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Welcome to the Webcast Auditorium!

04/26/2012    12:00 pm - 1:00 pm


Fern Silver (Fern Silver LTD)

An Anthropomaximologist is someone who helps others to perform at their best, get an A. Anthropomaximology is a term that comes from sports, specifically from sports kinesiology – “the study of the anatomy, physiology, and mechanics of body movement, especially in humans, and its application to the evaluation and treatment of muscular imbalance or derangement.” To achieve those winning moments in sports it is not enough to just evaluate and correct the physiology. The second and highly critical side of maximizing performance is our ability to create a mind- set – visualize the outcome – make a connection between the way we think and the way we perform. However, the definition of Anthropomaximology, from the International Federation of Kinesiology is “the science investigating the reserve potential of the healthy employee and the way to realize such potential fully under Maximum Effort.” While 90% of organizations have some type of recognition program in place The Reality is….. 65% of workers say they received no recognition in the last year. Becoming an Anthropomaximologist is all about ME (Maximum Effort) helping others shine. Imagine the celebration if the majority of your employees felt like #1 and treated others like they were #1 Do you know this leader? If you want to know the secrets of getting everyone to try harder – even perform 3-5 times as well as they do, then follow the path of this Anthropomaximologist and business winner who told us; “Remember; getting there isn’t half the fun – it’s all the fun!” To win big, “You’ll have to give up being an administrator who loves to run others and become a manager who carries water for his people so they can get on with the job.” He was passionate about some pretty fundamental requirements for success: humility; respect for people on the firing line; deep understanding of the nature of the business and the kind of people who can enjoy themselves making it prosper; respect from way down the line; HONESTY under pressure.

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