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Welcome to the Webcast Auditorium!

04/27/2012    3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Member Recognition – Start With The End In Mind

Jeffrey Dalton (Paramax)
David Carrithers (Affinity Center International)


Jeff Dalton, CEO Paramax an incentive technology company specializing in point-based incentive, loyalty and recognition programs for employees, sales teams and channel partners. The Paramax incentive software suite was first developed more than a decade ago and has been deployed in thousands of award programs. Clients include more than 100 global companies based in the U.S., Canada, England, Mexico and Australia.

Jeff brings over 30 years of real world experience in designing, building and implementing employee rewards, sales incentive and loyalty program technologies for a wide range of industries. Jeff's programs and technologies have helped business retain and motivate millions of employees, move hundreds of millions of product and services while keeping creativity and business results in the forefront of the rewards and recognition industries thinking.

David Carrithers, Founder, President & Managing Director Affinity Center International, a company focusing helping associations bring increased value to their members and grow member engagement, retention and activation through the industries first business focused coalition marketing and loyalty program AchieveLinks that includes the widest rewards offering available (and always growing!)

David has been active in the incentive, loyalty and rewards business for 30 years. Carrithers has been awarded two US Patents, and is recognized as an industry expert in customer and employee loyalty programs in the US. He is the global creator of the first stored-value cards and gift cards. He has received certificates and/or degrees from Brookings Institute, Disney Institute, Harvard University Business School, University of Pennsylvania, University of Michigan, Northwestern University, and Loyola University New Orleans. He presents on business management, project management, relationship management and brand and product development.

Topic: Member Recognition – Start With The End In Mind

Brief Description: Building a recognition program that drives the desired behaviors and outcomes requires a few key steps to assure that all the effort is not lost due to not following a few simple "pre-launch" efforts. In this session Dalton & Carrithers will share a check list of steps and actions that every successful member recognition program needs to go through and make sure has been thought out. Many programs fail because they do not take the up front time to plan out and understand the desired result and out come – taking into account the tried and true formula of understanding the "Do this get that" and "what gets rewarded gets done" models. How to chose the right rewards and motivations to drive results, etc.

This informative and real world based session will include a clear step by step process to establishing the goals and the behavior change strategies needed to succeed, along with ways to engage and drive action through your program building towards a fully motivated member of a rewards, recognition and/or loyalty program. The session will include real world examples, tools and techniques that have succeeded in generating results for Dalton and Carrithers – along with open questions and solutions time.

Session Time: 45 minutes
Leave Behinds: Work book with a copy of the prevention and the tools shown in the session.

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