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Risk Management Software Market Still a Free-For-All
There is no such thing as a complete ERM solution, says Info-Tech. Many niche vendors exist catering to specific risk management needs.

Use The New Year To Reassess Your Career Goals
Is your career all that it can be? Right Management shares advice on how to assess your career and assist others with their assessment.

The Work Force of Today
The workforce is ever changing. The changing needs of employees means that employers are going to have to be more creative when attracting and retaining talent. Tillie Hidalgo Lima explains.

Quick Relaxation Techniques on the Job
Even after the holidays we can all use some tips on how to relax while at work. George 'Bud' Wassell of EAP Solutions shares a few tips.

Work-Life Balance - Tips for Staying Focused and Productive
Who hasn't said there are not enough hours in a day to accomplish all that needs to be done? Liz Bywater understands how to stay productive despite the rush. She shared some of her tips with OI Partners.

Headline Statements
Be Noticed, stand out from Competitors and increase response, says Jeff Perry of the Star Tribune.

Encouraging Forgiveness
Forgiveness is divine... even in the workplace. Lester L. Adams shares his thoughts through

Holiday Networking says the holidays may be just the time to help kick your career into high gear.

The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index Improves Moderately in December
The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index, which had been declining since the summer, posted a slight increase in December.

Joan Lloyd's HR Words of Advice: Christmas Giving
It is the time of year to give and receive. But not all managers are comfortable with that. Joan Lloyd explains.

Use The New Year To Reassess Your Career Goals
Many people use the New Year to make changes in their lives. . . that includes reassessing career goals.

Employee Communication: 3 Ways To Create Transformation In Organizations
Are your employee communication strategies effective? There are many techniques and approaches that can be used to strengthen employee communications and bring about change in an organization. Marcia Xenitelis explains.

Leaders Go First
As Jim Clemmer explains... "In my leadership training and coaching work with managers, I often see a variation of the old parenting adage: team members act like their leader – despite all attempts to train them otherwise." Enjoy this article by Jim Clemmer.

Joan Lloyd's HR Words of Advice: Triangulation
It's not uncommon for employees to create a triangle of communication... and never really directing the right conversation to the right individual. Joan Lloyd explains.

No Pay in Lieu of Paid Time Off For Ineligible Employee
Pay in lieu of paid time off is a benefit offered to employees at the discretion of the employer, says a recent decision by the Minnesota Supreme Court.

Ask the Coach - Issue 51: Work Related Stress?
Executive Coach, Merry Marcus, offers coaching about work related stress and discusses tactics and strategies that can offer relief.

2007-08 Holiday Season Shows Employers Demonstrating Unprecedented Generosity to Workers
Employers are giving more than ever to workers in the form of parties and paid leave. Meanwhile, their contributions to charitable groups are dropping, according to a recent BNA survey.

CFOs Report on First-Quarter 2008 Financial Hiring Outlook
Chief Financial Officers are making their staffing wish lists and checking them twice. Robert Half International reports.

Errors in Your Hiring Process Can Lead to Big Trouble ... How to Avoid Costly Hiring Mistakes
Background checks should be performed to help avoid costly hiring mistakes, says J.J. Keller & Associates, Inc.

Mergers and Acquisitions Demand Urgent Strategic Re-Planning
When companies merge there is much work to be done... especially in the IT department. Info-Tech explains.

Companies Modify Change in Control Benefit Provisions to Respond to Shareholder Concerns
Change in control benefits receive a great deal of scrutiny, according to Mercer. The company conducted a Change in Control Survey and shares their findings.

The Office Holiday Party: A Victim of the Generational Gap?
A recent survey conducted by Spherion found that as workers age they lose interest in holiday office parties.

Corporate Boards Increasingly Driving Enterprise Risk Management
Study by The Conference Board shows more work needs to be done; North America lagging in ERM implementation.

What HRO Brings to the Client Organization?
KnowledgeSum shares their examination of some services that HRO organizations deliver to the client organization.

Worker Confidence Increases Significantly in November: Hudson Employment IndexSM Rises
Worker confidence is up according to the Hudson Employment IndexSM... the best in eight months.

Tighter Screening Process Begins For Foreigners in Japan
A new measure in the fight against terrorism in Japan means foreigners are facing tighter screening processes. Pacific Bridge shares he details.

