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Women of Color Struggle to Gain Experience, Support, and Exposure Essential to Succeed in Accounting
A recent study by Catalyst examines unique race and gender challenges for women of color, as well as perceived ”imperfect execution” of diversity programs.

Employee Free Choice Act Presents Significant Threat To Union-Free Workplaces
The U.S. Employee Free Choice Act could be a threat to union-free employers. Pepper Hamilton LLP explains.

Einstein’s Tips For Negotiated Solutions In Human Conflicts
Problem solving extends beyond mathematics. But sometimes it takes the ability to add two plus two to get through workplace conflicts. Luis Miguel Diaz explains how one of the greatest mathematical minds in history could help solve conflicts.

Eliminating Paper is First Step in the Virtual Office
Pushing paper is becoming a thing of the past in many environmentally conscious organizations. Business supplies aren't needed when working in the virtual office. Michael Byers explains.

Stepping Outside the Box: A New Paradigm for Managing and Administering Global Compensation
Vendor solutions may allow companies to effectively manage global compensation; however are HR departments using them? Thomas Shelton investigates.

In This Political Season, Health Care Reform is a Business Issue
Health care is on the minds of many Americans, especially during the current political race in the United States. John Hammergren shares more.

Salary Negotiations Strategies to Use
Many hiring managers say they must pay more to get the right talent and many are doing just that. So, what do job hunters need to know? Robin Ryan has some answers.

Education and Communication Build Commitment
Managers routinely underestimate the amount and quality of education and communication required to make changes and improvements. Jim Clemmer explains.

HRISes Don't Live Up to the Hype
A survey of reader attitudes toward their HRIS systems by HR consultant James G. Meade, author of the leading text on HR software selection.

3 Games Managers Play – That Result in Hiring Losers
Are you on your hiring game? Dr. Michael Mercer gives the play by play on hiring practices that result in bad choices.

Employees Cry Out: Please Tell Me How I’m Doing!
Feedback could be the most important process you have in your organization. Employees need direction and guidance and they thirst for positive feedback. Bruce L. Katcher explains.

Tips For An Effective Conversation
Keith Rosen shares his tips on having the deepest and strongest impact during every conversation.

Misinterpreting Gender Differences: A Recipe For Organizational Failure
Trying to find a way to bridge the gap of gender differences? The answer may lie in the brain. Michael Gurian and Barbara Annis share this excerpt from their book Leadership and the Sexes: Using Gender Sciences to Create Success in Business.

Does Drug Testing Work?
Does drug testing really prevent drug use and workplace accidents? Don Phin investigates.

Choose Carefully: All Mediators Are Not Created Equal
Choosing mediator is not as easy as it sounds. Choosing the best mediator for your case is a challenge. shares this article by Lee Jay Berman.

Joan Lloyd's HR Words of Advice: Being the Target
How do you handle a long standing employee who seems to feel threatened by the changing employee base of the company. And he/she appears to need a "target" to create conflict? Joan Lloyd shares her advice.

Interference With Health Benefits
Termination to prevent an employee from receiving health benefits? Hanft Law explains more.

Questions to Lead By
Motivating employees is a challenge for any leader and in the end the motivation only goes so far before the old dogs rely on their old tricks. Keith Rosen explains.

Little Things That Can Break – Or Make – Your Career
It's the little things that count... more than you know! ClearRock shares their study on the little things that could decide the fate of your career.

Demand for Workers Remains Strong, but Some Professionals Willing to Take Lower Salary Offers
What a difference a month makes. Job hunters are being forced to accept new positions at lower salaries. A new Jobfox study explains.

A Certification Standard Has Not Emerged In Emergency Preparedness Plans
Emergency preparedness plans have become popular in the majority of U.S. companies, but certification for these plans still does not exist. The Conference Board explains more.

Most Companies Oppose Single-Payer Health Care System, State Coverage Mandates
Reform Proposals Have Little Impact on Employer Health Care Offerings Thus Far

Job Interview Etiquette in Need of Performance Review
59% of hiring managers say that job candidate's manners are getting worse, according to a recent Vault survey.

Research Finds Poor Talent Management Significantly Increases Employee Turnover
A lack of challenges & ineffective leadership are among the reasons why workers leave jobs, a recent Right Management study has found.

An Affordable Health Insurance Option for Small- and Mid-sized Companies
Health insurance is not an affordable option for many small and mid-sized companies. Davis Liu explains how health care can be possible for smaller companies.

