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HR Information Systems: Audits, Compliance and Risk Management

October 24-25, 2011
This event has ended. Click Enter Event to view the archive.
A Human Resource Management System (HRMS) or Human Resource Information System (HRIS), refers to the systems and processes at the intersection between human resource management (HRM) and information technology.

Do you want that competitive edge in the HRIS space? Do you want to assert your knowledge of current HR topics, trends within your domain? Why not set yourself apart from your peers and get certified with and the Institutes for Human Resources (IHR).

The Institute for Human Resources (IHR), the certification and accreditation arm of, has a program for you! Many HR professionals have a general HR degree or certification with a wide spectrum of HR functionalities learned. The IHR is the only institute that focuses on niche areas within Human Resources. A specialty certification increases your market value, adds value to your work experience, furthers your knowledge, and recognizes you as an industry leader and/or expert in the field.

Conference Webcast Schedule
Grant Perry, Director(No Company Selected)

This session will provide you with an overview of the IHR HRIS Best Practices and Trends certification program with the second two-day virtual conference taking place on July 11th and 12th. You will be given an outline of the program topics and guidance on how the virtual event will run. You will be introduced to the members of the Advisory Board and learn about upcoming events and opprtunities.

Colleen Wong-Sala, Business Development(JDA Software Group, Inc.)

This presentation is not available for Certification.

Long are the days of just using a cellphone for emergency purposes only! The world of media and technological convergence has become a driver for businesses to adopt the use of smartphones and tablets in their daily operations. Comsumerization of these smart and tablet products span all generations and they make our lives easier. If you have ever used a mobile app to do banking or similar tools, you know that logging into a computer to do these same tasks seems like an ancient process. Mobile applications are able to reach a broader audience, communicate data in real time and provide a full audit trail of the interactions / activities which cannot be done through standard email. By being able to communicate to your employees through multiple touch points like email, web mail, portals, social networks and mobile, business leaders are turning to their HR teams to become their strategic, mobile stakeholders. Employees are the assets of any company and who knows more about managing a workforce then HR.

By mobilizing an existing HRIS system, organizations can see a higher ROI on their current infrastructure. The process of business-to-employee (B2E) communications thought mobile apps, aligns several departments like HR and IT, so that they have a single vision of the desired process from extending, existing corporate policies and compliances, to improving workforce productivity and lowering operating costs. The webinar will cover topics of mobile data security, workforce compliance like collective bargaining agreements, managing over time and independent contractors. By mobilizing the current HR processes it provides a greater ROI on the existing systems already in place, reduces and mitigates potential grievances.

Paul Jelinek, Director of Product Management(Ultimate Software)

In this session participants will learn about three very important concepts that if implemented properly will enable their employees to make informed benefit decisions. The three concepts that will be discussed are:

•       Benefits Communication – this is the most basic of the three concepts that will be discussed. Because there is a lot more to consider than a benefit plans premium cost, this concept focuses on the importance of providing employees with instant access to additional plan details. These details include information on deductibles, co-pays, out of pocket maximums, prescription drug costs, etc.
•       Education – because employees do not understand the most basic concepts when it comes to benefit plans, HR departments are often inundated with questions about benefits from their employees. Common questions include: what is the difference between a PPO and HMO, how does a co-pay work, what benefit plan would you recommend, etc. With this in mind, it is important that employers employ tools that will help educate employees on benefit plan fundamentals so that they are empowered to make informed benefits decisions on their own.
•       Decision Support – this is the most advanced of the three concepts and is what enables employees to holistically evaluate the many benefit plans being offered to them. In the simplest form, decision support tools enable employees to compare available benefit plans side by side. Using the most sophisticated approach, tools can be used to recommend benefit plans based on an employee’s response to specific questions about themselves and family members.

After completing this session, participants will walk away knowing the importance of benefits communication, education and decision support and and ideas for employing them using their online benefits enrollment systems.

Wendy Cook, Marketing(Infor)

If your organization’s HR efforts are hindered by the lack of budget and resources, this webinar will be a valuable 60 minutes of your time.

Learn how a multi-tier approach to delivering in-house HR services can actually help you improve HR Service Delivery – yet with fewer of your valuable resources and lower hard-dollar costs. This webinar will show you how employers are using this approach to:
• Reduce the time HR talent spends on administrative tasks from 70-80% to as low as 6%*
• Drive employees to personalized, searchable “Tier 0” portal to answer their own HR questions 80-90% of the time
• Staff HR service centers with fewer reps handling higher call volume – and 80-90% 1st call resolution
• Reduce hard-dollar HR Service Delivery costs by 20-50%*

Find out why more and more organizations are moving to a new, in-house model for HR Service Delivery – one that puts personalized information directly into the hands of employees, driving knowledge up and costs down! A discussion of the CedarCrestone HCM Excellence model will be reviewed, with emphasis on the key service delivery elements: Portal framework, single sign-on, Knowledgebase, Onboarding, Case Management and employee and manager self-service.

