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AIM Strategies, Applied Innovative Management


  • Virtual Teams Trends Report
    Walk into any office today, and you know that things are not as they were a decade ago.  Ask employees about their co-workers, and many will say they are working on projects with colleagues in a different building, a different city, or even a different country.  The business landscape has changed, as globalization and technology...
  • A Manager's Guide to Virtual Teams
    BOOK: A Manager's Guide to Virtual Teams (Released August 2011) Are You Interested in Maximizing Teamwork in Virtual Teams? With an increasing number of employees working remotely, it’s more difficult than ever to ensure teams work effectively. How can managers create productive, effective teams without the benefits of face-to-face...
  • Bringing Reality to Your Virtual Team
    Over the past several years, AIM Strategies® has been working with Global Virtual Teams (GVTs) that are challenged by working across continents, cultures, languages and time zones. Findings from our work together have provided the basis for my creating a specific methodology, the ’VIRTUAL ROADMAP, which offers a practical blueprint for...
  • Communicating Through a Global Lens
    Our world has transformed, and so your colleagues may sit in the next cubicle or at a workstation on another continent. How do you build productive work relationships with team members with whom you can communicate instantaneously, but may not achieve true understanding with, due to cultural differences, language barriers and national...
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AIM Strategies® Applied Innovative Management® is a results-driven Human Capital Consulting firm specializing in the areas of: Global Leadership Development, Co-located and Virtual Team Facilitation, Cross Cultural Coaching, and Change Integration Services. To request information about AIM’s experiential learning methods (5D’s™ Consulting/Proprietary Training Methodology and ACT™ Coaching Process), please email

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