Measurement Traps
Measurement can be an effective tool to improve an organization, but it can also block progress. Jim Clemmer has more.

HR BPO: Building on a Heritage of Service and Expertise
HR Business Process Outsourcing has changed since it first came into play in Human Resources. Greg Secord explains more.

Interviewing: 25 Good Questions To Ask … And 8 To Avoid
What questions are important to you when interviewing a candidate? Pat DiDomenico shares the top 25 to ask.

Talk About the Work
Communicating is one of the most difficult things for a manager, especially when it comes to the right tone. Bruce Tulgan reports.

Mental Resilience: Develop the Focus of a Warrior and the Peace of a Monk
How clear is your mind? Mental resilience can mean better business decisions. Kamal Sarma explains.

Only One in Three Employees Engaged
Fewer than one in three North American workers are fully engaged, a recent study by BlessingWhite has found.

Pregnancy Complications: Disability, No; Discrimination, Maybe
A discrimination case for a pregnant employee takes a turn in the courts that may not have been expected. M. Lee Smith Publishers shares this article by John C. Pitblado.

Simplicity Works
Many times during mediation, the basics are forgotten and the process is even complicated. Roger D. Hartstone shares this with

Joan Lloyd's HR Words of Advice: Queen Bee
How do you deal with a boss who thinks she's Queen Bee? Joan Lloyd shares her advice.

Changes To Family Medical Leave Act Now Cover More Employees & Clarify Law’s Provisions
Military families in the United States now enjoy the benefits of the FMLA Act. Changes to the act have helped others understand the provisions. Pepper Hamilton LLP has more.

Study Finds Curriculums and Training Programs Are Not Keeping Pace with Current Workforce Attitudes
Creativity is increasingly important in U.S. workplaces, that according to a recent survey of those who are educating future workers. The Conference Board shares this study.

Six Ways HR Can Help Employees Realize Career Contentment
What is the definition of happiness for an employee? Is it money? Is it perks? Jeff Garton shares his definition.

Problem Promotions
Charlie Wonderlic takes a look at when promoting a good employee causes more harm than good.

Management In Real Life: Strategy to Execution
When attempting to implement a new strategy, it helps to speak the same language. Kevin Herring explains.

Managing When You Lack Expertise
Do you ever wonder how you can hold someone accountable when you don't have any expertise in their responsibilities? Bruce Tulgan says don't worry, it can be done.

The Link Between Succession Planning and Success—Is Your Global Business Ready?
After years of laying the foundation of business and giving the rest of us a place to go five days a week, the Baby Boomers are getting ready to cash in their pensions, 401(k)s and investment portfolios and amble off to retirement. What do we do now? Julie Zinn explains.

Discrimination Against Younger Workers
Do you know where your company stands when employing Millennial or Generation Y workers? M. Lee Smith Publishers shares some tips for American employers.

Managing the Workplace Rumor Mill: 4 Ways HR Can Tame the Beast
Jim said that Gina only got a raise because. . . and then Barb said... before you know it, the he said she saids are running rampant through the workplace. How do you stop the rumor mill? Pat DiDomenico shares some suggestions.

Joan Lloyd's HR Words of Advice: Young Boss
A big promotion at a young age can be a little overwhelming. Joan Lloyd shares her advice on how a new boss can handle workers who have more years in the business.

Depression Among College Students is on The Rise
Bensinger, DuPont & Associates say parents and employers need to know warning signs.

IRS Establishes Cross Divisional Team to Combat Improper Tool Reimbursement Plans
The IRS has a new weapon in the fight against improper tool reimbursement plans. . . Littler Mendelson shares more.

A Practical Guide to Compensation Self-Audits: Understanding the How and Why
To self-audit, or not to self-audit that is the question many employers are asking themselves. Stephanie R. Thomas helps out.

More Companies are Creating Programs to Help Alleviate Worldwide HIV/AIDS Epidemic
A recent study by the Conference Board has found that many companies have HIV/AIDS programs aimed at helping employees already suffering from the disease or at risk of infection.

European Pension Survey – Defined Contribution Schemes
A recent Mercer study found that nearly two thirds of Defined Contribution schemes cite employee understanding and effective communication as top challenges and only 24 percent of schemes offered financial planning support.

Employee Terminations: Ten Must-Do Steps When Letting Someone Go
As the U.S. economy continues to stagger, with or without the official label of a recession, it’s certain that the rate of employee dismissals will rise, warns James W. Bucking, Foley Hoag LLP.

