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12/15/2011    2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Achieving Agility: Organizational Planning and Modeling Best Practices

Rana Hobbs (Aasonn)

In the dynamic and ever changing world of business, it is imperative organizations stay agile to match the demands placed on them. The more quickly organizations can adapt and realign their structures with these changing conditions, the better their chances of success. Leading organizations are able to react quickly to changing internal or market conditions so as to seize market opportunity or avoid risk. There are two pieces fundamental to this agility – your people and your structure. When people and positions are in alignment, business is most effective. However, even with best talent, if not structured for success, they will hinder an organizations growth.
Organizations often lack a way to visualize the workforce and structure currently in place, and to then collaborate around change decisions, create change options, and assess the impact of change scenarios. As a result, organizational change becomes more risky, more costly, consumes longer cycle times, and jeopardizes the organization's ability to meet strategic objectives.

The questions are how can organizations continually aligning themselves to their strategies within fluctuating business and workforce conditions? How do they move quickly? Meet financial targets? Retain the right employees? Manage an efficient process?

To be a truly agile organization, you must be able to manage change from minor reassignments to major structural changes, so as to maintain constant alignment of your workforce to your most critical business objectives. In this session, we’ll cover how data visualization within organizational planning provides a strategic and systematic approach to enabling planners and managers to collaborate on options and to fully comprehend the impact of all structural changes before taking action.
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