Join Kelvin Lovely, Enwisen’s HR Shared Services and HR Service Delivery Business Process Consultant, with 25+ years of consulting and hands-on experience leading major organizations through HR transformation and the establishment of world-class HR Shared Services operations for this important webinar. Kelvin will be joined by Enwisen’s Wendy Cook, a frequent speaker on HR Service Delivery transformation, who will share examples of customer success stories.

Liz Bucko, Product Management(Oracle Corporation)

An important part of being and HR Professional is understanding the critical and often time-consuming patroll year end process. Tired of missing Christmas parties and the ringing in of the New Year because you are too busy working to get accurate financial reports, benefits adjustments and W-2’s? Come to this Session to learn about processes and practices you can implement year round to support a smooth year end. Tips and Tricks will help you prepare for closing this year and opening next year without any headaches!

Liz Bucko, Product Director at Ultimate, has over 15 years of experience building and implementing HR and payroll solutions. With Ultimate since 2008, Liz is currently responsible for the strategy and development of the company’s core products including Payroll, Compliance, and Time.

Margaret Graziano, Chief Evangelist /Co Founder(The Wealth of Talent)

Margaret Graziano’s provocative and insightful approach as well as her thorough knowledge of Recruitment, Hiring and Retention makes her an outstanding resource for the Vistage community. As a CEO, she ties tactical people solutions to strategic organizational impact. What HR Leaders all too often painfully uncover is that the right systems housing the wrong people always fail and that wrong systems housing the right people often fail.

Come learn how you can advance your career in Human Resources to the next level. Discover how you can transform your career from a transactional HR employee into a strategic HR business partner!

This high-energy, collaborative program highlights the drivers and leverages that bring long-term personal and business success to you as a HR professional. Explore and create a vision for yourself and your future that inspires you to take action that leads you to a higher level of success!

Margaret (Margo) is the CEO and Sr. Managing partner of KeenHire Talent Management, a recruitment & talent management solutions firm that partners with growth bound companies to maximize their people ROI. Margaret has worked in the Human Capital industry since 1983. She has been coaching business leaders in implementing a conscious-hiring process with high performing recruitment and talent acquisition, retention and talent management strategies since 1999. Margaret is certified in Organizational Development, , Behavioral Interviewing, Psychometric Assessment usage, Role Analysis and Employee Retention. Join her for a limited time only in this exclusive webinar to learn her specialties and workforce secrets today!

Jacqueline Beck, SVP, eLearning(Brookwood)

Join Jacquie Beck on October 24th via Webcast to learn how organizations leverage Adobe Connect to deliver rich and engaging online eLearning and communications. Attendees will see a live, interactive, and detailed product tour of Adobe Connect and learn the BEST PRACTICES of being a Virtual Trainer on any platform. Jacquie will discuss in her best practices; user engagement, Webcam use, vocal variation, how to keep your audience engageed when you cannot see them, and she will provide a free whitepaper of best practices for all attendees. Co-Presenting with Jacquie will be Ed Stengel, Director of Business Development and a skilled eLearning Solution Expert.

Web Conferencing removes the traditional technology barriers of web communications and eLearning, which allow organizations to train and communicate instantly. Our platform for this Webinar, Adobe Connect, is delivered via the Flash Player, which is installed on over 98% of computers worldwide, making it simple and easy for learners, team members, contractors, and vendors alike. Our presentation will demonstrate a single, easy-to-use platform that can meet all of your online training and communication needs securely and in real-time migrating best practices into the demo with samples and best-of-breed use cases.

At this informational seminar, you will learn to:
• Develop rapid training programs that are easy to create, inexpensive, and will meet your compliance or certification needs
• Train more team members faster with less impact on budgets and travel time
• Utilize next generation web conferencing and virtual classroom technology
• Recognize trends in virtual classrooms training delivery with documented best practices

Ed Colby, HCM/WFM Strategic Consultant and Technology Evangelist(PRO HCM - HCM/WFM Strategic Consulting)

For how long have we in HR stated the often abused adage people are our most important asset”? Unfortunately, this adage is all too often given short shrift and forgotten in the hustle and bustle of daily, reactionary work crises. In today’s era of global economic upheaval, it’s never been truer that “people are our most important asset”, as well as the last major area of controllable expense and improvement in operational effectiveness.

Organizations have spent the past 20 years “Lean-ing out” the inefficiencies, and “Six-Sigma-ing” the quality of their supply chains and operational processes. However, they have not applied the same rigor, management science and automation to getting the most out of their people asset. Ensuring “the right number, of the right people, at the right place, at the right time, and at the right cost” has never been more important for competitive survival, and for HR! See how championing Workforce Management leading practices and tools can help HR become the hero in driving organizations to higher performance and competitive strength.

