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Welcome to the Webcast Auditorium!

05/10/2012    12:30 pm - 1:30 pm

Building Your Success: Best Practices For the Biggest Benefits Challenges

Jennifer Benz (Benz Communications)

Many employers communicate to their workers about health care benefits during open-enrollment season. Such an initiative is appropriate at a time when employees need information to make health care coverage decisions. But, this effort should be only a small part of an employers’ benefit communication street. Communication needs to be two-way, and it needs to be year-round. In this program, Jennifer Benz will discuss best practices in benefits communication, including how to leverage social media and your corporate website for benefits communication.

Jennifer will ask, how do the best companies make their benefits a success? How can you use what they already know to make your company’s benefits successful as well? In this fast-paced presentation, she will lead the audience through the case studies that are making headlines: rolling out the newest results-based wellness incentives, driving health care consumerism, launching dynamic benefits websites and mobile tools and making the most of health care reform.

She’ll share stories from the leading Fortune 500 companies, from their benefits strategy to plan design to communications. She’ll show the audience how they can turn their biggest challenges into their biggest success.

Attendees will gain strategic insights and practical, usable tips on a variety of benefits topics including: Wellness plan design and incentives, best practice benefits communication, including the latest social media and mobile strategies, promoting health care consumerism, retirement savings and financial wellness. Attendees will also learn why having a website on the Internet is a requirement and how to effectively leverage social media to engage people year-round.

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