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Event Calendar / Personal Online Brand Protection and Promotion
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Personal Online Brand Protection and Promotion
How Thought Leaders can build a strong personal online brand to benefit themselves and their organizations.

You’ve heard it before: “Your people are your brand”. But are they visible online? And, if so, is their value evident to those looking to hire or be hired by them?

In 2012, prospective customers and employees no longer turn to nor trust the “company line” when it comes to the value of an organization. Instead, they seek the thoughts, ideas and solutions of the leaders of an organization when deciding whether to engage with it.

In today’s digitally connected and socially-exposed world, business leaders are increasingly expected to be visible and accessible online. But when the technology is not innate, when time pressures are ever-heavy, and when reputational risks are exponentially propagated, how does one go about protecting and promoting their best thinking online?

In this presentation, you will learn how key executives and knowledge-holders in an organization can develop and create a thought-leadership brand online that addresses the risks of personal and corporate exposure, while creating enormous opportunities for both individuals and their employers.

You’ll also learn how to manage what appears when people search for your name online, and how to turn that event into a great opportunity for you and your company.

We’ll show you how instructional content helps build an authoritative brand that creates enormous opportunities across the company, and how to capture and publish your best thinking and leverage it on social networks like LinkedIn and Twitter.

You’ll leave this webinar knowing the key components of the thought leader’s personal online brand and 5 actionable steps you can take to immediately begin protecting and promoting both your name online, and those of the key leaders in your organization.

Who should attend?

•       HR professionals who are looking to carefully build their names online.
•       Hiring managers who want to leverage the thought leadership of the company to improve their employer brand.
•       HR managers who are looking for innovative ways to increase retention at the executive level.

Attendees of this webinar will be offered free access to All Roads’ proprietary personal online brand assessment and recommendation engine: This tool assesses three important things: credibility in your industry, attitudes towards being online, and your current visibility on search-engines and social networks. The scores generated by the tool then drive personalized, actionable recommendations to help credible professionals make their mark online, one attainable step at a time.

The Do I Matter tool is also an excellent resource leading into the event and we encourage all participants to maximize their experience by completing the 5-minute assessment before joining us for the live webinar. For more information visit:

Here’s a look at what professionals have to say about our most recent webinar sessions:

“Thanks very much for an informative webinar. I learned a lot. And I was quite relieved to hear your point of view on Twitter and Facebook, as I have been wondering about their applicability to my online efforts. “

“A short message to say thanks for a most informative webinar. I've been concerned about my own ignorance of social media.”

“Thanks for the seminar, I found it very interesting! I took home many ideas that I have already started implementing. “

“I thoroughly enjoyed the webinar and will be putting a number of actions in place. I found it to be very practical and answered a numbers of questions that I was pondering for a while.”

06/14/2012 11:00 am o'clock
06/14/2012 12:00 pm o'clock
Grant Goodwin

Webcast information

Who should participate:

• HR professionals who are looking to carefully build their names online. • Hiring managers who want to leverage the thought leadership of the company to improve their employer brand. • HR managers who are looking for innovative ways to increase retention at the executive level.

What you will learn:

• The effects of executive online exposure to your organization • How to leverage organizational Thought Leadership online • How individual and executive team online brand provides opportunities across the organization, including talent attraction and retention. • Why educational content is so important, how to develop it, and how to publish it online. • Where, Google+, Twitter and Facebook fit in to individual online branding • How to manage search results when outsiders look your people up prior to meetings.

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