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Welcome to the Webcast Auditorium!

05/03/2012    12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Coaching Leaders to Personalize Their Own Guide to Highly Effective Leadership

David Crisp (Crisp Leadership Strategies)

The missing link in effective Talent Management and HR Strategy - 80% of managers routinely show up as not highly effective. Another study found 60% wanted no responsibility for managing people. How you change this varies with the personalities involved. Strengthening leaders can increase their results 3 to 20 times, prepares them for succession and powers the missing core of performance management. Understanding the skills effective leaders need in common, but can apply differently helps you develop approaches that work for everyone. Take away a useful guide you can get others to understand and use. Help your organization close one of the most puzzling gaps in all HR work.

With staff levels pared back drastically, innovation and development is challenging even for top notch leaders and repeated studies show nearly 82% don’t have the people skills to manage such a complex task. Here’s what it takes in a plain, simple, practical outline. The truism that ‘leaders develop leaders’ has never been more accurate – without skill in leadership, it is impossible to fully recognize it or develop it in others. The challenge is each leader is different, needs different emphasis in coaching and interacts differently with their peers, bosses and reports. There are consistent guide beacons, however, that help to understand and practice using.

Leadership inspires innovative efforts beyond the routine and unleashes the combined creativity of every single employee, again in unique ways for each individual. Companies can no longer afford to limit their innovations to those dreamed up by a small research staff or a creative CEO alone. To compete effectively, the only route to survival in our turbulent, challenging environment, requires effective leadership from every person capable of providing it at every level of the organization on a daily basis, not occasional efforts approved by laborious bureaucratic processes.

Recruiting, no matter how effective, can close only part of the talent gap. Even assuming your organization can identify its leadership needs there’s no point recruiting the best if they are dumped into an uncreative environment set by weak leaders. Only by spreading leadership skills widely around the organization and creating an environment where people are willing to take reasonable risks can innovation occur steadily and reliably. Effective leaders encourage trial and error and don’t penalize people for taking calculated risks and making suggestions that don’t always pan out. Knowing how to balance risk and return at a grass-roots as well as at the enterprise level is an essential skill for leaders today. Understanding what it takes to engage employees fully, including their emotional needs to contribute, to be respected and to grow their skills, is key to developing the highest productivity on a continuing basis.

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