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Topic: Leaders Are Made, Not Born - A Myth Or Reality ?

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Member since 09/05/2008
Leaders Are Made, Not Born - A Myth Or Reality ?
09/14/2009 / 2:46 pm    #1

In my opinion: leaders are neither Born nor Made, but an optimum combination of both - outcome of a recent scientific experiment.....

Kindly, go through the Research Material at Leaders Are Made, Not Born - A Myth Or Reality ? share your opinion


Member since 06/10/2005
Re: Leaders Are Made, Not Born - A Myth Or Reality ?
10/20/2009 / 2:45 pm    #2

Even though you can train to become a great leader, there are people in this world who were born to lead. They've always had it in them. They are confident, decisive people with a passion and drive that probably stems from their DNA.


Member since 12/20/2010
Re: Leaders Are Made, Not Born - A Myth Or Reality ?
01/04/2011 / 9:45 am    #3

Some people are lucky enough to be born with some of the key qualities (creativity, confidence) associated with great leadership. However, while this part of the saying is true, I think there that this world moves on at such a rapid pace that no-one can exist as a great leader without honing existing skills and learning new ones.

And, ironically, perhaps it is the born leaders that find themselves slipping away when they forget to accept help and advice of others.

Interesting debate though.


Muika Leadership


Member since 03/11/2011
Re: Leaders Are Made, Not Born - A Myth Or Reality ?
04/20/2011 / 10:56 am    #4

I used to believe that leaders were made rather than born, when I looked at characters such as Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, etc. Many recent publications have been released with hard core scientific facts to back up the statement; leaders are made rather than born.
Charismatic Leaders or Leadership Charisma is one area that I have recently witnessed numerous books being published on.
My opinion is a difficult one to sway when I have certain but the facts in these books back up their theory.
This is a good thing for all us aspiring leaders out there.

I do agree that some people appear that they were just born to lead but it is the string of events throughout their life and the informed decisions that they have made, that has resulted in them becoming this great leader.
Its a choice rather than a privilege


Member since 05/08/2011
Re: Leaders Are Made, Not Born - A Myth Or Reality ?
05/10/2011 / 9:27 am    #5

The link doesn´t work (anymore), but the question is a very classical and fundamental one. My answer is: none of them. Neither is one born to be a leader/as a leader nor can a leader be made. A leader comes into being and is a kind of possible outcome of societal and individual development.

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