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Virtual Conference Webcast
This course reviews the Affordable Care Act. The first part of the course discusses the general requirements of the Affordable Care Act, including those requirements that apply to companies today. Specifically, the course discusses the extension of dependent coverage to age 26, limits on pre-existing conditions and essential health benefits, coverage of emergency services, cost-sharing restrictions on certain preventive care coverages, the new appeals process, initial authorization by primary care physician restrictions, limits on reimbursements of certain medications, automatic health plan enrollment, additional preventive services, non-discrimination requirements, and more. The second part of the course discusses requirements that take effect in 2012 and beyond. Specific topics include health FSA salary reduction contribution limits, Medicare Part D subsidy elimination, changes to waiting periods, limitations on pre-existing conditions and essential health benefits, restrictions on cost-sharing, clinical trial requirements, wellness programs, new Summary of Benefits and Coverage regulations, new HIPAA certification requirements, state Exchanges, the individual mandate, and more. Penalties and taxes associated with non-compliance are also reviewed. Among the penalties and taxes that are reviewed are: the Code section 4980D health plan non-compliance excise tax, the excise tax on HSA distributions for non-medical purposes, the annual fee assessed on plan sponsors, medical loss ratio rebates, medical expenses deduction limit, additional FICA and SECA payroll tax, new investment income tax, $2,000 penalty for each full-time employee who seeks coverage through Exchanges, $3,000/$2,000 penalty for each full-time employee who receives a subsidy because employer’s coverage is unaffordable, annual fee on certain entities that provide health insurance, reinsurance fee, 40% excise tax on “cadillac” insurance plans, and more.
Date: Aug 8 2012
Time: 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM
Stephen Herbes
Law Office of Stephen F. Herbes

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Law Office of Stephen F. Herbes
This webcast is not valid for certification credit for current year.
Standalone Webcast
There are three developments that have made communicating benefits harder than ever:
  • The increasing complexity of benefits, especially health benefits
  • The general difficulty in getting anyone's attention
  • The need to master multiple communications channels
Fortunately, there are new ideas and methods for communicating during the open enrollment period that will help you battle past these challenges.

This webinar will look at the thinking that lies behind successful open enrollment communication programs and shares some specific tips and techniques. Among the techniques we will explore are the use of video, social media, and “federated” creation of content. We can do better communication than ever, but we have to embrace the right tools and right mindset.
Date: Jul 26 2012
Time: 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
David Creelman
Creelman Research

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Joan Babinski

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Bill Rubidge

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This webcast is not valid for certification credit for current year.
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