Driving High Performance as a Talent-Powered Organization
Investing in talent is the best way to drive high performance. . . but keep an eye on the shifting winds. Peter Cheese, Robert J. Thomas, and Elizabeth Craig explain

Why Leaders Smuggle and Muscle Change
Evoking change doesn't involve flexing. . . it involves something a little more accepting. Timothy R. Clark explains.

7 Tips for Business Success
Executives need to be mindful of what their role is. They don't have just one job. John McKee explains.

Playing Office Politics: How to be “Good” at the Game
Many employees say they try to keep out of the office politics. But, as Louellen Essex and Mitchell Kusy explain, dodging the political game may mean missing out on an important opportunity.

The Truth About Serving Alcohol at Office Parties
Too much fa la la la la at the office party, may strike a sour chord with more than just employers. M. Lee Smith Publishers explains.

Communicating Collaboratively in Cyberspace:What Couples Counselors Can Teach About Email
Netiquette. . . it's the set of rules that guide email users in the proper way to express themselves in emails. David A. Hoffman shares his advice.

Joan Lloyd's HR Words of Advice: Manager's Attention
Your manager is avoiding you and you feel you don't have his/her support. How do you deal with it? Joan Lloyd shares her advice.

2008 Worldwide Pay Survey
2008 could be a very prosperous year for many employees around the globe. A recent Mercer survey predicts the average global salary will rise by 6% – almost 2%* above inflation. Mercer shares more.

Are You a Workaholic?
Well, are you? As Bruce Katcher explains if you lack work life balance, you may be pointing fingers at the wrong source.

Holiday Season is the Perfect Time for Networking
Holiday networking could lead to a new you in the New Year. Robin Ryan explains. Study Reveals Disconnect between Employers and Transitioning Military Personnel
Sixty-one percent of employers do not have a complete understanding of how Military experiences translate into relevant qualifications. Eighty-one percent of transitioning service members feel they are not fully prepared to enter the civilian workforce.

Holidays Compound Already High Stress Levels
The holiday season is the most stressful time of year, as Bensinger, DuPont & Associates has found, most people take no additional steps to manage stress at this time of year.

Employees With Right Work-Life Balance Are Proud Of Where They Work
How an employee views his/her job depends upon balance. A Sirota Survey Intelligence discovered that employees who have a good balance between work and life are more engaged in their jobs.

The Lights are Back on at the Historic Fort Worth Power & Light Building
A growing consulting firm says their renovated 1929 space is inspiring.

Sick Time Source of Debate
According to the Compensation Data annual survey of more than 5,000 employers, exempt employees have 8.4 sick days on average, while non-exempt have 7.6.

Why You Need Formal Risk Management
Risk management must be coordinated in an organization in order to be effective. Info-Tech explains.

Why do Companies Outsource Their HR Functions?
What are the reasons for outsourcing HR functions? Is it a trend? KnowledgeSum shares this article based on HR industry leaders and their experiences.

Employers Report Turnover In High-Potential and Front-Line Employees, Survey Says
Front line employees are hard to keep according to a survey by ClearRock. 40% of employers surveyed said the turnover of front line employees has increased within the last six months.

Video Resumes - Are They Really The Future?
Video resumes do a better job of marketing a job candidate... so why haven't video resumes been widely adopted by companies? Joy Chou examines the issue.

The Power of Passion
Is there any joie de vivre at your work place? Do you feel passionate about what you do? Jim Clemmer shares the power of passion and how it helps engage your workforce.

Leadership – The One and Only Path to Becoming a Leader
Becoming a 'great' leader is challenging feat at best. Dr. Anthony F. Smith shares his views on how to take the right road to great leadership.

Ask the Coach - Issue 50: Developmental Programs for Gen Y?
Executive Coach, Merry Marcus, discusses the unique challenges and strengths of the Generation Y workforce.

Will Poor Managers Harm Companies by Fostering Bad Customer Experiences?
How do the bosses in your organization rate? Are your employees engaged and customers happy? A Maritz Poll conducted recently looked at the various types of bosses and their impact on the bottom line.

With Legal Definition Of Religion Evolving, It's More Challenging To Protect Civil Rights At Work
What is religion? That may seem like an easy question to answer,but legally the definition becomes more convoluted daily. Pepper Hamilton LLP explains.

A Confident Voice Speaks Volumes at Work
It's how you talk the talk at work that may help you get ahead. Bonnie Gross explains.

