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Welcome to the Webcast Auditorium!

12/15/2011    11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Best Practices & Trends in Workforce Analytics

David Weisbeck (Visier, Inc.)

At the end of this session attendees should have a strong working knowledge of workforce analytics, its benefits, how to progress from beginner to advanced usage, how others have started and used metrics to their advantage, and finally an understanding of future trends in workforce analytics and planning.
The session will start by setting a baseline definition of workforce analytics. This baseline will serve as a framework to describe the potential benefits of focusing on data and metrics in HR with examples of what can be achieved. This theme will be expanded to provide information on both how an organization can start with analytics, or advance in their metric maturity. Regardless of whether attendees, or attendees' organizations are just starting in metrics or looking to expand their usage or add additional innovative insights a model will be shared to help them map and plan for increasing maturity. This model will show organization how they can plan and progress from beginner stages to advanced stages in a stepwise fashion.
To showcase what other organizations have done with workforce analytics two case study examples will be shared. One that highlights an example of an organization that recently started in workforce anaytics and how they approach their organization for buy-in and support. The other case study relates how a sophisticated organization used advanced techniques and an innovative or leading edge approach to the use of metrics to gain real advantage in the competition for talent.
Finally, the session will conclude by covering a survey of current and future trends in workforce analytics and associated technology. This will include providing insight into the pros and cons of the different approaches organizations may take to implement workforce analytics and insight into new technologies on the horizon.
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