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Is it ok to use social media at work?

Posted by Kirsten, Michael at Wednesday, 06/13/2012 12:58 am
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The proliferation of social media across the workplace is causing anxiety among staff and executives. Globally, almost one-third of employees now believe it is acceptable to use social media for personal use while at work, but there is widespread concern about the consequences.

30% of employees feel that it is acceptable to use social media for personal use while at work, but this varies widely, from 48% in APAC, 30% in EMEA, and just 16% in the Americas. Among the generations, 36% of Gen Y sees a valid place for social media in the workplace, but this falls to 30% of Gen X and 19% of Baby Boomers.

Despite the amount of people using social media at work (including forums, blogs, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) almost half (47%) express concern that their use may lead to problems in the workplace. More than one-third (43%) say it already impacts adversely on productivity, and older generations are the most concerned about this.

The findings are part of the latest survey results from the Kelly Global Workforce Index, an annual survey conducted by Kelly Services. This year, nearly 170,000 people across 30 countries participated and the results show distinct differences across regions and age groups.

The results also reveal that the issue of access to personal social media content is problematic in many workplaces. Approximately one-third (34%) believes that their employer has the right to view their social networking pages. A similar number (30%) also believe that a prospective employer should be able to view social media pages when making hiring decisions.

Other key findings were:

- Almost one-quarter (24%) feels that it is acceptable to share opinions about work with friends and colleagues on social media. This is highest in APAC, where 36% approve of this behavior, compared with 22% in EMEA, and just 17% in the Americas.

- More than one in ten respondents (12%) have been told to stop using social media at work. Within the Americas, as few as 6% have been told to stop, compared to 13% in EMEA and 18% in APAC.

- Three in ten (30%) are more inclined to search for jobs via social media than through traditional methods such as newspapers, online job boards and recruitment firms. This is highest in the APAC region (47%) compared with the Americas (26%) and EMEA (24%).

This latest report into social media shows just how pervasive it now is in our lives and in our workplaces. It also shows large variation in how we engage with social media according to our age and geographic location.

To read the detailed findings, download the full report, When Worlds Collide - The Rise of Social Media for Professional and Personal Use.

  • Divya Kanaran I think its ok to use social media at work.

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