One in Five U.S. Companies Does Not Pay Severance
As many as 18 percent of companies in the U.S. do not provide severance for regular (non-executive) employees, according to a recent study.

Do Single, Childless Employees Get a Fair Share of Corporate Benefits?
Companies strive to be family friendly, but are they? Are family benefits fair to everyone? M. Lee Smith Publishers shares this investigation.

The First 90 Days Are Critical to Long-Term Retention
For managers who think that the honeymoon with new key talent ends after the hiring. . . think again. As Patty Prosser, OI Partners, Indianapolis explains, the first 90 days are important.

As Executives Become Less Willing to Relocate, Companies Up the Ante and Get More Creative
It takes more than just a little shove to relocate some executives. As the Salveson Stetson Group explains it takes a lot of convincing too.

Get Ready to Pull Up Your Japanese SOX
Japan is SOX-ing it to companies. The country is getting ready to launch it's own version of Sarbanes-Oxley. International companies take note, you too will be affected. Info-Tech shares more.

Watch Out For Fake References When Buying Business Software
How do you know if the software you are choosing for your company is really all it's touted to be? Curt Finch has some suggestions.

Millennials’ Career Concerns and Priorities
Many of the career concerns typically associated with more seasoned workers may resonate with Generation Y – the latest group of individuals to enter the workforce. A new report from Robert Half International and Yahoo! HotJobs examines the issues.

Resume Liars Losing Jobs!
It's just like your mother told you... don't lie! As Robin Ryan explains lying about your past or education on a resume will ensure you will never prosper.

Consumer-Directed Choices and Pay-For-Performance Measures Share Common Link
Incentives motivate better results for both providers and consumers. Consumers and health care providers have more in common than they may know. Both respond to a slight financial nudge to use health care resources in ways that lead to better outcomes, according to a new issue brief from IncentOne that links pay-for-performance (P4P) initiatives to the use of consumer incentives in health management programs.

The Motivating Manager
Louellen Essex, Ph.D. and Mitchell Kusy, Ph.D. offer five tips to help managers become motivating leaders in their organizations.

Bridging the Council-Staff Gap
Maintaining trust and teamwork in an organization takes a strong partnership between staff and council, advises Jim Clemmer.

Help Your Employees “Make” Time
What can organizations do to help employees feel less overworked? Karla Brandau shares some suggestions.

You Can Buy It On eBay — And So Can Your Employees
'Tis the season to check your lists twice. . . your internet lists, that is. An employee's holiday shopping habits could mean a lump of coal in an employer's stocking. M. Lee Smith Publishers has more.

The “M” Word: The Myth And Mystique Of Mediation
Litigation in the legal world is seen as being a negative way to resolve a dispute. Clare Connaughton explains that mediation is here to stay.

What’s Your Story?
What can take you to the next floor may depend upon your elevator speech. Catherine Kaputa explains.

More Americans Have Discretionary Income
Total Discretionary Income now tops $1.7 Trillion, according to a report from The Conference Board.

Stress: The Major Health Problem in the U.S.?
APA recently conducted their annual nationwide survey that examines stress levels, events causing stress, how people deal with stress, and the impact stress has. John Schinnerer, Ph.D. examines the findings.

New Medical Insurance Requirements for Foreigners in Singapore
A New Year and new regulations for foreign employees in Singapore. Pacific Bridge explains.

Tips For A More Satisfying Recruiting Process
How do you recruit effectively when the process is so complicated? Kevin Wheeler has some tips.

Technology: The Other Side of the Story
Is the lack of face time caused by an increase in technology helping business performance? Tom Bodin of Oi Partners shares his views.

Traditional Faxing: A Compliance Pitfall and Costly to Boot
Many organizations work tirelessly to ensure compliance when dealing with electronic corporate data. What most organizations aren't remembering is the beloved fax machine that is by all means enduring the test of time. Info-Tech has more.

Can Learning Exist in a Vacuum?
Higher Education is now ready to deploy the vehicle of online learning. . . Nathan Greeno explains.

Nine Steps to Finding the Right ERP Implementation Partner
Implementing an ERP project is an overwhelming task. . . it takes the right team to run it. Info-Tech has some tips to help organizations choose a partner.

