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Welcome to the Webcast Auditorium!

05/03/2012    1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Empowering Your Social Workforce in the Cloud

Patrick McGuire (Vana Workforce)

Vana Workforce in partnership with, Canadian Masters in HR Strategy & Execution are excited to present “Empowering Your Social Workforce in the Cloud”; an information session for HR professionals, consultants, managers, small and midsized enterprise owners and operators; a rich overview and insight how to go from Hire to Retire with integrated HRIS solutions, saving time and money, increasing performance and reducing the bottom line for maximum impact and ROI while embracing the Social Workforce for increased success.

This content rich session will deliver an introduction to the cloud with a focus on the future of the social workforce and how it will benefit your organization to go above the clouds no matter your org size. This session will also explore the power of cloud computing and the new opportunities that exist to save your organization time and money. The big question these days seems to be how to manage a growing global social workforce and the “big data” that comes with it; we will address what Core HR really means and how organizations can manage big data and leverage the power of an integrated “hire to retire” human capital management solution in the cloud.

Organizations will learn how to save time and money working in the cloud with an integrated Human Resource Solution.

Consultants, HR Administrators and Managers will gain insights how the Social Workforce is going global and how to better manage and automate mundane monotonous tasks with instant accuracy and reporting metrics so you can focus on the H of HR and work with the other Humans in the Social Workforce.

Everyone will discover the power of the cloud and gain an understanding of the benefits of a robust integrated Hire to Retire HRIS that embraces integration and social collaboration.

"By the year 2014, 47% of ...workers will be under the age of 35. And these younger workers are just as smart and hard-working as we baby-boomers are." Bersin and Associates

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