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The Moonlight Cafe Case: When Can Workers Sue Employers in Federal Court?
A former waitress and bartender at the Moonlight Cafe in New Orleans will be carrying the legal hopes of perhaps millions of workers, many of them employed by small companies, by Lyle Denniston, Veritude.

The Future of Human Resources Software: Probably!
The industry has shifted from customers installing software at their physical locations to renting Web-based software over the Internet on a monthly basis, writes Curt Finch, Journyx.

Spanish Language Proficiency Tests: Assessing the Capabilities of Bilingual Job Candidates
How do companies ensure they are actually hiring qualified bilingual candidates who can communicate professionally in English and Spanish? From Tony Malaghan, Arial International.

100 Best Places To Work
How do you become one of the "best places to work?" James Mittler encourages organizations to communicate, communicate, and communicate.

Equal Pay Act: What Employers Need to Know
Although most employers are familiar with Title VII, you may not know much about the Equal Pay Act, which addresses only sex-based wage differences. From M Lee Smith.

Did the IRS recently liberalize the "use-it-or-lose-it" rule?
Did the IRS recently liberalize the "use-it-or-lose-it" rule?

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The Great Escape
A whole new take on Workforce Acquisition.

Weekend Plans
Enviable brand recognition.

Clutter, Clutter, Everywhere, And Not A Space To See
Clutter begins with fear and doubt.� If we don't examine and then challenge these unconscious beliefs, we will stay stuck, writes Abby Anderson, Solutions EAP.

Plateau And Skillsoft Announce First Integrated Content And Learning
Offering from Plateau significantly reduces time to access and administer learning content.

Records Retention Tips and Techniques
When it comes to retaining employment records, wouldn't it be easier to follow the IRS rule and just hold onto those documents for seven years in case you get audited? Not a good idea. From Theodore C. Simms, and MLeeSmith.

Employee Retention Key in Competitive World
Use this Trends & Predictions note from InfoTech Research to get to the bottom of employee turnover and find out more about how retention initiatives may help keep competitors at bay.

Top 10 Items in Employee Handbooks
Excerpted from Tennessee Employment Law Letter, written by attorneys at the law firm Miller & Martin.

Minority Businesses Lean on Each Other
When MPS Group CEO Roderick Rickman reviewed bids to upgrade the computer network at his Detroit-based industrial services company, he was pleasantly surprised ...

Hiring Students for Summer Jobs? Update Yourself on the New Child Labor Laws
If your company employs anyone under 18, be aware that federal child labor laws, as part of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), have changed. Here is a summary of the current federal regulations; from G.Neil Corp.

Outsourcing Benefits: A Matter Of Trust
Robert Fripp asks us to keep this analogy in mind: many people drive cars safely without knowing what happens under the hood. Technology is essential.

Analyst Insight: Will Leadership Development Evolve Any Consistency?
Although many programs may be consistent in teaching "leadership", the diversity of content generates a great lack of clarity for many people about what leadership is.

Thought Leaders: Dave Ulrich and Norm Smallwood on Intangibles and Market Value
David Creelman spoke with Dave Ulrich and Norm Smallwood about their book, Why the Bottom Line Isn't: How to Build Value through People and Organization.

Thought Leaders: Scott Blanchard and Madeleine Homan, co-authors of Leverage Your Best, Ditch the Rest - The Coaching Secrets Top Executives Depend On
Scott is co-Founder of, and Executive Vice President, Client Solutions for The Ken Blanchard Companies. Madeleine Homan is also co-Founder of and Vice President, Blended Solutions at The Ken Blanchard Companies. Their new book on coaching was the focus of this interview with Karen Elmhirst of

Thought Leaders: Steve Smith, Thinking Like An Entrepreneur
It takes more than an interest in numbers to be a good entrepreneur. Steve Smith sees potential in every person in every organization...and he has the lessons that can benefit every company. Smith spoke to´s Karen Elmhirst about how to think like an entrepreneur at work.''s 3rd Annual Power of People Gala´s 3rd Annual Power of People Gala shows significant growth in spending for HR Attendees October 24 - 26, 2004, Pointe South Mountain Resort, Phoenix, Arizona

Thought Leaders: Wolf J. Rinke Addresses The Squeaky Wheel
Wolf is a management consultant, speaker, leader, executive coach and author of the book, Don´t Oil the Squeaky Wheel, and 19 Other Contrarian Ways to Improve Your Leadership. Karen Elmhirst spoke with Wolf to define the Squeaky Wheel Syndrome.