Retaining Good Employees
Employee retention may be a major issue for your organization. How do you keep good employees and avoid the high cost of turnover? Oi Partners shares this article by Vicki Adair.

Women Play Increasingly Influential Role in Philippine Workforce
Unlike in the United States or in the United Kingdom, more than half of top management positions are held by women in the Philippines. Pacific Bridge shares the statistics.

Eight Tips for Customer-Friendly Surveys
David Youssefnia shares tips on how to make your customer surveys more customer-friendly.

Study Shows Gift Cards A Top Gift for Employees This Holiday
The holiday season is a time for employers to reward the work their employees have done all year. Do mugs and t-shirts really cut it?

Ask the Coach - Issue 49: Teams Gone Awry?
Executive Coach, Merry Marcus, discusses team coaching – what it is and what it can achieve for you and your teams.

Uncertain Times and Corporate Social Responsibility: Companies Should Reach Out to Many Affected
How do you get through the tough times in your organization? A recent Sirota Survey discovered the businesses that did the best adopted a partnership culture.

Civil Harassment: Applying Mediation
Mediation is highly appropriate for dealing with civil harassment disputes, says Norman R. Page.

Joan Lloyd's HR Words of Advice: Disruptive Team Member
You are leading a team down the road to improvement. But, what happens when you hit a bump? You've been asked to include a disruptive staff member on your team. Joan Lloyd shares her advice.

Defined Contribution, Hybrid Plans Prevail Among World’s Leading Employers, Mercer Finds
How do retirement and other benefits differ in 47 countries around the world? Mercer highlights trends in benefit provisions and workforce management.

Tips for Much Less Stress in Your Workplace
Handling stress can be difficult for most people. How do leaders and other employees handle stress in them and in others? Dr. Michael Mercer has some suggestions.

The Spaghetti Management Syndrome : Good Employees Require Good Managers
Many businesses do a poor job of selecting and training managers. Greg Smith explains.

BAPs: Navigate IT Process at C-Level
Many C-level executives freely admit they lack appropriate information to help them understand and support the IT budgeting and resource allocation process. Info-Tech explains.

Taxing Times Call for Expert Assistance
As regulations and accounting standards evolve, outsourcing plays a greater role in many organizations’ tax strategies. Andy Teng explains.

Business, Education and Community Groups Must Collaborate to Improve Workforce Readiness
It takes a town to raise an employee. . . The Conference Board investigates what is needed to ensure workforce readiness.

Employers Using Coaching & Mentoring More Often To Retain High-Potential & Front-Line Workers
Coaching and mentoring may be just the ticket to keep top employees in your organization. ClearRock shares their study.

Majority of Employees Say They Are More Productive -- or as Productive -- When Boss Is Away
How do the mice play when the cat is away? Fairly according to a poll by ComPsych Corporation.

The Scent of Disability Discrimination
A sensitive nose versus a Pennsylvania organization... in a court of law, it was the sweet smell of success for an organization accused of failing to accommodate a disability. M. Lee Smith shares the story.

Co-Worker Woes: Office Team Offers Tips for Dealing with Unprofessional Colleagues
We've all worked with them. . . the belittler, the rumormonger, the saboteur. How do we cope with them? The Office Team shares tips for dealing with unprofessional colleagues.

Re-Thinking Human Resources
CEO's don't know how to use HR, they prefer to see HR in its traditional role as back office support, says Ken Moore.

Do More for Some People and Less for Others
Fixed salaries, hourly pay, set compensation. . . we don't all work the same, should we be rewarded the same? Bruce Tulgan takes a look.

Working Mothers - US Research Results
Almost 90% of working mothers say that, if there were no obstacles, they would work either full-, part- or flex-time. Accenture shares more of its findings.

Work/Life Balance Not a Priority for Many Organizations, According to Monster Survey
Study indicates that only half of HR professionals believe work/life balance will improve over next five years.

Dealing with What You Don’t Know
Leading without all the facts. . . How can it be done? John Baldoni has some answers.

Goals and Incentives Can be a Drag
Goals are wonderful things... if they actually work in harmony with a business plan. Jim Shaffer explains.

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do - Succession Planning For Professional Services Firms
What makes succession planning for professional services firms so difficult? David Henderson explains.

Improve Your Internal Competitive Advantage using Social Media
Social networking tool can be just the thing your organization needs to help your HR team find time to recruit and retain, says David Cummings.

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