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Mangrove Employer Services


  • SaaS (Software as a Service)
    As one of the industries only true SaaS solutions in that it is hosted and has a single code base, Mangrove's hosted application provides all the key features you would expect from an expensive, complex HR and Payroll application without the up-front investments, ongoing maintenance costs, and aggravation of licensing, customizing,...
  • Licensed Software
    Mangrove was originally designed for the client-server environment. And that means it delivers all of the speed, scalability, and ease-of-use you would expect from a true client-server solution. And unlike many systems developed in-house, Mangrove offers complete control of data and reporting systems without the high maintenance...
  • Service Bureaus
    Mangrove provides you with the technology to stay competitive, the tools to better service your existing customers, and the confidence to successively position your company for new opportunities. Mangrove’s evolution strategy begins with people and encompasses maximum choice for service bureaus and their customers. Imagine an...
  • Timekeeping Solution
    Mangrove's automated Time and Attendance solution is designed to proficiently and successfully meet the labor management needs of organizations of all sizes. Completely web-based and fully integrated with Mangrove's Workforce Empowerment Suite, you always receive fast, accurate collecting, calculating, processing and reporting of all...
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Mangrove is a leading software and services provider of human resource management, benefits administration and payroll solutions. Designed for workforce empowerment, Mangrove's integrated solution include self service, benefits management with online enrollment, recruitment, strategic reporting, customization tools, full-service COBRA administration, premium billing and FSA, HSA, HRA with debit card administration