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04/26/2012    1:30 pm - 2:30 pm

The Kind Of Employee Loyalty That Changes Everything

Dan Jones (Abenity)

True employee loyalty is the desire of every organization, but an often intangible and seemingly unreachable goal. What does it mean to really engage employees and cultivate a culture of loyalty? To transform a good team into a stellar team?

"The Kind Of Employee Loyalty That Changes Everything" offers 7 tips for plotting your course towards employee loyalty and 7 tips for growing loyalty strategies into an engaged workforce. You'll learn how to define success, plan your roadmap and place in motion a plan that will lay a foundation for loyalty. Then you'll take those fundamentals and learn how to truly cultivate and foster a culture that values the employee and places a priority on engagement with results.

Employee loyalty and engagement need to be more than buzz words in your organization. Common sense ideas like "valuing input" and "investing in employees" must become an integral part of the company to experience lasting success. Setting your employees up for success in turn sets up the company for success. By building relationships across divisions and throughout the corporate ladder, making investments in staffers that have long-term impact, and spotlighting achievements as part of the corporate culture, you'll be making strides towards having an emotionally vested workforce. We'll contemplate the touch-points of a workplace culture that helps employees strive, and leads to bottom line results and accomplished strategic objectives.

"The Kind Of Employee Loyalty That Changes Everything" aims to truly adjust the fabric of your corporate culture by reassessing the values of the company. Join us as we cast a vision for an engaged workforce and tackle the quest for loyalty!

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