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Welcome to the Webcast Auditorium!

03/06/2012    3:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Time and Attendance Tracking for Mobile Employees, in Real-Time

Quentin Miller (VeriClock Inc.)

This session will cover the basics of mobile employee time and attendance tracking. Topics covered will include how to track and collect data in real time, how to manage this data once collected, and how to report this data in a way that maximizes the benefits to an organization.

The portion of the session that deals with tracking and collecting data from off-site employees will highlight the importance of doing so in real time. Some of the more costly issues to an organization will be identified, like favorable rounding of hours worked, forgetfulness, “buddy punching”, and outright cheating. Further discussion will include a look into some of the various hardware devices and the accompanying verification features available on the market, including GPS tagging, voice authentication, and caller ID/IP address recording.

Next, there will be a discussion on ways in which this data can be managed. Some of the pros and cons of using a cloud-based, hosted solution versus an in-house IT solution will be discussed. Also included in this portion of the session will be a look into the more common errors that can occur with tracking time, and how these errors can be managed.

Lastly, this session will delve into the different types of reports that can be generated once the data has been accurately gathered. These reports include payroll reports, job cost reports, and any number of other customized reports. This section will also touch on various ways this data can be integrated with existing programs used for such things as payroll and invoicing.

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