Excentive® Brings Total Compensation Management to North America

Establishes North American Headquarters in Houston, Names Brad Burnaman Managing Director of North America
Excentive, the leading global provider of total compensation management software, today announced that it has opened an office in Houston, Texas, which will serve as the Company’s North American headquarters. Excentive also announced that Brad Burnaman, former Vice President of Sales at Canidium, joined the Company as Managing Director of Excentive USA. This expansion and strategic hire enables Excentive to better serve its growing customer base in North America, and take advantage of new market opportunities in the United States and Canada.

Excentive is powering compensation in some of the world’s best and biggest companies, including more than 20 of the Global 500. Compensation is a company’s largest variable cost and is the biggest performance driver. Excentive’s total compensation management solution enables companies to manage this cost more effectively. Overpaying and underpaying employees can cost companies millions of dollars due to time spent settling disputes and chargebacks. Excentive reduces errors and decreases spending on administration, producing a quick return on investment. It also provides a number of flexible and powerful advantages that companies did not manage to address with first generation compensation management systems.

“The North American market is a central piece to Excentive’s international growth strategy,” said Fabio Ronga, CEO of Excentive International. “By establishing our North American headquarters in the United States and bringing the industry experience of Brad Burnaman, we have an unbeatable combination for expanding our footprint, competing more effectively, and supporting more customers in the North American region.”

“As companies continue to seek ways to more tightly align their compensation plans with corporate performance goals, the power of total compensation management will become more attractive to a wide range of constituents in companies, including compensation administrators, sales managers, financial analysts, and C-Suite executives,” said Burnaman. “Sales compensation systems offer robust technical solutions. However for complex compensation challenges involving short- and long-term incentives, global entities and tens of thousands of payees, total compensation management is probably the only choice.”

Product Availability
Excentive’s Compensation Cockpit is available immediately in North America.

About Excentive - Founded in 2002, Excentive develops, sells and supports Enterprise Incentive Management (EIM) and Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solutions and related services that enable organizations to strategically manage all aspects of compensation and rewards management to employees, distributors, brokers and channel partners. Its flagship product - Excentive Compensation Cockpit - unifies Variable Rewards, Incentive Management and Compensation Review. Excentive delivers a high ROI in a very short timeframe by enabling organizations to align variable compensation plans with strategic goals and rapidly deploy new sales and distribution strategies. For further information on Excentive, please visit www.excentive.com.

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