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It’s Recovery Time for Work/Life Balance

Posted by Tucker, Elissa at Friday, 04/20/2012 2:25 pm
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During the past several years, high levels of unemployment pushed the topic of work/life balance to the HR sidelines. With hiring in the United States reaching levels not seen since 2008 (as reported by the Gallup Job Creation Index), the time has come for HR to revisit work/life balance.

During the global recession, workers assumed heavy workloads and worked long hours in an effort to remain employed. As they gain more employment options, they will seek to restore balance between their work and personal lives.

Beyond the relaxed dress codes and flexible work hours offered by more than half of employers (according to the results of APQC’s Open Standards Benchmarking survey on rewarding and retaining employees), what other work/life balance programs can organizations implement to retain top talent?

APQC’s Collaborative Benchmarking research has shown that a best practice is to take a comprehensive view of work/life balance that goes beyond offering relaxed dress and flexible hours to provide holistic support for employees while they are at work and at home. The best-practice organizations we have studied offer a range of options to help employees pursue work/life balance including:

 health and safety programs,
 work-at-home policies and practices,
 fitness benefits,
 support for dual-career families, and
 sabbaticals.

Learn about the work/life balance and retention programs at best-practice employer General Mills by listening to the complimentary recording of APQC's April Human Capital Management Community Call. Tim Gluszak, human resources manager at General Mills, shares General Mills' practices around:

 onboarding,
 worksite amenities,
 employee networks,
 work flexibility, and
 employee training.

Click here to listen to a recording of the presentation or view the presentation slides.

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