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Welcome to the Webcast Auditorium!

04/26/2012    12:30 pm - 1:30 pm

How Personal Legacy Propels Enterprise Success

David Bator (TemboSocial Inc.)

"You can't build a reputation on what you're going to do," observed Henry Ford. Or,to put it another way, actions speak louder than words. In the world of enterprise, an employee’s personal legacy is the sum of their contributions, large and small, adding up to a tangible marker of value. The right social recognition program provides a platform to celebrate, share, and infuse the corporate intranet with these success stories. It delivers a record of an employee’s greatest hits to date. Why is this important? Encouraging personal legacy through social recognition has a powerful ripple effect, one that propels enterprise success.

Monetary rewards are not the answer to recognizing and encouraging success, and can actually undermine motivation. Gadgets, trips, or other monetary incentives don’t make a lasting impression, or benefit the organization as a whole. In contrast, the right social recognition program allows employees to define a personal legacy – their imprint within the organization. It tells the story of their ‘sum total of works’ as an employee, and facilitates growth and development.

In this presentation, TemboSocial’s David Bator will outline how non-monetary, peer-to-peer social recognition pays. David will share case study examples of how leading organizations are leveraging social tools in their social recognition programs. David will demonstrate that recognition is a currency that has extraordinary value to your knowledge workers.

David will also share how leveraging the transformational power of social media organizations can change how they motivate and retain employees and how their company can celebrate successes and reinforce corporate culture and values.

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