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Event Calendar / Practice Safe Stress: Harnessing Change, Loss and Humor to Build Resiliency
Details & Time Frame
Practice Safe Stress: Harnessing Change, Loss and Humor to Build Resiliency
In a 24/7 world that's cycling from “do more with less” reorganizing to ever faster upgrading while periodically spinning scarily out of control, managing stress and effective team communication and cooperation are on everybody's mind…and with good reason. Consider these two items: Workplace stress costs the nation more than $300 billion each year in health care, missed work and stress reduction efforts. (Source: American Institute of Stress). Workers who report they are stressed incur health care costs that are 46 percent higher, or $600 more per person, than other employees. (Source: NIOSH) The pressures to sustain morale, employee wellness – heath and productivity – and engage in meaningful communication have never been greater, especially in a time of rapid and/or major transition. Have no fear…Mark Gorkin, "The Stress Doc" ™ is here with his dynamic and interactive, inspiring and FUN-filled presentation and will also share “take home” small group exercises. The Doc takes a two-pronged approach to “Stress Resiliency” – psychological and interpersonal. First, quickly recognize stress smoke signals and “The Four Stages of Burnout.” Discover psychological and organizational techniques for breaking the “Erosive Spiral” and for building resiliency. Also discover the Doc’s personal “Burnout Recovery” process. Learn to turn the danger of loss and change into the opportunity of grief and transition. In addition, learn to grapple with those procrastination tendencies and achieve “Emancipation Procrastination” (and, ironically, you do this by learning to PANIC).

From an engagement perspective, research suggests that 75% of workplace stress involves some form of interpersonal conflict. Let the Stress Doc show you how to effectively disarm a critical aggressor through “tactful assertion” and “responsive listening.” Also discover why and how “healing humor” can be a powerful tool for reducing conflict and building compassion, camaraderie and team cohesion. (In fact, the most productive managers use humor three times more often than their less effective colleagues.) Finally, discover the concept of “psychological hardiness” as well as the Stress Doc's “3-D” – Discussion-Drawing-Diversity – Exercise cutting edge group exercise and method for expanding personal energy and professional creativity as well as team camaraderie and synergy.

More specifically, you will discover:

a) How to quickly identify your typical stress smoke signals through a “3 ‘B’ Stress Barometer Exercise”
b) “The Four Stages of Burnout” along with the “Vital Lesson” and “Four Rs” key for breaking the cycle and recovering from burnout
c) The “Six ‘F’s for Transforming Loss and Change into Challenge and Opportunity”
d) Tools and techniques for disarming a critical aggressor by setting boundaries on negativity and affirming your integrity
e) “The SHAME of Procrastination” and how to achieve “Emancipation Procrastination”
f) Why humor is good for what AILS you and how to effectively apply humor to defuse tension and inspire others
g) The research-based concept of Executive Psychological Hardiness and the Stress Doc’s signature “real world” team exercise for relieving small or large group stress and frustration, sharing laughter, sparking creativity, and generating camaraderie, cooperation and a sense of community.

Seek the higher power of Stress Doc humor: May the Farce Be with You!

Don't miss your appointment with the Stress Doc.
05/16/2012 1:30 pm o'clock
05/16/2012 2:30 pm o'clock
Presentation Creator

Webcast information

Who should participate:

All experience levels

What you will learn:

1. Recognize stress and burnout smoke signals and key psychological and organizational concepts for breaking the cycle of and recovering from burnout; learn the prevention technique “Developing Natural SPEED” 2. Learn communications tools and techniques for defusing a critical aggressor through tactful assertion and by applying self-effacing “healing humor” 3. Achieve “Emancipation Procrastination” by understanding dynamics of and tools for overcoming procrastination and time disorganization tendencies 4. Build into your personal-professional routine “Psychological Hardiness” and “Natural SPEED”

Recommended Resources:

1) Stress Doc Website – 2) Stress Doc Blog – 3) Mark Gorkin, Practice Safe Stress: Healing and Laughing in the Face of Stress, Burnout & Depression, Author House, 2004 4) Mark Gorkin, The Four Faces of Anger: Transforming Anger Rage and Conflict into Inspiring Attitude and Behavior, CEO, 2005 5) Workshop handout for attendees to be provided
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