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Welcome to the Webcast Auditorium!

03/05/2012    10:30 am - 11:00 am

Introduction to Institute for Human Resources Workforce Management – Why you need to be involved

Amy Ylitalo (
Peter Broderick (Kronos Incorporated)

Welcome to the Institute for Human Resources - Workforce Management.

Will this be the first virtual event you have attended? Have you participated within the Workforce Management Institute? Are you currently a certified HR professional?

Regardless of a yes or no answer you should definitely join Peter Broderick, Vice President, Educational Services & Service Business Development from Kronos Incorporated and Amy Ylitalo, Community Facilitator for’s Institute for Human Resources Workforce Management as they take a look at the Institute and the educational curriculum for 2012. During this short, 20-minute session Peter and Amy will review what Workforce Management actually is, what the Institute for Human Resources program includes, how and why you should become certified, and our accomplishments from last year.

Throughout this session Peter and Amy will:
• Introduce the Advisory Board and their roles
• Introduce you to the Institute and the Certification program available
• Help you become an expert in Workforce Management
• Offer an opportunity for YOU to host an educational session and educate your peers
• Learn why this Institute is important to the Workforce Management Industry and how you can contribute to its success

If you are new to the Institute for Workforce Management or if you are new to the Workforce Management industry this introductory session will cover not only our past accomplishments and curriculum but also explain why you should continue to participate, get involved and be a part of this community.

For those with questions regarding the Institute and its content this is your chance to share your ideas and further your understanding.

Thank you for taking part in our Virtual Conference.

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