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04/11/2012    3:30 pm - 4:30 pm

A Survey of Top Executives Reveals Why Employment Recovery is Slow and What You Can Do About It

Joel Capperella (Yoh Services, LLC)
Matt Rivera (Yoh Services, LLC)

What’s slowing down more robust hiring at large companies in the U.S. and how prepared are companies to deal with sudden or even gradual needs for skilled workers as the recovery takes hold? More importantly, how can you leverage RPO and related workforce strategies to improve workforce certainty at your company? Join us for an analysis of a 2012 workforce survey of top executives at large, U.S. companies conducted on behalf of Yoh by Amplitude Research that has uncovered the startling reality of workforce planning today. The webinar will cover the uncertainties that have the most dramatic impact on employment, the current state of workforce processes that are in place to manage uncertainty, and the likely challenges that organizations will face as the economy’s growth translates into an acceleration of talent acquisition. The survey clearly shows that while most executives believe the recovery has started and there will be a need to hire more skilled workers in the future, there is a disconnect when it comes to workforce planning efforts. And that’s just the beginning. Other factors such as the time to productivity paint a grim picture of U.S. companies’ ability to respond quickly to economic changes or customer demand. The results offer insight into the mismatch between a company’s perceived level of confidence against the reality of operational effectiveness necessary to respond to any rapid change in talent demand. At best, this situation leads to missed economic opportunity for the company that is unable to quickly react to changing economic conditions, and at worst, becomes a drag on economic recovery for at least nine to twelve months. In addition, presenter Joel Capperella, vice president of marketing at Yoh, one of the oldest and largest staffing and workforce solutions companies in the U.S., will provide insights into what you can do today to help bring more certainty to your recruiting and workforce planning efforts.

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