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Welcome to the Webcast Auditorium!

03/05/2012    2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

What is SaaS?

Bahan Sadegh (NETtime Solutions)

The Internet has created a sea of opportunities to work more efficiently by sharing resources and exchanging information across vast distances in seconds through web-based software.

Web-based software delivered over the Internet helps business personnel collaborate more effectively by providing universally available tools that help organizations expand how and when work gets done.

This presentation looks at software as a service, or SaaS, in its true form and how that compares to other methods of delivering software both over the Internet and through on-premise installations. The discussion looks at what SaaS does and does not do. It covers the benefits to the end user and defines and discusses the terms used to describe it, such as multi-tenant, dynamic billing, zero-impact updates, scalability and anywhere, anytime access. Other benefits discussed include: quicker implementation, better technical support and a universal and continually up to date solution.

There are some things SaaS does not do and some things that are challenging to do. The discussion of the cons of SaaS is designed to help the participant understand all the factors to be considered when evaluating a SaaS solution and if those factors are must haves or can be worked around.

For human resource personnel, the discussion will look at opportunities to help shift workload from themselves to supervisors and employees through self-service functionality. Electronically gathered and stored information can help organizations effectively manage their workforce, provide a readily available, easily discoverable employee record to help comply with the requirements of local, state and federal labor laws and help mitigate the risk of wage and hour lawsuits.

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