Help Your Good Hires Survive in Tough Economic Times
When the economic times get tough, even the tough get nervous. Charlie Wonderlic has some suggestions.

Always on the Grow
Are you a couch potato or a mouse potato? How do you see your future? Jim Clemmer shares a few tales of how to grow yourself in the right direction.

Failing to Recognize Others on the Team
By failing to recognize another person's contributions to a team's success, you are depriving them of closure. Marshall Goldsmith explains.

The Future of Advice: How Technology has Changed the Rules for Giving and Getting Advice
Using technology to manage information demands different sensibilities than using it to handle advice, says the Conference Board. They share some of their findings.

The Telltale Signs of a Behavioral Job Interview Question
Do past experiences really dictate the future? Some employers believe so. Carole Martin shares this look at behavioral interviewing techniques.

Moose on the Table: Elf Perception
How solid is the communication in your workplace? Do you experience plummeting morale or reduced productivity? As Jim Clemmer explains, you must not be addressing the Moose-on-the-table. Clemmer shares the fifth chapter from his new book, Moose on the Table: A Novel Approach to Communications [at] Work.

Executive Leadership Development - The Three Key Elements of Successful Business Coaching
Effective coaching can do more than just enhance a corporate team, it can also help people understand themselves. Oi Partners shares more.

Global Operating Framework for Managing Knowledge Work
When Offshoring, How Do You Make “Knowledge Work” Work? Dr. Frederick D. Miller, Bhushan Sethi, and Vivek Sethia of Deloitte have the answers.

You Say No Contract, Then No Contract
Don't forget to limit your disclaimers when creating an employment handbook or application. Hanft Law shares more.

How a Hot Presidential Race Can Increase Your Risk Profile
What does the current presidential race in the United States have to do with a discrimination-free workplace? Shanti Atkins explains.

Joan Lloyd's HR Words of Advice: Job Hunters
Joan Lloyd has pretty much heard it all... especially from job hunters. She shares some of her letters with

Wage and Hour Compliance Essentials
Many employers adopt a "head in the sand" approach to wage and hour issues, gambling that their questionable pay practices won't be discovered, says Kara Shea in this M. Lee Smith Publisher article.

Indiana Joins the List of States Providing Legal Protections to Nursing Mothers at the Workplace
In the past year, many jurisdictions have made measures to become breastfeeding-friendly for working mothers. As Littler Mendelson explains, one more State has joined the growing list.

The Offsite: A Leadership Challenge Fable
Isn’t it time our leadership actions included ending the abusive use of power to exploit others? Robert Thompson has some answers.

Keys to Personal, Team, and Organization Transformation
One of the reasons highly effective leaders are so effective is because they have well developed judgment muscles between their ears, says Jim Clemmer. He shares more.

Obesity Costs U.S. Companies as Much as $45 Billion a Year
The bottom lines of companies are getting heavier. . . mainly because the rate of obesity in the U.S. has risen drastically. The Conference Board shares more.

DOL Checklist Offers Key to the Mysteries of Wellness Program Identification
Certain health promotion or disease prevention programs offered by a group health plan – commonly known as wellness programs – must comply with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) wellness program regulations. Littler Mendelson shares this study.

Four Factors to Resolving Job Dissatisfaction
How many of your employees are satisfied with their jobs? You might be surprised to learn that recent studies have shown that more than half of U.S. Workers are dissatisfied with their jobs. Jeff Garton shares more.

A Better Way to Cut Costs During a Recession
The 'R' word is rearing it's ugly head and making many leaders sigh... that's right Recession. With a recession comes cuts. There is a question plaguing many executives, what is the best way of trimming? Curt Finch has some answers.

Employee Overboard!
Not worried about the talent shortage? Watching the company’s stock price but not employee retention statistics is about as useful as a ship captain watching for icebergs—behind the boat. Dr. Rosie Steeves explains.

Adding “Oomph” to Group Learning: Four Good Facilitation Activities
You may have the best lesson ever planned for a group of HR professionals eager to learn, but if you fail to think of a way to deliver it effectively, your lesson may not be a crowd pleaser. Tom Siebold shares more.

Establishing a Selection Committee for Enterprise App Projects
Choosing an Enterprise System requires a selection committee. Info-Tech shares some tips on how to organize and effective committee.

Taking the Plunge: Are You Ready to Commit to Outsourcing HR?
If you are thinking of committing to outsourcing, ask yourself a few key questions. Joyce Maroney shares more.