HR’s role has traditionally been viewed as acquiring, developing, managing the performance of, rewarding, and retaining top talent. Until very recently, WFM as an operational discipline has not traditionally been viewed as being part of HR’s role in the organization, and hasn’t received much visibility in professional HR circles. However, the current global “war for talent” caused by today’s “flat” global marketplace and the reality of the US workforce age and skill demographics make it imperative that organizations make the most effective use of the talent they already have in place!

Workforce Management is more than just Timekeeping and paying people right…it has evolved and matured into a broader suite of critical application tools and practices that help manage the availability and efficient utilization of labor, thereby increasing productivity and operational performance, resulting in a de facto net effective increase in organizational capacity! Beyond this, WFM helps reduce labor expense, minimize compliance risk, and increase employee morale, engagement, loyalty and retention.

Discover why the “hot” management concept of Workforce Management (Time and Attendance; Absence and Leave Management; Workforce Budgeting, Forecasting and Scheduling; Workforce Tasks/Activities; Workforce Analytics) is the quickest path to a higher-performing organization. Learn why HR must become the organizational catalyst for WFM and how to become the internal champion for automation that returns unchallengeable financial and business benefits of optimizing your current people asset. Learn how YOU can become a hero in your organization by understanding and realizing the full value of Workforce Management in increasing operational effectiveness - thereby realizing a net increase in effective capacity and productivity without adding staff!

Tom Sonde, Principal(SilverRoad Solutions)

Business Process Management
Tips for Performing HR Process Improvement

Presented by Tom Sonde

BPM, TQM, EPM, process mapping, continuous improvement, modeling, change management, and lean are just some of the buzz words currently in vogue.

Rather then define buzz words this session is designed to provide practical every day tips for successfully implementing process improvement initiatives in your organization.

The skills needed to be a good HR practitioner are not necessarily the same skills required to be successful in performing process improvement work. While some easily transition into process improvement project leaders other find it more difficult. This session will provide helpful tips for both you and your staff.

Learning Objectives
•       What are the key attributes of successful projects?
•       How do you approach a process improvement project?
•       How do you marry best practices, process and technology?

Tom Sonde
Principal SilverRoad Solutions

Tom is a principal with SilverRoad Solutions, a management consulting firm specializing in HR business process improvement. He began performing process improvement work while at The Dun & Bradstreet Corporation. He subsequently worked at KPMG Consulting and was VP Global Business Transformation at Misys where he implemented SAP.

Tom has extensive experience in designing and implementing process improvement initiatives. He has written several articles on this topic including: Finding the Hidden Values in HR Systems, Human Resources Executive.

For additional information regarding improving your HR system please visit

Ray Bixler, President and Chief Executive Officer(SkillSurvey, Inc.)


Provide extra value to your HR team. Learn how new Web 2.0 reference-checking allows your HR executives, recruiters and hiring managers to uncover and avoid the 3-5% of candidates who are bad-hires.

The result is a documented savings of thousands of dollars in salaries and hiring costs on candidates who are not a good fit. Users of the technology also receive pivotal feedback from five references in two days, and recruiters receive a report showing which candidates have desirable behaviors and skills. Results are scientifically validated to predict long-term success for a specific position.

Feedback received from these reference assessments can also be used to plan or adjust onboarding procedures and training. For example, a candidate with little CRM experience, but with high scores for customer service skills from the reference information, may be a potential fit for the organization in a customer service role if additional training on CRM systems is provided within the first 90 days of employment.

Recruiters who use the new technology receive: 5 references in 2 days for each candidate, candid feedback about behaviors and skills, and scores that identify which candidates to pause a hiring decision for.

Improve your HR team’s entire hiring strategy by obtaining information about behaviors and skills that scientifically predict a candidate’s success for a position. Improve reference-checking efficiency by 85%.

Participants will learn: What Web 2.0 reference-checking means; how to improve quality-of-hire immediately; how to improve reference-checking efficiency by 85%; how to infuse consistency, reliability and validity into each reference-check; and what the science is that’s driving online reference assessments.

Who should attend? HRIS and shared services professionals, recruiters, talent acquisition staff, and HR executives.

Sponsors for this event:

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Did you know that each one-hour webcast is submitted to qualify for HR Certification Institute recertification credits? The archive of the webcast also qualifies recertification credits, for one (in some cases two) year(s) after the original broadcast. You can get your PHR, SPHR, GPHR and credits all without ever leaving your desk. We know how busy today's successful HR professionals are, which is why we're committed to delivering the best education to you in an easy and entertaining format. For more information about certification or recertification, please visit the HR Certification Institute homepage at
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