Employee Engagement

Low employee engagement is pervasive — nearly half of the world's employees are not engaged. This means that for every employee who is contributing to the success of your organization, there's another employee not putting forth maximum effort. Our research across more than 7,000 organizations indicates that each disengaged employee costs an organization an average of $10,000 in profit annually. Can you afford this hidden expense?

At Hewitt, employee engagement is a key performance metric used to measure the resilience and sustainability of your organization. We define "engagement" as the emotional and intellectual involvement that motivates employees to do their best work and contribute to your organization's success.

Hewitt is the leader in integrating engagement research with practical application. We pioneered the concept of employee engagement in the early '90s and have conducted surveys in more than 120 countries, in 60 languages, and in nearly every industry. To meet your organization's needs, we offer the following:

A complete solution — from survey design to reporting, action planning, and implementation
A range of standard and custom tools and practices to meet your strategic goals and budget needs
The largest and most robust engagement database, allowing you to clearly understand and benchmark your organization's engagement levels
Proprietary analytical techniques that provide clear direction on how to improve and maintain engagement levels — especially your high-performing and high-potential employees
An online reporting system that allows you to receive standard reports or access and analyze data to meet your specific needs
Research that can be used to supplement your own engagement work in specific areas like onboarding, leadership engagement, and exit and/or cultural assessments.
We also understand that creating a "high engagement" environment requires the involvement of multiple stakeholders — the organization (leadership, policies, and program), managers, and employees. Our approach is to actively involve each stakeholder group rather than make engagement the sole responsibility of the organization.

Hewitt has more than 150 engagement consultants in 35 countries to meet your local and global needs. We've worked with thousands of organizations and their employees to maximize engagement and drive strong performance. Whatever your needs, we have the experience, flexibility, and resources to help you achieve superior results. To learn more about how you can benefit from Hewitt's employee engagement research and consulting services, contact your local Hewitt consultant or e-mail us.