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12/14/2011    12:30 pm - 1:30 pm

Developing Leaders: How Can Analytics Help?

Gene Pease (Capital Analytics)

With the generational turnover of Boomers retiring, Gen X rising and Millennials filling in the gaps, it’s no surprise that companies are scrambling to prepare the leaders of tomorrow. As investments in leadership development increase, so does the demand on human resources professionals to prove the impact. Human capital initiatives have traditionally been considered too difficult to quantify, let alone able to be improved through data-driven insights.

Advances in the field of human capital analytics have given HR professionals a new tool kit with which to approach leadership development. Not only can HR use business data to calculate an ROI on soft skills, but statistical modeling and data analytics provide insights into leadership development that make the initiative stronger and the spend smarter. This presentation will explore the work of thought leaders, including John Boudreau and Tom Davenport, who have unlocked HR’s ability to quantify investments in people.

Advanced analytics can help prepare tomorrow’s corporate leaders by showing where—and with whom—the investment is working and where it can be improved. A case study of first-level leader development at ConAgra Foods will show participants how a leading organization applied key concepts in measurement and evaluation. By conducting an in-depth study into their leadership initiatives, ConAgra’s HR executives were armed with powerful data to report successes to upper management and a plan for continuous improvement.

ConAgra Foods initiated the Foundations of Leadership (FoL) training program for their front-line supervisors to help unite a company built through acquisition. ConAgra Foods partnered with Capital Analytics to evaluate business impact on a plant and individual basis of their trained and untrained supervisors. Not only did FoL have a strong ROI, but ConAgra Foods received intelligence to improve the program going forward.

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