP), allowing companies to post hard-to-fill permanent positions at fixed costs well below those of traditional full-fee headhunters.  This marks a change in HotGig´s business model, which until now has helped companies find and source contract/temporary professionals from its United States network of 7,000 consulting and staffing firms, and 25,000 independent consultants. This same network of firms can now participate in the hiring process for full-time positions listed on the HotGigs Website.

"The Agency Referral Program is like an employee referral program-but extended to our network of firms and recruiters who will assist companies in filling tough positions. It a great resource for employers that can´t fill positions using traditional recruiting tools, such as job boards or print advertising," said Doug Berg, CEO of "The Agency Referral Program is perfect for hiring companies who want to avoid headhunting fees, which can run as high 30 percent of a candidate´s first year of salary, because they can set the fee levels they are willing to pay for any referral online.

"The employment market has recovered fully, and many of´s corporate users sought an innovative way to use our exchange to fill full-time positions," said Berg, CEO.  "Simultaneously, many of our consulting and staffing firms perform contract-to-permanent or temporary-to-permanent placements as a part of their service to clients. The ARP lets corporate users open positions to our staffing firms with available candidates."

To use the Agency Referral Program companies pay no fee to register. They can then post their referral-fee positions into the HotGigs network. The jobs are then instantly matched and emailed to firms whose locations and categories match the posting, allowing these firms to refer candidates online, and in a way that is organized and controlled so that companies are not overwhelmed with submissions.

The HotGigs system keeps the corporate contacts confidential throughout the process and manages all the candidate submissions through an easy-to-use administrative desktop.  

After receiving referrals, corporate managers and recruiters then select and contact the firms with the candidates that they want to interview, performing all the customary reference checking and negotiation phases of the hiring process. Companies can also instantly accept, decline, setup interviews, and report hires via the HotGigs site, which streamlines communication through the process.

HotGigs performs all the invoicing for Agency Referrals providing companies with a single vendor interface for all hiring activities, and will invoice clients the week following the start date of any hired candidate. A company selects its own referral fee structure from one of two options: 1) A fixed fee starting at $1,000; 2) or a minimum of 10 percent of the first-year salary of any candidate hired through the referral program.

HotGigs keeps a 10 percent transaction fee for every placement on the site, and pays the referring agency the remaining 90 percent of any fee within 10 days of receiving payment from any clients.

Minneapolis-based ( <> ), is an on-demand staffing exchange for users across the United States, including 2,400 corporate users; 7,000 consulting and staffing firms, each with hundreds of consultants; and 25,000 independent consultants. Hiring companies use HotGigs´ exchange services free of charge to automate the process of sourcing temporary or full-time workers from a talent pool of resources listed with consulting and staffing firms, or self-listing as independent contractors.  Consulting and staffing firms, as well as independent consultants, pay subscription fees to market and submit their available resources online at  
Among its online features, provides online rate research tools that help companies to understand the hourly billable rates they can expect to pay for specific skills for contract talent. HotGigs also provides Staffing Relationship Management (SRM) solutions, which helps companies to manage and automate their contingent workforce management including contract sourcing, contract management (including automated time card entry, manager approval, and online invoicing services), which enhances companies´ contingent workforce strategies, and provides them with full spend visibility.

For more information or to schedule interview, media are encouraged to contact HotGigs´ publicist David Southgate, (202) 470-6080, (787) 557-6542, or  david[at] <#david[at]>

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