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Consumer-Directed Healthcare (CDH)

Sep 29 2010 - Sep 29 2010
Corporate Health & Wellness
We are facing a nation with escalating health issues and a health care cost burden that is stunning. Corporations have been absorbing the impact of costly, preventable diseases up to now, but with new health care legislation and a growing awareness, companies realize that a new approach is needed. Personal health behaviors over which individuals have control, such as diet, smoking, and activity, significantly impact chronic disease, which, according to the CDC, account for 75%, or $1.5 trillion, of our nation’s health care costs. Yes. $1.5 TRILLION.

The increase in lifestyle-driven conditions not only contributes to the rise in health care costs, but negatively impacts employee productivity. In fact, it is estimated that the lost economic output associated with seven of the most common chronic health problems - cancer, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, mental disorders, pulmonary conditions and stroke - totals more than $1 trillion, including time lost for employee and caregiver workdays and individual and caregiver presenteeism.

Join us as we look at this issue and what companies can do.
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