Being All That We Can See
The gap between what we say we value and how we live can get pretty big. Jim Clemmer has more.

You've Got the Same Skeptics Who Watch Network News
Overstating the truth leads to a skeptic listener. Dianna Booher explains.

The Importance of Breaking the Ice!
Some believe that playing an ice breaking game before a meeting is simply a waste of valuable time. Michael Goldman says it's time well spent.

What Can You Do About Workplace Gossip?
The whispering at the water cooler and constant stories about co-workers signal more than just a gossip problem... there's a productivity problem. M. Lee Smith Publishers shares suggestions on how to close the book on constant tales in the workplace.

Fear of Funny: A Mediator’s Guide to Losing It
How do you mediate effectively and keep your cool? It's all in the funny bone. shares this light-hearted article by Eva Zimet.

Disability, Risk Management and Executive Compensation Plans
An Executive Compensation plan is an agreement that means more than just compensation for the leaders. . . it also ensures the successful execution of a company's business plan. Charles T. Lanigan of Clark Consulting explains.

The Economics of Employee Health: A Business Approach to Wellness
Healthy employees are not only more productive, but they also save a company money. Erica Wandtke shares more.

Professional Development and Skills Training a Challenge for Many CIOs, Survey Shows
Current skills and adequate training top the lists of CIOs when they express staffing concerns. Robert Half International shares the results of their survey.

Managing Mobile Devices for Knowledge Workers
When creating mobile devices for knowledge workers, there are many things to keep in mind including how they create knowledge. Info-Tech shares more.

China to Create New Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security
There are big changes coming in China that will mean increased enforcement of Labor Laws. Pacific Bridge shares more.

5 Ways to Avoid Hiring Psychopaths
Choosing the right person for a job is a challenge at best. How do you make sure that the individual who seems so competent isn't a psychopath? Dr. Michael Mercer has some advice.

Organizations Get Failing Marks in Implementing Reward Programs
When considering effective reward program implementation, it's imperative to evaluate the role that line managers play in ensuring that reward programs achieve what they were intended to deliver. Tom McMullen explains.

Measuring Your Compatibility Quotient
How do you manage employees who have personalities that are very different from yours? Ron Hillier shares ways to measure your compatibility.

Make Your Bottom-Line Your Opening Line
Don't bury your lead, as they'd say in the world of journalism. Dianna Booher explains.

Diversity: A Strategy for Better Business
Many organizations have made diversity awareness and training an integral part of their employee culture. Lisa Mattam explains more.

Individuals Are Not Liable for Retaliation in Some Circumstances
The California Supreme Court narrowly rules that individuals are not liable for retaliation in some circumstances. Littler Mendelson shares this report.

From Reaction to Response: Conflict As a Choice
Conflicts happen. And that is the first step in dealing with them. John Ford explains

Have Expectations and Standards, Not Rules and Regulations
Every workplace has them. Rules, and lots of them! Ever feel like you are drowning in them? Jack Mitchell shares is suggestions from his latest book, "Hug Your People".

The Real Reasons Employees Leave, and How to Keep the Best
Employees are rarely honest about why the leave a job. It may have a lot to do with how they connect with their bosses. Jim Welch explains.

Retirement: The Biggest Job You'll Ever Have Part Two
Life after work can be very busy. Many retirees have big plans including relocating. Abby Anderson explains.

So You Want to Have a Wellness Program?
To attract top talent, offering solid health insurance certainly helps. M. Lee Smith Publishers shares more.

Employee Engagement Differences Across Generations Relatively Small
‘Traditionalists’ (Age 63 +) had the highest scores on a recent employee engagement survey. Sirota Survey Intelligence explains their results.

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The Six Keys to Unlocking Online/Blended Learning for Adults
Online learning is gaining popularity by leaps and bounds. Just what makes it more appealing than other education? Nathan Greeno investigates.

Mitigate Risks While Recruiting on the Web 2.0
The World Wide Web is still the exponentially growing universe that it was before the much hyped term “Web 2.0” was coined. The Web 2.0 refers to a wide array of collaborative tools to navigate and utilize information in this large body. Info-Tech Research Group explains more.

The New Passive Candidate and How to Reach Them Effectively
It takes a few keystrokes to help reach the passive candidate. Never underestimate the power of the web. Aaron Bare explains more.

Three Keys to Retaining Your Best Talent
If you are hoping to avoid a skills gap in the future, then finding the best ways to retain your top talent is one of the answers. Todd Harris, Ph.D. explains.

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