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05/08/2012    11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Create "EmployeePreneurs" through Performance Management

Patricia Bell (BullseyeEvaluation)

Organizations are successful when employees understand why they show up for work. When you raise the bar for performance, organizations “thrive” and employees look forward to achieving results every day. How do you capture the formal and informal coaching activities of your leadership team? Today’s challenges of talent management include having an effective communication strategy with employees at all levels of the organization.

It begins with leadership’s ability to recognize employee talents, strengths and development areas. Most important is the willingness to provide ongoing, relevant feedback and support a strategic plan to connect daily employee accomplishments to organizational bench strength and career progression.

Performance management continues to be at the forefront of talent management strategies. The conversation between supervisor and employee is much more than an annual or quarterly form; it is an ongoing commitment of coaching and developing employees. Effective conversations and development plans addresses the shortage of a talented pool of employees ready to step into promotional opportunities. The philosophy of performance management must embrace the needs of the organization and employee development. Passive participation does not serve a company striving for operational excellence.

To remain competitive, employees must see their roles as more than a paycheck. Employees must be engaged to exceed company goals and improve their value in the organization. When employees are rewarded for becoming “EmployeePreneurs”, their performance levels are raised and temporary roadblocks are seen as opportunities.
This webinar will provide HR professionals and leadership a challenge to evaluate their performance management philosophy, tools and initiatives. A challenge to create supervisor training that values the benefits of honest conversations to change behavior results for organizational success.
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