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Train Your Leaders

Apr 14 2010 - Apr 14 2010
Leadership Development Programs: Should You Be Using Them?
Leadership Development Programs are effective at (1) increasing the caliber of the workforce, (2) enhancing efficiency in the organization's education and development activities, (3) reducing turnover and related expenses, and (4) focusing organizational attention on specific strategic priorities. Amid rapidly changing technologies, faster cycles of innovation, and hyper-competitive markets, why do some companies consistently outperform their competitors? Strong leadership is the differentiator. Leaders play a key role in creating and sustaining business success. Likewise, high potential employees (HIPO's) are the emerging leaders in your organization and need to be identified and nurtured.

Learn how leading organizations are using new insights and tools to help develop and sustain their leaders in order to tackle the tough challenges of leading change under pressure, building effective teams, and developing leadership throughout the organization.
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