Thought Leaders: David Whyte on Courageous Conversation
The author of five books of poetry, David Whyte is one of the few poets to take his perspectives on creativity into the field of organizational development, where he works with many American and international companies. David speaks with's Karen Elmhirst on Leadership Through Courageous Conversation.

Thought Leaders: Joyce Gioia - President of The Herman Group
Joyce is a Strategic Business Futurist concentrating on relationship aspects of the future. She has recently co-authored the book, Impending Crisis: Too Many Jobs, Too Few People. Karen Elmhirst spoke with Ms. Gioia about preparing for the impending workforce crisis.

Thought Leaders: Barbara Annis - Gender Differences and Challenges in the Workplace
Barbara Annis has been recognized in Canada and the United States for her insights on improving the workplace for women, men and minorities of all kinds. She is the author of "Same Words, Different Language" that deals with gender differences in the workplace. Debbie McGrath spoke with Ms. Annis about her book.

Thought Leaders: Cynthia Froggatt, Maximizing Your Distributed Work Force
Cynthia Froggatt is the principal of Froggatt Consulting. She is the author of Work Naked: Eight Essential Principles For Work In The Virtual Workplace. Karen Elmhirst spoke with Ms. Froggatt about flexible workplaces.

Thought Leaders : Centre for Creative Leadership - Sylvester Taylor & Jean B. Leslie
The Leadership Gap: The overwhelming case for leadership development from Jean Leslie, a Senior Manager in the Assessment and Development Resources Group and Sylvester Taylor, the Director of Assessment and Learning Support Products at the Centre of Creative Leadership (CCL) in Greensboro, NC.

The Numbers Game: Nine Steps to Making the Most of your HR Metrics
The collection and analysis of data has evolved from the preserve of a small number of dedicated number crunchers into a tangible and highly visible tool, able to play a crucial role in strategic decision-making.

Thought Leaders: Annette Merritt Cummings on Diversity and Recruitment
Annette Merritt Cummings is VP, National Director, Diversity Services for the Bernard Hodes Group. Karen Elmhirst spoke with Ms. Cummings about how to recruit and retain a diverse workforce. has confirmed an impressive list of first-rate speakers for the 3rd annual Power of the People Gala Event
Less than three months to go to the hottest business event of the year.'s 3rd Annual Power of People Gala shows significant growth in spending for HR Attendees
October 24 - 26, 2004, Pointe South Mountain Resort, Phoenix, Arizona

Keep religion out of the workplace, people.

Web-based Incentive, Reward and Recognition Systems
The emergence of the systems and tips to finding the best fit for your company's recognition programs; from Ley Borlo.

Reality HR: David Wexler; Oscar Winning HR
Alias's success is rooted in people. spoke to its director of global human resources, David Wexler.

Case Study: City Public Service, San Antonio, Texas
Aileen MacMillan,''s Enterprise Performance Management and Competencies Analyst, spoke with representatives of City Public Service about their experience implementing an EPM solution.

Pay for Performance-The Importance of an Integrated Approach
An outline of why aligning pay with performance is so important. Sponsored by Authoria - leading provider of Human Capital Solutions.

Thought Leaders: Robert E. Quinn on the Fundamental State of Leadership
Almost all research studies and leadership training programs emphasize analysis and imitation of other successful leaders.�'s Karen Elmhirst spoke with�Robert Quinn about how true leadership comes not from role models, but rather from an inner change of perspective.

Talents - 10 ways To Stay True To What You Do Best!
Do you want to shine at work? Start leveraging your talents and you'll have more energy, zip and enthusiasm, writes Faith Ralston.

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