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Welcome to the Webcast Auditorium!

03/05/2012    11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Mobility in Workforce Management: Opening the door for benefits beyond simply WFM mobility

Adrian Schauer (Vortex Connect)

Mobility in Workforce Management if deployed strategically can extend far beyond the expected result of simply mobilizing your scheduling or time and attendance system. With a strategic deployment the data, devices and channels can be leveraged to capture efficiencies across the entire organization and operation. The converging nature of mobility is proving to be game changing for leading organizations around the globe. The session will focus on how the short term mobile needs of your workforce management systems can be achieved while really focusing an eye on longer term benefits and opportunities.

A mobile platform allows your organization to extend it infrastructure. By being able to connect several systems into one mobile platform, your employees have access to all data through one single mobile app to do their job.

An easy way to demonstrate a quick return on investment is by mobilizing the workforce functions. By empowering employees with the right data at the right time, organizations can see a wide range of benefits from:

• Improved productivity
• Improved staffing coverage
• Improved employee satisfaction
• Reduced churn rates
• Improved revenues
• Lower operating costs

With the same mobile platform your organization can mobilize the rest of the enterprise such as operational procedures and policies.

The webinar will cover customer case studies, return on investment with deploying mobile workforce management, how to build a business case to get funding, device management, mobile best practices and lastly change management and user acceptance of using mobile to manage new processes.

Regardless if your organization is a 10 person company or a global organization with tens of thousands of employees, mobilizing your processes will transform your business.

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