End-to-End Sales Compensation Solutions

NewSigma provides sales compensation design and sales operations support services to address a range of issues including:

Flat or declining sales performance

Increasing sales force compensation expense without a corresponding increase in revenue
Salespeople earning above target; company earning below budget
Delayed, inaccurate incentive payments and inefficient processes
Inadequate tools for managing the incentive program

Incentive Compensation Services Tailored to Your Unique Needs
We use an integrated, four-component approach - Evaluate, Design, Approve, Manage - for cost-effective incentive compensation design and program management. While each client engagement is unique, our project work typically falls into one of the following categories:

Commission, bonus and recognition program evaluation and benchmarking
Role clarification and design
Sales incentive compensation plan design
Sales compensation model definition and scenario planning
Territory and account assignment
Quota setting and allocation
Incentive compensation management process and system assessment
Requirements planning and business case development
ICM/SPM Technology selection
Program communication and change management
Process and technology enablement
Ongoing incentive administration and sales operations support

We staff flexible sales compensation consulting teams that are mapped to your specific situation. Our project engagements often take the form of:

Comprehensive solution development and implementation initiatives
Focused deliverables
Tailored workshops
Custom surveys
On-call support
Staff augmentation and training

Sales Compensation Planning

Your focus is sales growth; our focus is designing sales compensation plans that support your growth strategies.

Does your market coverage enable the sales force to spend enough time on the most profitable, growth-oriented clients and prospects?

Are your salespeople motivated to go the extra mile to win new business?

Is the organization effective at all three levers of growth: penetration, conversion and retention?

Too often, sales compensation gets in the way of an organization’s ability to focus on growth. We work with your team to:

Evaluate the issues and reach consensus on the priorities for change;
Engineer solution alternatives and test those solutions before proposing a go-forward approach;
Engage key stakeholders and develop a solid, data-driven business case for change;
Develop key messages and an end-to-end communication and change management plan;
Test your critical systems to enable a rapid and high-impact execution of plan changes.

Best of all, we’re flexible in working with you to achieve your sales compensation redesign initiative. Whether you need technical expertise, process expertise, or both, we have helped hundreds of organizations retool their incentive plans to better align with their business strategies.

Communication and Change Management

Significant change requires a thoughtful communication strategy and implementation plan. Too often, well-intended program changes never take root because of cultural and legacy issues. Salespeople are, generally speaking, deeply committed and driven to succeed. But given their remote perspective and skeptical tendencies, salespeople can be the most difficult group to engage around key change initiatives.

Having worked with hundreds of sales organizations, we appreciate the unique challenges associated with managing the change of sales organizations. We will work with your team on all aspects of the change management and communication initiative to ensure your programs achieve the desired impact.

Our change management and communication services are designed to help you:

Evaluate the existing sales culuture and identify key barriers to change;
Align and integrate key messages with the business strategy and other, related change initiatives;
Engage and drive the committment of sales leadership, line management and support resources;
Inform and educate salespeople on how to win under the new program;
Evaluate, align and enable support systems (technical and people);
Document all aspects of the sales compensation program and related policy, including terms and conditions, participant guides and leadership presentations;
Engineer and streamline a high-impact, multi-facetted launch strategy and communication approach;
Ensure long-term engagement, beyond the initial roll out.

Whether you aim to launch your new program tomorrow, or haven't yet begun the redesign process, our experience enables us to immediately add value to your change management requirements. We will help you strategically, tactically and with an overall view on making your program changes quickly take root and bear fruit.

Sales Compensation Management

A world class sales management program requires the right combination of processes and infrastructure for your unique situation. Using proprietary tools, case studies and research, NewSigma works with you to address a wide range of sales compensation management related issues:

Ensure that the desired plan designs can be effectively implemented and administered
Determine the right operational model and associated processes
Provide the field and management with improved reporting for better decision making
Increase the accuracy of incentive calculations while reducing the time and resources required
Reduce the level of IT resources required for the compensation program
Select and implement a new technology solution

The outcomes and deliverables of a typical project vary based on your specific needs, level of support desired and actual scope of the project. At a minimum, most projects include:

Diagnosis and understanding of the current state process and supporting technology
Highest impact areas for improvement and the strategy behind them
Transformation plan to maximize results and ROI.

Our project work in this area includes:

Compensation Management Capabilities Assessment
Business Process Re-engineering (BPR)
Investment Business Case Development
Requirements Planning & Definition
Technology Solution Selection/RFP Support and Management
Implementation and Change Management Support