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12/15/2011    12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Business Intelligence Innovations for Strategic Human Capital Management

Chris McLatcher (Ultimate Software)

Business Intelligence (BI). Analytics. Big Data. Now more than ever, companies realize their workforce data is a strategic asset—allowing for the expert workforce visibility needed to gain a sharp competitive edge. Empirical evidence is proving that analytically-driven companies are outperforming their competition, in some cases by significantly wide margins. IBM recently reported that analytics-driven organizations perform 222% better than their peers. It’s clear that gut-based judgments are being replaced by data-driven decisions. But how do you capitalize on the ever-growing amounts of workforce data generated in your organization each and every day?

Once only utilized by organizations’ sales and marketing functions, detailed metrics can now help companies more effectively utilize their HR data to make fact-based decisions about their human capital investments. New technologies are emerging that will help companies effectively harvest this data, but companies must be prepared. There is a maturity model that can impact whether or not companies will be successful in capitalizing on this data.

Join Chris McLatcher, Director of BI & Analytics at Ultimate Software, during this informative discussion about Business IntelligenceI innovations within the human capital management (HCM) space. You’ll get an in-depth look at hot, up-and-coming business applications, gain a better understanding of “big data’s” role in shaping the HR landscape for years to come, and hear a real-world case study of predictive analytics’ impact on business results. You’ll also discover how BI can empower HR with the expert insight needed to contribute to their company’s bottom line. Don’t miss this informative and exciting session!

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